Aussie blokes with true blue accents are more likable

Who would’ve thought it? My mate Stevo, a real top bloke, an me was sharing a coldie an havin a

Who would’ve thought it?

My mate Stevo, a real top bloke, an me was sharing a coldie an havin a chinwag the other day down the local and he told me bout this uni type who reckons he’s done some research that shows blokes that talk real Orstralian are more likeable to other blokes.

An the same thing applies to the sheilas too he reckons. I kinda believe that cos his missus is real popular and not jus becos she’s a looker but also becos she ain’t got no plum in her mouth when she talks.

I wrote the name of this uni type down on a beer mat and looked him up straight after I got home after our roadie.

I cracked a coldie an settled down to find out that he’s Dr Evan Kidd an he earns his crust at the Orstralian National Uni and he says, “If you’re an obvious member of Australian culture because of your accent then using these slang terms increases your likability.”

Well culture isn’t my bloody cuppa tea since it is full of opera and high-falutin stuff like that and paintings but I sorta get his drift. Jus take a gander at some of the stuff what he said cos he an his uni mates were interested in the social effects – buggared if I know what that means – of what he calls slang words specially ones that ended in the “e” or “i” sound.

“These terms are ironically called hypocoristics which is a very long word for very short words,” he said. Yeah, you could back in it that uni blokes would make up a posh word like that one.

“These are words like ‘truckie’ for truck driver, ‘uggies’ for ugg boots an ‘ambo’ for ambulance driver and things like that.” By then an readin that I got the feelin that he was takin the piss and was a bit of a wacko spoutin a lot of drivel but I kept on goin cos I’ve always been a pretty inquisitive sorta bloke tho I likes what I likes.

Well, to cut a long story short – mind you, I did learn that these uni blokes go on an bloody on cos I spose that’s how they get their grants an all – they got this actor that spoke to them participants in the survey usin “either shortened or unshortened Australian terms” an them participants “were then asked to rate the actor’s likeability”.

Well I don’t reckon that this is rocket science and, by the way, Stevo told me later that he sometimes wondered what Dr Kidd had got up to after bein his medico when he was a kiddy. Just quietly, Stevo reckons Dr Kidd did much more betta things when he had the stetho thing danglin round his neck.
Anyhow, be that as it may, Dr Kidd said, “What we found is that when the actor used the slang words, the participant likes them more after the experiment finished than if they didn’t use them.”

“Initially we used what you might think of as prototypical Australian, so white Caucasian Australians and we wanted to see if there was an effect of gender on that. We found that didn’t have any effect, we still found this likeability effect in general,” he said.

I think that “prototypical Australian” is a uni way to talk about blokes like me an Stevo. We got wonderin if Dr Kidd an his mates was up themselves an thought themselves to be a cut above if you get my meanin. Bloody snobs, Stevo reckons.

Then they used some actor of the Asian persuasion to speak real Orstralian an then found out that she was better liked when she spoke Orstralian than speakin with a funny accent like reffos or sumthin. Surprise bloody surprise that they liked this little lassie better when she didn’t bung on an accent.

Look, I dun got nuthin against unis. In point of actual fact, another mate of Stevo an me went to uni before he became a vet and his blood is worth bottlin. Stevo reckons he got his kelpie Bluey through a dodgy turn a while back an did it for mate’s rates. Stevo himself then was a bit wobbly until I got a gut full of piss into him.

But jus why anybody should be gobsmacked by this sorta stuff is beyond me tho I’m no knocker even if I dun call this as real yakka an kinda think they got kangas in the top paddock or sumthin.

I gave Stevo a tingle and we are goin to the boozer later to talk about this an that. But I dun reckon Dr Kidd an his mates will rate a mention cos we coulda told them what the results would be without some so-called research. We’re not bludgers an pay taxes an all for this sorta stuff

Stands to reason, yeah?

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