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I was horrified to read recently that size 10 (aus) is too large for some models to wear designer clothing, and size 14 is ‘plus’ size for designers!! I read that in the Paris fashion houses models frequently faint and are on a drip for days due to starvation, that they eat tissue paper to fill their stomachs.

Are we the ones driving this need for skeletons to model clothes?

NO, we are not to blame, it is the mainly elite designers and rich companies that feel to show clothes you need to be almost needing last rites.   The designers want the models even thinner. Doesn’t that freak you out?, it does me.

Before you say, ‘why should I care, I am not interested in fashion’, think again, what about your the images and examples your granddaughters and grandsons are being shown as ‘fashionable’. I know we  have heard it all before, and to be healthy we need to watch our weight. But there is a huge difference in watching what you eat and starving to death.

I love fashion, but I also love life, so I am trying to redress the balance. Giving the ‘pleasingly plump’ a chance.

I want companies that sell attractive clothes to be featured so tell us where you buy good clothing for fuller figures.

Share the pretty things, colourful items, and designers who really make us feel good. Write in and tell me what you have found.  Also have you had a bad experience in a shop because of size or body image?

I find Target is selling some really wearable items and have bought other ‘special’ outfits from a company called Kita Ku.

I usually buy these on sale, of course – and have scored two loose tops for less than 20 dollars each.

The normal cost can be a bit tough on a pension.  My local shop sells pre -loved items from fashionable houses, the good labels I crave, usually  from 10 – 20 dollars.

An on line distributer called ‘Birdsnest’, seems to have a huge range, and sizes are right up to extra plus sizes:



Another is Curvy Clothing:


I am happy to hear of others, we all have our favourite places for cheaper lines too.


Has anyone tried spank wear? Or any of the other support underwear?  I have seen some really pretty examples of underwear with a hidden support yet pretty enough to make you feel womanly.

Has anyone tried a really good one? A cheaper line I tried just gave me a bulge in another place, not a good look.

A few tips 

Former plus size model Nancy Hayssen has written a book called ‘You Can be Sexy at Any Size.” In the promotion surrounding the release Nancy is giving  top tips on how women can boost their confidence whatever their size or shape. Here are Nancy’s tips:

1) Positive Self Talk Probably the most important thing you can ever do at any time is—talk POSITIVE to yourself. Most people have negative self talk running through their heads 24/7 and they don’t even realise it!

2) Hang out with positive people. Ask your friends and loved ones to help you by saying positive and approving things about you. The more often you hear positive things about yourself, the sooner you’ll believe them.

3) Move your body. It sounds so simple, but moving your body can make you feel better.

4) Ask yourself—“How do I want others to think of me when they look at me?” What kind of image are you projecting with the clothes you wear? Maybe you dress to be really comfortable or maybe you dress to be extremely stylish, but however you dress, ask yourself if your clothes are giving others the impression of you that you want them to have?

They sound good to me… have you got some other good tips for being sexy at any size?


Jacqui Lee

Jacqui Lee is 75 and now retired but the last ten years or so have been some of her busiest. She worked at a hospital, where she took several Certificated courses, she cleaned a school, helped to run two conventions, wrote short stories, started painting, and in fact is never bored even now, "I honestly feel we are lucky to still be upright and breathing, and my motto is, Remember yesterday, dream of tomorrow, but live today. I love fun, clothes, food and friends."

  1. TS 14 + is fantastic. They have a factory outlet shop in Alexandria in Sydney as well as shops in major shopping centres and some department stores all over Australia, I think.

    Also, I am holidaying in Barcelona at the moment. Women here seem to go to the beach and wear swimming costumes and bikinis no matter what they look like, how old they are, whatever size they are without any embarrassment and without anyone batting an eyelid. So much healthier in terms of body image and people just being who they are without the pretence and strictures imposed by others ideas of thin = beauty.

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    • Katherine hi. We do seem to be hung up on body image more than Europeans don’t we? Perhaps that’s the American influence. I don’t know about you girls, but I have never met a bloke who preferred a stick insect to a woman with curves, especially as they get older.
      Let’s face it, with a curvy woman they just have to give one bounce and coast the rest of the way…..hehehehehehe

  2. I work in the lingerie dept of a big dept store…..I have been fitting bras for over 40 yrs, when I first started there wasn’t even a d cup in most bras….today the most sizes we sell are 16 e,f,and g cups….these bras are pretty,lacey and with support….so for all these fashion houses to have models a size 0 or less is stupid…we are women for god’s sake

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    • My point exactly as they starve the girls they employ to show the clothes, we get bigger, I am happy to see pretty bras etc, about time, even recently it was hard to get a bra that was feminine over a 14b. Now there is a choice. Yippee.

    • Good point, Carol. I have been an 18 D since having my last child 37 years ago , when it was very difficult to buy a ‘pretty’ bra! The sizes that are available boggle my mind but I’m so pleased that big breasted women can buy pretty lingerie!

  3. Having always battled with my weight ,I am now at 65 comfortable with who I am . My favourite store is Autograph, (however I can only buy when they have their sales on.) Big W has “AVELLA” for the bigger sizes, I find they are very good for my work clothes.
    I despair when I read of the young models being told they are too weighty when they are size 6 and 8. Just ridiculous and not a good way to promote healthy life style.
    I haven’t tried any of those body control garments. !!!

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    • Gillian, I too have found Autograph a great store to shop at. The clothes are welll made, fashionable and modest and the price is just right for me, especially durring their sales time.Happy shopping!!!!

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      • Avril…their online sales are even better…ridiculously low prices and always bright and feminine to wear.

  4. When I was in my early 20’s (early 70’s) I tried modelling but was told I was too thin! I was 5’10” and 53kg. I had no idea how to do that (I had metabolic issues) so never bothered again.
    However, you have to remember that this was in the days after Twiggy who was a real ‘beanpole’. Fashionable women have always been presented as being thin (remember Wallace Simpson’s comment in the 1930s about ‘you can never be too rich or too thin’) and most of us have survived adequately well.
    Yes, there is an issue of anorexia and bulimia but let’s hope that young people are now media-savvy enough to realise that an image is just that – an image and not reality.

  5. Oops, that should say, “… I was too thin *and needed to put on weight.*”

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    • Seems mad doesn’t it, what worries me is although I know clothes look nice on some thin models, if I feel like the model is about to fade away I don’t enjoy looking at the clothes. Just want to give them a meal. Yes that quote from Mrs. Simpson has been used a lot! She was fashionable in her time, but not really happy was she? How strange that they refused you at that weight? Now its the younger girls trying to get even thinner that worries me, poor kids try to copy Hollywood idiots and models close to death. Very wrong.

  6. I buy many of my clothes from good old Miller’s, and only in their sales, which are frequent. Today I bought a pair of lovely bright blue jeans for $8 and a pretty top for $3.50, both size 16. I think they used to be a bit unexciting, but these days they have some lovely, affordable styles, and they are COMFY!

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    • Ha ha me too, just about to try on a pair of royal blue ones, and some with a slight gold pattern for 8 dollars each! You just have to be choosy about what suits you. Also some things in there are made of that horrible material I know won’t wash well, so knowing which ones are good comes after trial and error. We shall enjoy it while its cheap.

    • Millers is my favourite shop too. We don’t have alot of choice in a regional area, but they have a much better range than they used to. They are very reasonably priced and often have sales.

  7. Jacqui, I share your concerns to an extent, but there are GORGEOUS larger fashions out there as we discussed before. I think we shouldn’t get confused with the everyday and Haute Couture. Paris catwalk models are a special breed. They are really just clothes hangers :)…and whoever saw a plump clothes-hanger? In fact, in the non Haute Couture fashion shows the sizes are much bigger…and there are now brands, and fashion shows exclusively for over size 14 and plus size super-models. There’s actually a Plus size modelling site on Facebook and some of those girls are REALLY Big, but still gorgeous.

    It does seem that it was worse for body image a few years ago when that awful Goth, and heroin addict look was in. Girls are probably more likely to be influenced by their peers more than high fashion! And honestly wouldn’t you hate to look like a stick insect. I would. 🙂

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