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Each year I reflect on the year gone, make my new year’s resolutions, which by the way I never keep. I am never going to be more organised or join that exercise class, and even if I do it is a short stint.

Whoever said “when you’re retired you will have tons of time to do what you want”? Wait, that was me! Somehow I seem to have no time, am getting to bed after midnight each night and not sleeping as the day’s events swim around my head. Don’t get me wrong: I love my life but seem to be living in the fast lane. Because I don’t take time to smell the roses and seem to be in a perpetual rush, this year was the year of broken bones. Ribs, sternum and big toe suffered the brunt of my rushing. But that didn’t stop me, after all I didn’t break a leg or anything so could still get out and about albeit in pain and slower than usual.

After leaving work several years ago, I took on full time study and completed my Fine Arts Advanced Diploma – something I’d wanted to do forever. I then made myself a diary where I included time for painting and craft activities each week. I kept to it for a couple of months. Then I decided to do some volunteering, then I decided to do more volunteering and volunteer to teach drawing. For a while I thought this was ideal as one lot of volunteering is in an office environment, another is in a community garden, and I found I enjoyed teaching, plus my volunteering for Compeer friends program which I’ve been doing for years. I’m also publicity officer and co-ordinator for our outdoors drawing group, plus exhibition co-ordinator and assistant treasurer for our art society.

Add to the list of activities a couple of life drawing groups, a weekly printmaking class, a fortnightly writing group and maintaining a pretty busy social life. I’ve also booked into an online nutrition course – that is for when I’ve got some spare time.

All this has resulted in me not picking up a paint brush for about 8 months. Yes I draw, and love teaching the U3A group drawing skills, but painting was my passion. I’ve found I only have Sundays free and that is usually filled with housework, washing and gardening.

What to do? I have now changed my printmaking to fortnightly. I intend giving up the office volunteering but am loath to tell the lovely group of women that I’m leaving. I’ve decided to not read the local paper any more as I look at the community notices and think I’d like to volunteer for different ones. I can’t help myself.

So, on reflection, is my life way too full or am I just not organised? I’m hoping 2015 will be the year I paint that masterpiece.
Does anyone else feel like their life has got out of control and are unable to do what they love doing? Share your comments below.

Jeanette Southam

  1. I often wonder where I found the time to travel and go to work full time ..must admit love the freedom

  2. My dear Jen … Is 2015 going to be like last yr , where U tired me out , just reading wat U did each day … Don’t get me wrong , I really admire U … Maybe I could do those things too, but I have a short memory span … I’m happy U are not wasteing a minute (like me)… …. U go girl , there’ll come a time wen U may no longer be able to keep up the pace … Love U Jen X

  3. Not for me, absolutely treasure quiet time and would feel like I was in hell rushing from one thing to another again.

  4. I feel differently, I find that if I do too many things, I don’t focus properly on any of them. I plan to choose a couple of things i really want to do, and have some time to to rest, relax, read, see friends and family …and just “be”. Plus the housework of course! My brain gets overwhelmed if I do too many different things

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    • I’m with you Valerie brain drain big time
      To many meat hooks in women to keep everyone else happy ? While most guys not expected to be involved in community/family leaving them dateless bit imbalance to me but happy to keep super busy

  5. you have to have balance. make time for your passion & just fit in what you can with time for self. otherwise you will get worn out.

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