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When anyone asks my religion and I tell them I am a Wiccan straight away they start making the sign of the cross against this ‘evil witch’.


A different type of religion

Well yes, I am a witch and yes I am Wiccan, but no I am not evil, I do not worship Satan in fact Wiccan’s do not believe in Satan, there are no orgies, no sexual displays in our rituals, no blood sacrifice, sorry to disappoint you but we don’t sacrifice anything especially not animals.


Wiccan is a religion just like any other – well there is a bit of a difference. Wicca is a very peaceful, harmonious and balanced way of life, it is an eclectic religion based on worshipping Mother Earth and all of nature – we worship both male and female deities in the form of the God and Goddess.  Wiccan can be traced back to the Ancient Celtic society  who worshipped the earth  – they celebrated the change in seasons and gave thanks to the goddess for each – sacrifice was made – and I can hear you shouting ‘see told you they do sacrifice” well sorry – the ‘sacrifice’ was in the giving of fruit, wheat and  food to the goddess to give thanks.  We do not ‘put down’ any other religion or person’s beliefs – we accept that is their choice as we ask people to accept ours, part of the Wiccan Rede (rule) is ‘harm none’ in fact if we do no harm to any living thing.


Wiccan’s do not embrace the concepts of sin, heaven or hell, or the inferiority of woman – woman are who we worship to – the original gods of old,  we follow old ways and old paths and each person is free to follow his or her own path as suits them.  Yes we use ‘spells’ it is simply harnessing and redirecting of the natural energy to effect changes in the world around us, so watch out as my ‘toad collection for the day is not yet full ‘ !!!!! Well you seem to believe that we can do this, sorry still working on that one!!


Today there are over half a million people who worship Wiccan – it is also a recognised religion in the military forces – and yes we do fight for our country if and when the need arises – just like any other religion.


We are not evil, we are not bad, we are just like anyone else – except we worship nature in all her glory – is that so bad?

Theresa Hollis

Theresa Hollis was born in Portsmouth, England in 1947, she immigrated to Australia with her family in 1951. Theresa has worked in varied professions, including a stint in journalism early in her career, and in the latter years as a self-employed Remedial Massage Therapist. Theresa started writing at an early age, but career, marriage and family came first, it is only now that she has gone back to her first love, writing, 'The Sabbath' is her debut novel. Theresa is divorced with two married daughters; she lives in a small country town in New South Wales in Australia with her much loved Jack Russell dog

  1. There is nothing bad about that ,The budist main creed is seek enlightenment and do no harm to any living creature .

  2. Aha yet another book I must put on my ‘To Read’ list !! I have friends who are Wiccans – believe me you would never know what their religion is unless they choose to tell you.

  3. I agree – there is no record of Wicans ever doing any harm to any one, its very much like the way we were always led to believe gorillas were monsters, (King Kong?), whereas they are gentle creatures unless aroused, just like the rest of us! It is the scare mongerers who would try to make us fear Wicans – members 0of other religions who fear losing their members to other groups. Carry on the good work Theresa – love the earth, nature and the sun. There’s no harm in that!

  4. Sounds a lot like Buddism. Had to fill in religion in Hospital details and they have a box for Spiritalism now. Ticked that box and the receptionist asked me what that was. Was quite enlightening and a bit amusing.

  5. I think this would be a beautiful world if we all followed the Wiccan path…. Thanks Theresa..

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  7. I went into hospital a few weeks ago and was asked at the booking in my religion and replied Wiccan after discharge I happened
    to read the form and under religion was written none

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