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The availability of social support from the Australian government has been a sore point of discussion for many years now and former Labor Minister, Gary Johns has suggested something to tighten our social welfare spending even more.

Writing in the Australian, he suggests that there should be “no taxpayer inducement to have children” and believes a no contraception – no dole scheme would help to control a serious issue in Australian society.

The former MP who served in the Keating government admits such a measure will “undoubtedly affect strugglers, [and] … Aboriginal and Islander people in great proportions”.

“But the idea that someone can have the taxpayer, as of right, fund the choice to have a child is repugnant.”

He made a great point in saying that larger families of previous generations “were the result of the combination of absent contraception and the need to have many children, in order that some survive to care for parents in old age.” He points out that this need is no longer the case.

Mr Johns made some other interesting points saying, “Potential parents of poor means, poor skills or bad character will choose to have children. So be it. But no one should enter parenthood while on a benefit.” And he also said, “it is better to avoid having children until such time as parents can afford them”.

So today tell us, do you think this is a good idea? Is this one way to help people become more stable in themselves and reduce social welfare spending? Share your thoughts in the comments below and have your say… 

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  1. Actually, it seems a reasonable idea to me.

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    • Yep & those 65+ should line up for arsenic injctions once a fortnight, to receive aged pensions.

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      • Jean, 65+ year old individuals and couples qualify for the pension because they have generally paid taxes for about 40+ years!! But only if the individuals don’t have any assets? Both my children have been unemployed at one time or another, neither of them have had babies to earn an income or registered for the dole! I believe this action seriously should be considered as many are rorting As a young adult myself, I watched several of my friends give up the opportunity to study in favour of having children, not just one, but several, there is no denying that this has become a repetitive way of life!! Just sayin’

    • You haven’nt got the message jean we worked till we wre sixty five to earn our pension so don’t pick on the pensioners.

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      • Margaret, I think Jean’s comment was tongue in cheek!

    • Get the dole bludgers off ther bums and out to work

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      • Actually Margaret, even whilst earning, the middle class and wealthy get more hand outs than ‘dole bludgers’, your pension, your super, your medicare, possibly your or your children’s education, discount medication, negative gearing, your tax cuts, first home owners, roads, actually works out you are 40% more financial burned on society than new starters or dole bludgers. The only difference is you see yourself as entitled where they are actually 40% below the poverty line. Yes you earn money, however your help outs from the government are significantly more than any hand out. Self entitled vs welfare needed. Shame on you. Live a day in their shoes. Intergenerational abuse and society who is filled with stigmatizing individuals, where do they have left to go????

    • I think ..or hope what Jean is saying is tongue in cheek, if they start making people take chemicals to get the dole, it is only a small step till they start making us take chemicals..we need to be careful what we are wishing

  2. I agree and let’s start drug testing as well.

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    • I think the politicians should be drug and alcohol tested before they make important decisions for the country!

    • I used to work in a welfare agency as an employment counselor and every teenage girl wanted to have kids for the extra money and all of their deadbeat boyfriends were off their heads and stank. I soon realised I could not do anything for these people and left

    • With that judgmental attitude how did you ever get a job in welfare? How disgusting. I worked in welfare for 30 years. Your statement is that same broad brush fits all that is causing the stigma.

    • you should never have been allowed to work with the poor and needy Steve Pringle, you have a disgusting attitude, these people need help, they don’t need you rubbishing them

    • I think some of you are being a bit unfair to Steve Pringle. Clearly he was in a position to see the trends and what lengths people were prepared to go to in order to perpetuate their reliance on welfare. We all know someone who has used the welfare system for their own advantage so don’t hog the high moral ground too stoically whilst hammering your chests.

    • So was I David…for 30 years. I worked in prisons, in adult community corrections, youth justice and in child protection. I also managed Dept of Communities. Not a high moral ground at all. It is called having a professional attitude towards clients and having compassion as well as the skills and the will to try to assist them to improve their situation. His attitude sucks.

    • Much of society seems to have gone to pot….figuratively and literally. This, combined with too much drinking results in many unwanted pregnancies (from the richer and poorer classes of people). I used to work for the Welfare Dept at St Vincent’s Hospital so know this for a fact. Not sure the Politician’s idea is a good one; sounds okay in theory but probably won’t work in practice. When we migrated to Australia we had to put up thousands of dollars in bond money so that we were not a burden on the State. Luckily we obtained good jobs immediately. Hand outs are not given as freely as people think. I believe in a good welfare system since you never know when you will need to avail yourself of this. However, I despise people who knowingly abuse it.

    • Cannabis (which I assume you’re all banging on about) isn’t the problem, and never was. It’s alcohol and designer drugs which need to be targetted.

  3. I waited till we could afford to have children, as did my friends. Our children have done the same. There are many forms of contraception available but, unfortunately, all but one relies on the woman to take responsibility. I don’t believe the taxpayer should be funding families for those who, often, make no or little attempt to help themselves.

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    • All young men have Vasectomies .. put sperm in a bank and use it to have children when they sign an agreement.

    • Barbara I agree on most of that but I’m sure you also support foreign aid for countries whose main problem is over population so would also believe, like me, that we should be putting conditions on our foreign aid so that countries receiving it should also take steps to counter their cultural animosity towards limiting their population growth.

    • Well said sandra Sandra I also grew up with Greeks and Italians who worked hard, learnt our English, educated their children to work for their living, nowadays these people, young ones need to learn to sponge off the government, parents and those who think they can send them back to where they come from. I have NEVER asked for a hand out even when my husband died I was told to work, I survived, raised two sons, roof over their heads, food on the table, AND all because of they way I was brought up to live within your means.

  4. In all honesty there is no excuse for unwanted pregnancy these days, there are so many options, but you can’t put an old head on young shoulders.

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    • That’s a very ignorant statement Helen. The only foolproof contraception is not to have sex. With everything there’s always a risk

    • Asking young people not to have sex…. r u kidding. yes they should abstain, but like I said & repeat etc as above

    • They dont do that to teenagers Tolla Yes in an deal world There would be abstinence. Many people do others Who are drunk drugged or dont Care. Dont There are those Who have 6 to 7 children all to different fathers. Its a sad and sorry situation. Poor children Who suffer.

    • Helen you must have had a very “buried your head in The sand upbringing heavens this has been happening inside and outside marriage since … Have you ever been young to make that narrow statement ????? The pill has been around since the 60’s remember.

    • Not all women can tolerate the Pill. In the 1960’s, a friend’s friend died from a blood clot, which the Coroner attributed to the contraceptive Pill!. Just another point to be made.

  5. Contraception should not be entirely the females responsibility. I think it would put a dent in the social security system to install this idea. I know of three young girls who were on the pill from a very young age and in year 10 ceased to take it as there were no jobs here and they didn’t want to move away to the city. Also two young boys who were ‘dumped’ because they didn’t want to father children. Something must be done to encourage young people to look outside of parenthood for their future. It is a big beautiful world out there and there will be time enough to have a family. Go live it and our system should be reflecting this and not single parenthood at such young ages.

  6. Repugnant idea – why don’t we just pop into everyone’s bedroom to make sure they are not having sex, especially those Catholics who are not supposed to use contraception. As I have already said somewhere today: it is clear that our incumbent government does not have a monopoly on having political morons in its ranks.

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    • Liz we should leave religion out of this. If ones religious beliefs preclude them from some government benefit that is their problem. Abstinence is the greatest form of contraception.

  7. Ok so the idea has some good points (but only ‘some’), but why stop there. Why not say if you smoke then no dole as you are going to need medical help later in life (so double dipping)

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    • Oh good grief – I wasn’t picking on smokers, it was just another idea I thought the gov’t would choose. If you notice someone else has said to start drug testing too ….. One thought about contraception though – some women can’t take the pill (no matter how low a dose – I was one!) so then what as most other forms of contraception are not as good?

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