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We had a funny (strange, not humorous) situation with publication this week of the review, Three Crooked Kings by Matthew Condon in Books at 60.

One commentator made the statement, “Once a policeman, never a man.” (Which sad expression perhaps originated in the Victorian goldfields in the 1850s as “Once a trap, never a man.”) As with all generalisations, it is inaccurate.

A right brouhaha erupted, with a lot of name calling, some suggesting the woman who offered the quote must have a poor relationship with police. Many lambasted her, while some were downright rude. Others basically agreed with her sentiment. It was all petty and reminiscent of the old school yard, Told you so…, No you didn’t…, Yes I did…, No you didn’t… ad nauseam!

I doubt many commentators – if any – actually read the blog, including the person who told everyone there are three books in the series, when the blog clearly states Three Crooked Kings is the first volume in a trilogy. Another passed comment that (this first volume) happened before Fitzgerald. Yes, it did, but perhaps he might find the following books in the series take that into account.

Another woman had a go at SA60, even accusing it of ‘…flogging books…” Well, yes, ma’am, we do, it’s the reason we review!

An odd comment was accurate and some proved mildly funny but a majority were in poor taste. What a pity for there to be a slanging match over such a serious matter, and for it to slander so many worthy members of the boys and girls in blue. Let us never forget the great majority of our police forces serve us well… and are straight, an incontestable fact so many correspondents missed – or preferred not to see – in the red mist of argument.

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John Reid

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