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…finally the days are lengthening and the sun is putting in a little more of an appearance …harsh winds have hindered the planting season and it’s only this week I’ve dared to plant tender tomato seedlings in the greenhouse…

…the weather has been very conducive to writing however and so Silver’s Threads Book 4, Silken Web is slowly emerging from the cauldron of the muse…




…books 1, 2 and 3 are to be republished; the excitement of this has taken away the push I had within me to be out in the garden and just as I let go the process the sun is out and calling to me so you know where you’ll find me next week…

…the Elder are about to burst and soon we’ll be making our favourite elder bubbly and syrup and potato planting will begin again …the year seems to be flying and so much has been achieved …I find such comfort in the turning wheel, in our quiet slice of paradise…

…days of dreaming wonder

…when the dragonflies launch their flight

…when the blossom’s fragrant aroma

…drift on through the hours of night

…as the rivers flow swift as an arrow

…and the days are lengthening bright

…find your way to the glade of the mother

…and find peace in the growing light

…new arrivals to the land have me intrigued …a beautiful male Shelduck strutted through the fields one morning …we have always known them as wood ducks; they nest in trees I’m told …he wandered off again only to return with mate and about 12 ducklings, waddling behind; the sight stopped me in my tracks. …Papa was very protective, it only took the sound of my reaching for the camera to have him escorting his tribe back to the pond and surrounding forest at an amazing speed …I wish I had a camera in my head on days like those…

…I must say, I live in a beautiful world; surroundings, where possibilities, hopes and dreams somehow manifest as if by magick …I am truly blessed but the world is a place of great beauty and equally, of dark doings and as an ‘empath’ it can be trying to say the least …life however cannot be avoided and in the face of what I witness, my home is my haven, friends and family more important than ever…

…finding a publisher has been the most amazing journey and to work with a team of professional quite an experience, so I guess I’m feeling doubly blessed …I will always take time to sit with these feelings as my life feels bright, just as spring brings light and fragrance to the environment again …but I will also take time to think about those who are struggling on the same beautiful planet…

…she is heard in the sigh of the whispering trees

…in the notes of the calling sent on a breeze

…deep within you can hear Her magickal song

…deep within through the doorway, there’s no right nor wrong

…if you’re quiet …truly listen hear her notes swell and dip

…through the rush of the ocean or the rain as it drips

…from each branch that bends with the weight of her rain

…or the soft scent of evening that dulls sharpened pain

…along the Crooked Pathway …turning left and then right

…you will hear her softly singing the moonrise at night

…deeper still and you’ll hear Her at the gateway in the West

…to the land of all dreaming …to complete your life’s quest

…and then onward; listen and you’ll find your own thread

…in a single note that sparkles …removing the dread

…for nothing is dying only reaching its peak

…in the depths of Her darkness …is the symphony you seek

…and so as the wheel turns again and here in southern hemisphere we head toward Beltane, as the sap stirs, rising higher and bursting through in leaf and blossom …may I wish all who visit here a wonderful season’s change and bright blessings on your journey …Penny


All verse copyright Penny Reilly 2013

Penny Reilly

Renowned as a clairvoyant and a teacher of the Western Mysteries at Daylesford School of Arcane Knowledge, Penny Reilly is an initiated Bard, author and poet in the Mystery Tradition of the Druid. Penny has a passion for the Old Ways of the British Isles; she will be returning there in 2015 to carry out research for her nonfiction books and her second ‘Cloak of Magick’ Mythology series to come. She feels that the gentle path of the Druid, is the path to take for a sustainable future, connecting us to the land, no matter where we live on the planet. She describes herself as a ‘nature writer’. Her own visionary experiences are very much a part of her story-line, poetry and lyrics, throughout her four published books. She has previously written articles for alternative magazines, blogs regularly about her ideas and way of life, writes on occasion for ‘starts at sixty’ lifestyle blog. Penny moved to Sydney, Australia in 1980 and to the central highlands of Victoria with her husband David, 18 years ago. They share space with an ‘all sorts’ terrier, an old tabby cat, a small flock of hens and a fat wombat fondly known as ‘Chocolat’, who has adopted them. Keen gardeners, they are becoming self-sufficient on their beautiful rolling acres on the Great Divide; their blended mob of children are long ‘grown and flown’ the coop. Penny has written four books, with a fifth on the way. You can find out more on her website, http://www.silversthreads.com/

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