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I watched the 60 Minute story about Belinda Van Kevel recently. She was raised in violence and eventually had her father murdered. It’s well documented about the tortuous life she and her brother had growing up, and now her brother is in gaol, never to be released for two extremely violent murders, and Belinda was released recently for stabbing the man she lived with (who lived to tell the tale).

I know that I had the experience of being in the company of a damaged woman when I was 12 years old.

In a former account I mentioned living with my grandparents and even after we moved to Hobart in 1948 I continued to do so. My life with them was filled with contentment.

As my grandfather had relations living in Victoria they went away, periodically, for a few weeks and I went to stay with my parents.

My parents loved parties and the weekends were always riotous

One of the partygoers had a daughter my age who went to the school I attended and we got to know each other.

She lived out of town and asked me if I’d go and spend the weekend at her place. Getting permission from Mum and Dad didn’t pose a problem and we caught the school bus there on Friday afternoon. I had never met her mother and as soon as I did I felt frightened.

(To make the account easier to understand I’ll call my friend Alice and her sister Amy and the parents Mr and Mrs B )

Alice and I went into her bedroom and she closed the door on Amy, next thing her mother came in with a broom and hit her savagely for doing so.

Eventually we were called to have tea and Mrs B was affable as if nothing had happened. About 8 o’clock Mr B came home drunk and was sitting in a chair by the Lux stove.

I think most of your readers will remember there were rings of metal on top of it. She lifted one off and held a coir mat over the flame and then held it on her husband’s forehead.

I was so terrified as her eyes seemed to go pale and her face had a grimace that I’ll never forget. I couldn’t leave until Monday morning but I know I was in the presence of evil that weekend.

I never told my family or anyone else. Alice acted as if everything was normal and even invited me again but of course I didn’t and never saw her until my sister’s funeral years later.

She said she would like to visit me but I’m afraid my experience made me make an excuse. Perhaps as her smile was so reminiscent of her mother’s; perhaps I was unkind but there was a barrier between our reacquaintance and even now thinking of that weekend is unnerving.

Do you have a similar story? When have you been in the presence of evil?

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  1. I have encountered what I saw as a truly evil person once in my life. Looking into his eyes was something I will never forget. It was like I could see his soul and it was a glimpse into hell.

  2. I don’t believe in heaven or hell after death but I certainly believe that evil does walk the earth within some people and they make life for those around them a living hell. Child abuse and Domestic violence is a living hell for the victims.

  3. This is one reason why we never allowed our children to go on sleepovers. We also never had children sleepover at our place. Now well do you really know people?

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    • I agree with your parents Debbie, My mother used to say you never know what goes on in other people’s houses, And our friends were allowed to sleep over but we were not allowed to sleep over at their hours, As I grow older I think this a wise thing you don’t know what happens and children are precious and do need to be protected unfortunately monsters do lerk and are very good at disguising their nasty side.

  4. I know what you mean. Not from personal experience but from feeling suddenly chill and sick from being near somebody.

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    • I have had that same Xperience, it was the most dreadful, scary, cold force emanating from a old man walking past me in the street I was about 19 , it was in the city, busy, lunchime. I am in my 70’s now . Have never forgotten that sense of evil.

  5. Grew up in similar circumstances although non of us have been to jail, but physical and sexual abuse +++, Mum ending up in hospital covered in bruises, Us kids were hit with whatever he put his hands on first, things being thrown at you of yes what a lovely atmosphere to grow up in with the man from HELL

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    • Marjorie I am so very sorry you endured that kind of childhood. It amazes me how hospitals never reported these husbands/partners. Just another example of how very devalued females were in those times. And we wonder why young women still battle with self esteem issues, in this country. I seriously believe we still have a long way to go before we can finally eliminate this way of thinking, about women.

    • Yes,Lee we still have a long way to go to put an end to the way women are perceived and treated by some males. Hopefully it will come through education from an early age.

  6. This may seem flippant in light of the article, but I was made redundant a few years ago from a job (that I did well) for over 13 years
    I’d always felt uncomfortable in the presence of the woman who got rid of me but on the day that it happened I truly felt that I was looking into the eyes of evil. It made me shudder and I will never forget that feeling.

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  7. Yes George Goring, seriously. Obviously you have never experienced any of this. Please do not judge people who have. I am glad your life has been pleasant and protected.

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