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As soon as Auntie Rose opened the door of my house, I knew that once again it was time to join in the family celebrations. I lived for this time of the year, it was always so happy with all the family there. There was so much love, happiness, and laughter in the air.

What I wasn’t expecting was the cruel comment from Auntie Rose about my dress, as she showed it to her six year old daughter Lucy. “Just look at the state of this dress Lucy, it’s awful. Shall we make a new one for this year?” “Oh yes Mummy” Lucy replied. Lucy almost squealed with delight, “and can we put lots of sparkles on it?” Auntie agreed and the thought of a beautiful new dress made me feel better about Auntie’s unkind words-in fact, I had to admit she was right. I’d worn the same dress every Christmas for years now and it was in a very bad state.

The next two days were a blur of cleaning, measuring, cutting and sewing. Finally it was ready, and my new dress was slipped over my head. It was a perfect fit! White tulle, and sequins sparkled, almost outshining the decorations on the Christmas tree, as the colours of the rainbow reflected from them. I had never felt so proud in my life before. As the family gathered for the exchanging of gifts each one commented on how beautiful I looked this year.

There was Uncle Joe with Auntie Beverley, and the twin girls. They had grown a lot since last year. Very pretty, and well mannered children.

I heard a young boy shouting so I looked around the room. It had to be young Roger – yes, there he was up to mischief as usual. Just like his father, big Roger, had been years before. I remembered how he had shaken the Christmas tree so hard, that it had felt like an earthquake as it fell to the floor-breaking many of the pretty coloured glass balls. ‘Please don’t let Roger do that this year’ I thought to myself.

It was lovely to see Granny Maude had managed to come along. Her old eyes lit up when she saw me looking so smart. I expect she was remembering the days when she would stand beside the tree with Grandpa Joe carefully placing the beautiful decorations, and covering it all over with sparkling tinsel and the lights. They would hold hands, and smile their approval as they waited for the children to come downstairs on Christmas morning. I feel very lucky to belong to such a happy, loving family. To have seen the children grow up and have families of their own. Now with my new dress sparkling amidst the laughter and squeals of delight as the presents are unwrapped, I feel like I am overwhelmed with happiness.

Suddenly, Granny Maude shouted “look out,” but the warning was too late as Roger ran straight into the tree and over it went. The lights fused, and glass balls shattered across the floor, but this time I managed to fly right into Granny Maude’s lap, and as she lifted me up she kissed me. She whispered “Merry Christmas” to me. During all the hustle, and bustle of the next few minutes, and all the clearing up, she held me safely on her knees, until, once more I was lifted up to my place of honour on top of the Christmas tree.

Now I am tucked away inside the big dolls house in the attic, where I live. My new dress lays carefully folded up beside me. “Yes, I am a very lucky Christmas fairy”, I sighed as I closed my eyes to dream of yet another Happy Christmas next year.

What is your statement dress that you own? Do you wear it to Christmas or any other special events? Tell us more below!

Violet Apted

My name is Violet and I have two daughters and one son who have given me five adorable grandchildren. I have been freelance writer and tutor at U3A creative writing for 8 years as well as Writing forum host on 50plus website for 10 years and am now retired. I enjoy writing, using the computer and music and my dream would be to take a world cruise, as I have a love of the sea and also to write a bestseller! I’ve travelled to Egypt, Asia, Europe, USA, the UK and Africa but am originally from Sussex and lived in Kent before I moved to Australia in 1976 where I live in Brisbane. I am a contributing author in the book ‘FORGETMEKNOTS FROM THE FRONT PORCH’ published in USA last year by Obadiah Press. I have completed my first novel, a Murder abduction story and it is now published. All my books are available on amazon.com as well as FaceBook. My favourite writing would be Children’s stories and I have written many for my grandchildren. Two are now published!

  1. Hi Violet that was a lovely story. I am a published author too, my work on Amazon also. It is such a thrill when you can hold your very own book in your hot little hand but even in e-book form it is exciting.
    Best of luck with the writing.

  2. What a lovely story Violet, thank you. I hope things are improving for your son and that you and yours enjoy a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Most years I work as I am on a static roster with the same days’ off year after year. As it’s Aged Care we dress in Christmas themed gear to brighten the day of those residents who can’t get taken home, and we all – the residents included, I trust – have a really good day. I don’t mind working Christmas because of this, and because my children have grown and moved away and I have no gandchildren. Merry Christmas to everyone at Starts at Sixty!

  4. My favorite for this time of the year is an off-shoulder one, in fact starts just below the ponch at the waist called ‘boxer shorts’. Merry Christmas everyone at SAS !

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