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Who, in their right mind, would want to be a politician? In order to join that happy fraternity, it would seem it’s necessary to hate everyone but yourself. You also need to be able to turn on those laughingly called your friends, in order to progress your own self-seeking aims!


Headlines from 2010…

In the past few days we’ve seen a lot happen, every tiny detail lovingly filmed by the television boys, every spoken word and action, captured for our delight. The events took place specifically in the Labor camp, where it would appear the job of Prime Minister offers about as much safety as sitting on a bomb in Afghanistan.


It’s been just like a ‘Carry On” film and it goes something like this, starting about three years ago…


First, this bloke wins office in a general election and proves to be a bit bossy with those under him, so his female second-in-command ‘stabs’ him in the back and pinches his job, (without having been elected to that job!), then he tries to win his job back, but fails. After that she does a lot of silly, and unscrupulous things, which make the populace hopping mad, and one of his mates tries to get him his job back, but he decides he doesn’t want it. So his mate loses his job in the Cabinet for being unfaithful! Then she calls an election, but dates it too far ahead, giving all those around her time to sharpen their knives, which provides him with the confidence to have another go at her, and this time he wins and gets his old job back. She goes home, tail between her legs, swearing to never stand in Parliament again, and he goes…well who knows where he’ll go.


Hilariously funny, if it was part of a comedy film, but this is deadly serious!


The trouble is, while all this has been going on, with the whole Government side apparently at each other’s throats, little or nothing has been done about the running of the country. Oh they’ve managed to get a few things through, like a carbon tax no-one wanted and a tax on mining companies which proved to be next to useless. Then there were the new halls in many schools that said they didn’t need one, (but the Government insisted) and pink bats that caught fire in people’s homes. A very long piece of glass fibre called the NBN, designed to make our internet connections faster, (something important to very few people, I would have thought), came next. And finally, an increase in funding for schools, which has been refused by most State Governments, for some reason.


I mean, they had to do something while in office, didn’t they, even if it was stuff most people didn’t want!


Oh – I nearly forgot – they also managed to fit in a couple of healthy pay increases for themselves as well, while insisting on cut backs and job losses for everyone else. That must have annoyed one or two voters as well!


But these politicians aren’t absolute idiots. In the twenty four hours since Rudd regained his position, they’ve been running off the Labor ship like rats. They obviously believe they’re still going to get a hammering in the upcoming election, even with Rudd in control and they’re running out, rather than being thrown out.


And I wouldn’t mind betting there are a few hearts beating a little faster on the other side of the house too, with the change at the top that has taken place. Suddenly an impossible-to-lose election might be presenting a bit of a battle for the Coalition. It’s certainly not going to be as easy as it was, even though I would estimate the odds must still be in their favour. All that has happened in the last two days has really happened too late.


It’s going to be very interesting, come September, or whenever Rudd decides to go to the people! (The sooner the better, most people seem to be saying – and I agree!


photo:  Leonard John Matthews

Brian Lee

  1. That would have to be one of the most bias blue tie posts I think I have read. Funny? NOT. I do not think one person has the right to make assumptions for anyone else which is what has been done in this column.
    Mining tax is a good idea as is Carbon if we want a better life for our children and the generations ahead not to mention our country down the track.
    In any workplace a CEO or boss can lose his job to another. We the people did not vote Rudd, Gillard or Abbott into their positions and we the people cannot decide to vote them out only by a Federal Election where we must go to the polls and vote for the best person we think will do the most for our electorate. When we become America and vote for our PM then please would you write that in this space above so that I know I will only have to tick one box.

  2. Funny – definitely not; Biased – definitely was. As for the NBN – I can’t wait, definitely don’t want the very poor substitute proposed by the coalition. I am neither a liberal or labour voter, but I have already decided who will have my vote in September.

  3. I don’t want to vote but what choice do you have? previously i have made a donkey vote & written not worth a vote across the page . I have been told my vote then goes to the party in power .Is this True ?

  4. Well Well Well……..are you a standup comedian or something? NOT!

    At the very least get your facts straight. The Australian people voted the ALP into power – NOT Kevin Rudd. He simply happened to be the leader of the ALP.

    Same as the Coalition – Tony Abbot is simply the leader who happened to get in with a knife to the back of Turnbull.

    You really aren’t a funny man at all………and I’d suggest you go back to painting…….it may suit you more!

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    • I don’t know where you got the idea this was supposed to be ‘funny’! This is a very serious matter and something that needs correcting – urgently. I don’t mind who gets in after the election, I just want one of them to have a clear lead this time, so things can be done properly.

  5. Love Brian Lee’s Post. But it seems we have a difference in generation opinion. Depends what age group, to how you feel it seems. It was good to get a female PM. Would have been better if she had been voted in. Watching Pollies at work, is like watching a set of school kids at work. It’s time most of them grew up. I don’t think there is much to pick between them.

  6. Whilst I did not think it was a funny article, it was well written and truthful. EWvery one seems to forget thatbecasue ofthis party (laboir) we and our grandchildren arein debt to thetune of at least 44 Billion dollars. Thinking back that means this government has wasted some 72 Billion dollars of OUR money. Did you notice how quickly fanny pong deserted her leader ( after saying prior to the last challenge) that she would not work under RUDD. Oh wait. Perhaps she did mean UNDER Rudd and not FOR Rudd.

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    • Sorry, Brian seems like a lovely bloke….but it is NOT well written. There is a talent and a craft in structuring a writing piece so that it will actually engage with people….not everyone has it. Brian has a perfect right to express himself though, and that’s his opinion. If I can’t admire an opinion I like to admire the writing. Can’t do either, but good on Brian for having a go.

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      • Ah well, luckily I don’t have to rely on your comments Coral, other people seem to enjoy what I write and I do have 32 posts to my name against your 25! So I’ll keep going as I am, following up on fifty three years as a professional copy writer in large advertising agencies and in my own business of 20 years. I don’t know why you would feel the need to criticise a person’s writing anyway, when it has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject under discussion. I wouldn’t dream of doing that to you, no matter what I think of your style!

        1 REPLY
        • It wouldn’t much matter what you wrote about my style Brian…That’s not the point. I wouldn’t need to defend it. Someone said your article is well written…I have countered that it’s not. I’ve been a professional writer for over 40 years…that’s not part-time…that’s been my career. And please…if you think copy writing is the same thing, well I’m sorry for you. Just passing an informed comment on your writing. As for your 32 posts to my 25….that’s just silly. Try counting the likes and shares, that’s more indicative. And I have said good on you for having a go, and I mean that. There are some who like what you write and that’s their prerogative. It’s also mine to think your writing is biased, unimaginative and without style. WE all have different opinions…mine is about your writing, not you as a person. I don’t know you. You’ve commented on a couple of my posts and you haven’t even understood the point. That’s fine too. It takes all kinds 🙂

  7. Most of the voters for the Rudd Government Voted labor Because Kevin WAS the leader . The lost a lot of voters when Julia stabbed in .Now that Kevin is back they just might scrape in again . But if they do who is to say that the unelected comunist union leaders, who realy run the country under labor, wont stab him in the back again and put another of their puppets in. Can Australia take that risk ?
    When Labor was elected to government the country had a Humungous budget surplus, left by the previous frugal government, that enabled us to ride out the GFC .now we have an even bigger debt that will have to be paid back by the next 3 generations of taxpayers .
    Is that progress?

  8. Notice how the labor movement took credit for riding out the GFC in such good shape. Conveniently forgot that if they hadn’t the 26 billion surplus and the futures fund to fall back on, plus the mining tax, the medicare levy increase, the carbon tax etc, we would have been a banana republic by now. We may still become one given that this bunch of communist sympathisers have left us in debt to the tune of at least 44 BILLION dollars. COmmunism isn’t about progress. It’s about makin g everyone fit the same suit. It isn’t about allowingthe people to be rich or even well off it’s about making sure no one, except the ruling junta, has more than anyone else and every one struggles to survive equally. Holy cow,.. I just described the labor party.

  9. Rob if Howard had spent some money instead of sitting on it then Labor would not have had to spend up to get us back on track. Labor gave us Medicare against the fight of the Libs who tried their best to rake it back and you whinge about a levy, pharmacy scripts..Labor. Now let us have Abbott (4th leader of the opposition soon to be 5th when Turnbull throws the leather jacket on and takes the job, go lay his rubber piping and make us some good old fashioned broadband that is going to last a couple of years. What a shame for the men of our country that Penny Wong a women by God stayed around in politics. How dare she. I am amused when people say Julia lied. Who is the bloke that tries to lead the Opposition all be it with no policies that signed he would not take public funding to pay for his campaigning only to throw a tantrum when he got caught out and has been told NO NO NO Gina cannot help you. “Oh Childcare Centres will of course get money as my wife owns one” he says in parliament on Wednesday. I wonder though who will there be extra staff to man the childcare and the Aged Care Homes but then again it will all be Private so if Mr Abbott does happen to be leader and PM then he wont have to spend any money will he. Maybe he will be on a boat to Indonesia and never allowed out as he has crossed into waters he is not allowed into. Living under his co partner Newman and seeing such heartbreak has opened my eyes wide up and also travelling our country and seeing what is going on and not just reading what the press wants us to see has also been one hell of a wake up call. We are so very lucky in our country and yet we have turned into a heap of greedy whingers.

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