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Finding myself single at 60, I thought I was done with love. When 26 years of marriage crumbled into a bitter divorce, I took comfort most in isolating myself. After all, leaving the person I’d spent half my life with, it felt like I left part of myself behind too.

I seemed to have lost all confidence and doubted others would have interest in me anymore anyway. When I finally got back out there, after much coercion from a friend, what I found changed almost aspect of my life. Not only were there many single men looking to date women like me but I didn’t have to settle for someone I didn’t feel attraction to. At sixty, my dating life is liberated.

Here is why that is:

1. I only answer to myself

There was a time when my mother or my brother had a big say in who I chose to date and be seen with. This was increased too by the views I felt society had on who I would be properly matched with, always someone a little older and more worldly than myself. Now I pick and choose without feeling the pressure of what other people think. Sure I still value the opinions of my friends, but I follow my own direction and it feels great.

2. I make amazing friends

Instead of rushing into anything serious, I started dating very casually at first. A couple of dates here and there with different guys. I learnt I had compatibility with many people instead of a special few, as I’d previously thought. With some I just enjoyed the moment, the sense of excitement and romance each new man would bring. Some showed me a chemistry that was more platonic and with them I’ve remained firm and happy friends. My social circle is booming.

3. I discovered age is just a number

A major reservation I had about dating again was finding a man my own age who still gave me butterflies. Growing older with my ex husband was a privilege to share but did I really want all the familiarity and safety over again? The next leap from there was accepting I enjoy the company of younger men. It was surprisingly easy to join a community of women who date younger men and it really helped. I learned never to feel it’s too late to explore who you are.

4. My expectations make not break it

Dating earlier in my life, I had the big picture always in my mind. The man I met next needed to be the man I had children and built a home with. He should have a promising career, characteristics that balanced my own, be a leader and a father. And I did find that man, but my needs have changed now. I still want many of these great things in a prospective partner but life doesn’t have the same demands now and neither do I. That means I can have a broader perspective on who I date.

5. It’s added adventure to my life

Being active on the dating scene has enabled me to discover not only new people but finally make time for more experiences. Whether it’s going out to a local dance class, or watching a play I’ve always wanted to see, they’re all perfect date ideas to test my compatibility with someone new. Living other people’s date ideas has given me so much fun too, I’ve visited Paris, taken up pilates and even learnt some Italian. It wasn’t an easy decision to get back into dating over 60 but if there’s one thing it has taught me above all else, it’s that nothing is ever wasted.


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Alice Smith

Alice is a 62 year old woman from Kent. When she isn’t spending time with her two kids and eight grandchildren, she enjoys dating, learning new skills and the great outdoors. An active member and blogger for a cougar dating site.

  1. It is difficult initially to be in a single life again, wondering if you are still attractive to others or just being taken advantage of. You have to learn to start feeling confident about yourself again, & what you have to offer in a social sense to someone new. You also have to be cautious of not falling into the trap of picking up with someone for the physical aspect of affection/attention that makes you feel wanted, especially if you have come from a marriage where your appearance was frequently picked upon, & your confidence & self esteem destroyed. There is often a need to find the “real you” also when you have come out of a controlling marriage, where you have always done things to keep your partner happy, rather than thinking of your own needs. All of this takes time, & learning how to love yourself, before you can think about allowing someone else into your life..

  2. Not for me I’m actually comfortable and happy living on my own these days.

    3 REPLY
    • I enjoy my own company, being able to get up & go to bed when I want to, not having to cook & pick up after someone else, doing what I want to do whenever I want, answerable to only me. Life is good..

    • Agree with you girls – happy with my own company I do so much in life now – but having great friends is also important both male and female.

    • I agree Deborah, living in a village there are plenty of male FRIENDS to have a joke and good laugh while enjoying a nice glass of wine over great conversation, it works really well for me.

  3. In my areamen seem to be looking for a nursemaid, housekeeper or someone to whinge to about the ex. I gave up after too many bad experiences. Better your own company than that.

  4. Not for me either but I admire anyone who has the confidence to ‘put themselves out there’. As many of your friends may have already said ‘Be wary, Alice’ but have fun. You go girl!

  5. You never know till you try
    After 33 years of marriage suddenly life changed
    It takes time to come to grips with loss but when you do – take the plunge, sure there are players out there but also soul mates
    5th anniversary coming up of a wonderful new life – one twice as good because it’s shared

  6. Yes tried the online after being single for about 4 years – it’s scary and I was cautious. Met a couple of great guys who I am friends with still today. But prefer to be on my own as I don’t want to be a nursemaid to any grumpy old bloke. Not for me any more too many wacko jacko’s out there. At least I Hv no stress in my life worrying over who these men really are. Hv friends who met partners online and very happy – they were lucky. Good luck to people that try it but please be very very cautious.

  7. After doing that for a while i’m now just happy by myself.It just seemed to be men who get you all keen then drop you for the next for no reason and i’m tired of getting upset over these players who love to date and not commit

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