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Over Sixties know who they want as our next Prime Minister, and the current choices of Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott and Clive Palmer just don’t seem to be resonating. In fact, they are torn between their incredible desire to “Bring Kevin Back”, or the fact that they dont like either candidate, “but like Gillard less”.  One thing is for sure, with only 3 votes in his favour, Clive Palmer is not even on their radar!  Even Pauline Hanson ranks higher on over 60s priorities.  


An unofficial poll taken on the Starts at Sixty Facebook page over the last 36 hours has shown categorically the dissatisfaction with current candidates.


We launched our poll with the three Prime Ministerial candidates as choices, late on Thursday, the day that marked 100 days until the Federal Election.  We left the option open on the poll for voters to “add” their own choices… and within hours a number of popular options appeared:

  • Bring Kevin Back
  • Don’t like either but like Gillard less

And our community started to show their satisfaction with these options, more than they have shown with major candidates.


At the time of writing this article, “Bring Kevin Back” was the most popular choice of over 60s online.


I showed Kevin Rudd these results this morning, when I popped down the local shops to find him sausage sizzling outside.  He smiled, and turned a little shy, perhaps wanting to avoid the question I asked, of “did he realise how many over sixty throughout Australia support him?”.


Kevin Rudd barbecuing in Griffith electorate this morning


Kevin was spending his morning courting his electorate of Griffith over a community barbeque outside the local shops where he is rumoured to be heavily challenged by the liberal candidate Bill Glasson.  The Labour Party would need to be certain Kevin can survive his electorate before they would ever be able to contemplate allowing him back as leader.


Outside our local butcher, Kevin was keenly embraced by over 60s and children in the community, and posed for photos from the waiting media contingent with delight.


Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. All I can say is that I’m disappointed at yet another step to spread discord among voters.

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    • I agree Queenie, this is a disappointing article. I’ve just found this site, Startsatsixty, and I was really hoping this type of comment would not be found here. Stereotyping?

  2. Kevin Rudd is egocentric, narcissistic, sef-centred, need I go on? And Im a labor voter! Julia Gillard has done a great job, what people fail to realise is that she doesn’t make the decisions, she has Ministers and advisers to do this, she is just the figurehead! I have heard people say they don’t like her because of her voice, for Goddess’es sake, as if that influences her outcomes! I’m well over sixty, but he’d last on my voting card!

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    • Go Ally I’m with you and well over 70

    • Julia Gillard was going beautifully as Minister of Education, but being made PM was a bridge too far.
      She is conflicted by her obligations to the Unions, in particular the AWU and Joe Ludwig its leader.
      She has trashed every single principle she was purported to hold, just to maintain her hold on power.
      As a swinging voter, I was delighted when Rudd the Dysfunctional Disaster was ousted, but all hope has now gone, as this shallow facile woman, flies her true flag………..”Its all about Me – it always was.”

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      • better than obligations to Murdoch

      • Utter rubbish. The usual fall back nonsense of the Liars voter.

        I’m over 60 & think Julia is doing a wonderful job.

    • Over 70 and with you. My vote-is for Gillard.

  3. Ally I totally agree with you. I think Julia is doing a great job.
    I dont beleive Rudd wants the job either, and who would work for him anyway. I want Julia back. Cant stand a bar of Abbott or any of his party. I want to see Abbott & Gillard have a face to face debate on TV. I bet we wont see it ‘cos Julia would win hands down. Overall I believe the Labor party has done a great job in difficult global conditions. So bring Julia back please. (or maybe Bill Shorten). Not Rudd.

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    • I agree – Kevin was fantastic as Foreign Minister – that is his niche. I am over 60 and I believe Julia Gillard would make a far better PM than Abbott who is self serving and serving the interests of murdoch. As to Julia’s speaking voice, what the heck does that have to do with her ability as PM? You can at least understand EVERY single word she says.

  4. Cant believe the electorate cannot understand the good job done by the government under really difficult conditions
    some thought and research would give the evidence of quite magnificent work accomplished’
    Sadly women themselves are misogynists
    We have an uneducated country and a media that hoodwinks us

  5. Who did they ask – Mrs Rudd??? He is the past – leave him there; Kevin”s loyalty is not to his party, to his leader, or his country. His only loyalty is to Kevin.

  6. I can’t believe any sane person would vote for Rudd, Gillard and her Socialist party. They have made Whitlam’s failed period of government look like a picnic compared to the chaos this lot has wreaked on the Australian economy and its people.
    Julia should have stayed with the Communist comrades of her younger years in politics. Don’t experiment on us.

  7. I support Queenie,Ally & Monica’s comments – I would have to add that most pollies are males and mysoginy is aliove and kicking I’m afraid. I do NOT support Rudd or his ‘return’ to the leadership – he was backstabbing Julia even before she took over – his staff turnover was horrendous – and he is a self centred, self motivated & a narcissist.
    Who else would be given this job except a woman when the s…t hits the fan !! how many times have we seen this happen in Australian politics both State & Federal ?

    I will delete this site if it starts making these sorts of assumptions about who they think should be our political leader/s

  8. Kevin and Julia now have our nation in a disasterous position and neither of them have the answer to get us out of this position. When we tax paying Australians realise we have too support thousands of non working refugees and their families whom Kevin and Julia have allowed to come to our country then we will realise what wasted spaces they both are. Wake up Australia, if we want an affordable future we cannot afford Kevin or Julia.

  9. I believe ‘Mr Media’ Rudd should be sacked for the massive destabilisation and ruination of Federal Labor that he is causing. Not to mention the laughing stock he is making of himself. I also believe Julia Gillard to be one of the greatest Prime Ministers Australia has seen in recent times, her achievements and her name will long be remembered after the likes of Abbott, Pyne, Bishop, Turnbull, Murdoch and Rinehart have long disappeared from memory.

  10. I wholeheartedly agree that Julia has done a wonderful job, however Kevin Rudd is clever and popular and they once were an effective duo…I’d like to see them working together again and win the next election

  11. please do NOT put us all in that basket
    Bill Hayden and Bob Hawke when in similar situations, did not go away and sulk, they where team players,
    The media would give rudd 24 hours then it would be pink batts , no ets, and what ever else their long memories have.
    this is why the meida want kev to crucify him all over again, short memories here who have forgotten what the press did,
    the aim is to have a liberal gov, that’s all they want kev back for.
    The PM became the pm, for reason we will not discuss now,
    but any one who thinks we can win an election with rudd
    is a fool, and not thinking.
    the media do not want the nbn , if you don’t understand why do some research.
    abbott has said no INCREMENTS for age pension, and if you care about your grandchildren you will only vote labor
    the HECS for uni fees will be means tested, he has said the gst will be looked at , the big picture is no increment, gst
    and the one that worries me is the PBS.
    so as again only fool s would vote for the liberal party.
    no objection with kev, helping out, he should of done that in the first place, the undermining of the pm through his challenges was not successful, and the
    the last one he didn’t even turn up for the vote,
    think that though.
    read Andrew Elder at political homeless,, a very good understand as to why the pm can and will win.
    please god,

    do most people realise the lnp have no policies to take to an election, and the media are cheering that.

  12. LETS SEE
    BILL HAYDEN AND BOB HAWKE did not go away and sulk, they
    where team players,
    the media would turn on kev I 24 hours, they are the only ones talking this up,, wake up grow up.
    Julia is a lady with courage and fortitude like no other I have seen, the policies for our age group like indexing pensions abbott has said NO indexing of age pension.

    only fools would vote for abbott he will privatise even our schools, read his address to the vic. liberal pary convention held a few weeks ago, and he has never liked the PBS from comments ive seen. the gst will come. so no indexing of pensions gst, and medi bank sold and what of medi care.???
    think, so if you vote liberal because you like rudd, you would punishing you self and your family,
    voting for polices, is how sensible people vote, but my self I love and respect the Pm Julia Gillard this woman has guts
    she will win if we all get behind her, stop talking rudd
    ‘that’s nonsence,because the media want him back to bring up pink bats ect and do what they did all over again.

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