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In light of the recent and on going Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
I offer this thought:

Innocence: A Commodity

The shadow spread
In every direction
Hidden for the most
Ignored by many
Because innocence was now a commodity.
Those who complained of the shadow
Were scoffed at,
Disbelief and ridicule dominated.
So the shadow thickened
As innocence became a commodity.
Lies and secrets allowed it to exist
Denial and closed doors concealed it
It lurked and infiltrated
Under cover of darkness
Under the guise of God’s love
Innocence became a commodity.
When called to account
They looked the other way
Said it could, didn’t happen
Shuffled the deck,
For innocence was a commodity.
Sins were committed
The paradox of Gods love
As the perpetrators of evil
Blessed and violated the meek
For innocence is a commodity.
In communities parents wept
Their children damaged forever
Those responsible indifferent
Not particularly interested
For innocence was a disposal commodity.
In a house in a quiet respectable street
The shadow darkens over an aging woman
Who weeps from pain and abandonment
Recalling a time long ago when
Her innocence was a commodity.

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Michael Grogan

  1. I didn’t realize you had submitted this. Good for you! Important that people understand the horror of losing your childhood.

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