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This year a prolapsed disc saw me in such agony I couldn’t walk more than a few feet, let alone scrub bathrooms or push a broom. Intensive physiotherapy was to continue for months and I was told to expect a very slow recovery. (We ate a lot of frozen dinners during that time).

What the heck was going to happen to the house while I recovered? Who was going to clean it? My husband, bless him, is very tidy but wouldn’t know how to vacuum to save his life.

The decision was made. We would hire a cleaning lady until I regained full health.

I put out a call on FB through a closed group I belonged to – these are like minded gals who were into fitness and exercise. I felt it was important to hire someone who was personally recommended.

Straight away I had a response recommending a gal from the group and with relief, I set up a time for my new helper to start. We hit it off straight away, she was meticulous (tick), energetic (tick) trustworthy and reliable (tick, tick).

We agreed to terms as to what she was required to do and how many hours of work she would be paid for. I suggested a minimum of two hours as any less might not have been worth her while.

I gradually regained my health and the back was almost as good as new but what to do about my new found “treasure”. After discussing it with my husband we agreed I could keep her! Happy days!

So she comes to me once a fortnight and vacuums, dust and steam-mops right through (I have a lot of tiled areas), cleans two bathrooms/toilets – all the heavy stuff. I pay her $25 an hour and I have to say she is worth every penny.

I am now able to concentrate on other things (like bowls, gym, quilting etc) while my treasure keeps my house “sparkle arkleing”. Of course, I am still stripping and making beds, washing, ironing, shopping, cooking and gardening – only now I have more time to do it.

At the age of 70 and after many years of cleaning other people’s houses I can now stop worrying about whether my house is clean. It’s a great feeling. And no, I won’t give you her number – that I’m keeping to myself!


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Annabelle Hare

Annabelle is a former Canberra Freedom of Information Officer. She and her husband retired to the Fraser Coast area some 16 years ago. Her interests are bowls, quilting, movies, and travelling. She has two adult children and two adult grandchildren.

  1. That sound like it is in America, here in Australia when you have had surgery if you are on the age pension the hospital or Rehab organised for you to get home help once a fortnight while you recover.

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    • I had help from the local council for 6 months after each lot of surgery, depending on the size of you home as to how much time they allocate to you, I had 1 and a half hours per fortnight.

    • I recently had surgery & the hospital arranged for me to speak to someone from Carewest , I was approved to have 31/2 hours per week for 6 weeks & I don’t have a big house . They do whatever is needed , cleaning,washing,ironing,beds . A wonderful service .

    • I got nothing after surgery on my spine and I had 3 young children and lived in the country with no family close by

    • I’m sorry to hear that Libby, but they usually only offer it to older people because they would also expect you to have help from a partner!

    • Oncology and spinal units can refer you to appropriate organisations for domestic help regardless of your age or circumstances.

    • Didn’t qualify for that,never qualified for anything but you can’t have it both ways, I would be in my position than qualify..

  2. yes I have an angel who visits me every fortnight for an hour and a half and does the jobs that r beyond me,vacuuming, changing the sheetsand scrubbing the shower recess,washing the floors, sent to me by Novacare

  3. It was only by chance, through one of the support staff at the Radiation & Oncology clinic, that I became aware that I might be able to get affordable home care assistance. For an hour, once a fortnight, the Anglicare staff vacuum, mop, change my bed…all the things I found difficult even before I had breast cancer (and then later this year, broke my ankle). I’m almost ashamed to say that I only pay $9 for the privilege but I am so grateful that I was able to access this service.

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  4. Mum’s gift to me after the birth of our third child 34 years ago,was home help. She even did the ironing. It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I have an Angel who does it for me now,as the back won’t take it,and that Is the Angel Hubbie. I do the dusting and uncluttering☺️

  5. No but I dont need anyone at the moment. I am not keen on strangers doing stuff in my home anyway. If I had an injury, I have no idea what I would do!

  6. Sounds wonderful. We lost ur treasure earlier this year and we’ve been struggling. I have strength problems with my hands, which make some cleaning difficult and I’m working on a replacement … but not sure where to go. (And I know exactly about the disc – they take SUCH a long time to heal.)

  7. Had spinal surgery 4 years ago and just before Christmas became bedridden for four months, the hospital turned our bedroom into a nursing home for the duration, had help from Anglicare and now I am up and about we have a cleaner coming each fortnight to do the bathrooms, toilets and vaccum and wash floor, and yes I do feel lucky because it cost me 9.00 a fortnight, if we did not have them I hate to think what would happen.

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