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As time goes by I wonder why I’m still flitting around like a dragonfly.
My mum told me when I asked her, life got quieter instead of faster,
But what I’ve found, the older I get, is there’s plenty of life in this olden yet.
Teenage years were fast and furious. I learnt a lot, ‘cause I was curious.
I was young and invincible and so carefree, I thought the world was all about me.
I did the opposite that I was told, and learnt the hard way not all was gold.
Mistakes were made and so I learnt, sometimes you win, sometimes you get burnt.
Then came marriage and babies arrived, and I sometimes wonder how I survived.
Two to start with and then a big gap, then what do you know, three more I spat.
Five of them kept me madly hopping, nappies, tantrums, and all the shopping.
Childhood ailments I suffered through, sleepless nights when they had the flu.
That dreaded cough in the dead of night, you knew the doona was splattered….right?
School years I thought would never end, and I really thought I’d go round the bend.
One lot finished and the next begun, years of schooling, not always fun.
Then their pets began to appear, just whose was whose was never clear.
Once I thought we’d become a zoo, there were so many animals, what could I do.
I felt like the old woman who lived in a shoe, animals and kids and husband too.
Cats and dogs, a duck and a drake, there was even a snake for heaven’s sake.
Birthday parties, hobbies and sport, these childhood activities would never end, I thought.
Miraculously they eventually grew and they reminded me of someone I knew.
They were young and smart and so cock sure, they knew it all and so much more.
They were invincible and so carefree, what do you know…they were just like me…
There is a difference now I see, not the same at all, as it was with me.
The expected life of marriage bliss…settling down and kids that go with this
Was not the track most of mine did take…adventure, travel. They had careers to make.
Thank god they made it and so did I… a lifetime’s work in a blink of an eye,
Now, you’d think it was time to slow down and relax, put the old feet up and enjoy to the max.
But the feet are still itchy, there’s a lot to explore…a whole wide world and I want to see more.
So that’s why I‘m feeling pretty happy and chuffed…been tripping around and I‘m not even puffed.
I’ve had time to recover the jet lag and now, been reflecting on my holiday and the marvellous time that we had..WOW..
Bought a nice Garnet ring, some handbags and shoes, on my coach trip through Italy, then an amazing river cruise….
Along the Elbe we did glide, through Germanys picturesque countryside.
Life as an olden, no more kids,
Just gets better…..wouldn’t be dead for quids….!



Narelle has just returned from a wonderful holiday in Italy! Did you feel relieved when your children left and you travelled? Tell us below.

Narelle Hulme

I'm 64 years young, married with 5 children and 2 grandies. We have a Music shop and my passion is travel and painting. Until recently I have had no time for either. I'm in the process of making up for that. Only working part time now and have plans to do more of both. I love sharing my stories and encouraging others to indulge themselves in their own passion..

  1. Clever writing! Really enjoyed it! How did we do all this, it amazes me when I look back.I,m so glad you got to travel, I hope you do more!

  2. Congratulations on your life so far – and on your ability to condense it into a poem.
    This particular line made me laugh.
    “Two to start with and then a big gap, then what do you know, three more I spat.”
    You’ve made my day. I’m going to leave this computer and go outside.

  3. Well done Narelle, & good for you!!!!! I have a pic similar to the one in your post….. Loved your poem, soooo clever & well said! You deserved to be out there enjoying life..,, you go girl!!!!!!

  4. I took my first o/s trip at 55..and I was hooked. Been 4 times now and planning more….although home is the best part of the world. When I hit 70 I plan to travel around Aus..become a grey nomad!!..

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