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The last twelve months of federal government has been a roller coaster of a ride. We’ve dealt with one of the harshest budgets in decades, we’ve seen the public service face a multitude of job cuts and we’ve been told over and over again that Australia is in one of the most dire financial situations it’s been in for a long time.

It’s been very doom and gloom and some people are starting to say that the negativity from the government and the fear inducing focus is wearing thin. Now, while some of it is definitely called for there are some very real issues that the Australian population needs to understand and face, it has been a little overwhelming.

There’s been so much bleakness in our future and so much of this has been taught by the government. So the big question is, are they here to inspire and promise of a better time? Or to tell us the hard facts and warn us?

Parliamentary sittings have seen phrases like “job holocaust” and an incredibly negative fiscal focus from Joe Hockey several times – with good intention. But should the government be trying to give the Australian people hope that things will improve?

In a time when so many Australians are doing it so tough, it would make sense to focus on the better times that could be ahead and give us something to look forward to and something to be positive about, even if the next short while will be very tough.

There’s arguments for both sides here – the government need to be blatantly honest and fear can sometimes be useful. And there’s the other side that not giving the Australian people something to promise better days ahead is sending the political party into a hole and the happiness of a nation with it.

Perhaps the media is to blame – with high handed positions on political issues the journalist agenda is being mistaken more frequently for news. So is it in fact not the government, but the way the government is portrayed and the communication?

Tell us, do you think the government are too negative? Do you think they’re not doing themselves any favours by not giving us something positive to look forward to?

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  1. I don’t believe the government is I believe the media are the ones doing it they scream out negativity and noting positive

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    • Uh, what? It was biased media that gave us this useless government, were you complaining then? Or are you accusing them of making up the fact that Abbott lied, broke promises and produced the most unfair, one-sided budget in Australian history?

    • surprised you ticked like for this starts at 60’s your are a part of the or not your keeping us informed

    • Abbott started the negative vibe and still carries on. He constantly has negative comments on the economy and has driven down business and public confidence . Hockey told NZ that our economy was good. They have doubled the debt and have unfair policies that won’t get past the senate. If it is the media then the last Labor government had the same treatment.

    • You bet it is and you can’t blame the media, I have seen Government Minister after Government Minister including the PM, putting everything down from us to the economy. Everyone is sick of it, it all doom and gloom it has got the stage where I won’t listen to them

    • The gov is negative with the help or direction of the media. Why they decided to take this fear mongering track isn’t clear, unless they thought scaring us into accepting radical changes with no real justification was the way to ensure implementation of the changes they want.

    • my last post here for little, I have had enough..all I get is abuse, no matter what the story is about and they even tried to make me lose my facebook account.. not posting here won’t change either my opinion or my vote

    • They media is actively campagning for tony abbott as they feel we a going to have an unavoidable election before to long and they and Tony Abbott are in partnership

    • when the website owner ticks like..that post goes to the top of the list, and dictates to anyone coming here who to tick like too

  2. Negative is an understatement!! We have had nothing but worry and stress ever since they were elected and much of it is directed towards The Boomers.. Be it aged or disabled they even said at one stage the unemployed in their mid 50’s and up were retiring on unemployment benefits..yeah and pigs will fly.The only Boomers who escape are rich Liberal voters..we are sick of them

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    • So you are saying there are no rich labor voters ,also wondering ….what do you consider to be a rich person .Is there an exact figure.Would live to know, and you seem to feel you do.

    • I come from a safe Labor has been a Labor seat since 1910, the only time we branched out and voted Liberal was in the last State Election, I am in N.S.W and we lost 3 sitting MP’S and the Lord Mayor due to corruption!!. I have no idea how many people are rich in my electorate or who they vote for but I do know this the poor outnumber the rich

    • The world could not survive without the rich, you need money to open a business to employ the poorer people and spend more to make the money go around, that’s how it always has been & it always will be. I am on the poorer side but rich in health.

    • I am not arguing with that ..I am simply stating to you..that the poor affected by this unfair budget all vote and they out number the rich

    • As you have noticed Libbi Elliot I very rarely call into this site anymore! It use to be a good informative site where you could have a good discussion about things with out personal insults or any kind of insult! Now you are howled down and in general derogatory remarks made about pensioners. The last straw for me was when pensioners were referred to as parasites!! I only hope these “silver spooners” NEVER have a set back as I’m not sure they would cope?
      Stay safe

    • Not all and the pain is hurting but we must rid the debt as every time Labour rules we end up in the red. Costing me but I want the future to be sustainable for my family.

    • Does it really matter who voted for who, rich or poor, it’s a fact that when Labor Govern we end up in a pile of debt. If we are not careful with money we could end up like a third world country. We all have to pull our belts in. !!

  3. Eric Idle’s theme song, “Always look on the bright side of life…” Could be a must for us all to sing each morning!

  4. The issues that governments focus on are and should be the big issues that directly effect us all. It is a fact of life that many of these issues could have negative and scary outcomes if not dealt with properly. Negativity is born in the minds of the people when they are kept informed by governments as part of the democratic process. Political preferences of an individual will also help determine wether or not he/she has a negative attitude to government policy. The media also plays a role in how the public react to a given issue by focusing on sensationalising reports and leaning towards that which dramatises the situation.

  5. You bet it is and you can’t blame the media, I have seen Government Minister after Government Minister including the PM, putting everything down from us to the economy. Everyone is sick of it, it all doom and gloom it has got the stage where I won’t listen to them

  6. I’m sorry but I think the whole world is negative these days and I do blame the media for it, we need an injection of positivity once in a while.

  7. The country is in dreadful debt and someone has to fix it.
    Tightening of the belt hasn’t made this govt popular but living on a credit card is not the way to go.
    We need to think of our children and grandchildren ..should we leave them our debts

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    • I worry about my grandchildren and their children, A good government has to budget, that makes them unpopular,sadly.

    • You are soooo right but it seems that the ignorant majority don’t look ahead and see what are the ramifications of living in credit.
      Same people who probably live on credit themselves.

    • Unfortunately this government has doubled the debt and is spending more than the last government. It has to be fair cut and not a demonisation of retirees who have worked hard and paid taxes.

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    • Cathy garvie.not sure who told u that . This govt has to pull in the reins.
      Our kids will pay for this .
      Its not fair

    • Girls you are all wrong…this government has to stop the subsidies and the concessions he is giving to the miner barons and the rich people in general, banks and corporation until they do not this is really deranged to make the poor people pay and that is the only intelligent and smart thing to do….plus kerb all the tax evasors …billions of dollars going out of the country……and do not tell me that the repeal of the carbon as the mining tax were taking in billions in for the coffers was a good idea….the most idiotic idea the liberals have come up with!!!! It is their fault and nobody else…but no fear they will be gone soon even before the election mark may word!!! A deranged man like Rabbott is meant to leave the elm of the nation he is intent to destroy!!!! And by the way they are the leaners and not us!!!!

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    • the top rate of tax is about 49.6 in the dollar with the deficet tax on the rich ….how much more should we tax the people who take the risks and employ millions of ungrateful people ??? lets tax them into submission and hand the money to the work shy…that should get a big bag of votes BUT WOULD IT HELP AUSTRALIA ??????? .

    • Claudia if you don’t help big ends of town you don’t have small ends of town, big businesses create small businesses, ie:- if you open up mining for big boys or girls you then need food to feed miners clothing to cloth miners builders, electricians, plumbers, cooks, then florists for those who pass on farmers to grow, and it goes on and on, but if we sit back and don’t help the big end you have nothing

    • Claudia would you like the tax bill that Gina pays if not shut up, her tax bill would be more than 1/4 of the revenue the government gets

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      • I very much doubt she pays that much and she gets a lot in handouts

    • You think Graeme, that might be how it’s set on the table. Bring in the tax breaks etc brings it right down. All the money going off shore?? Though it’s okay we’ll just take it off the people who can least afford it

    • Yeah let’s kill all the rich, give to the poor, there will be no one to employ your kids, but heck who cares, I love labor, the unions will look after us, god so many people, you don’t get it,

  8. The senate has a lot to answer for. What a rabble! The best thing the Libs should do is to call a double dissolution. The best thing Labor should do is to hire Costello. But these things won’t happen. And our grandkids will suffer far more than today’s generation.

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    • I agree with the DD and the Liberals won’t call one because they will lose and they know it, that is the reason for the back bench spill

    • Libs should have called it a year ago when PUP/Lambi were derailing us Aussies. Now it’s only a 50/50 call at best. Lambi and Palmer are loose cannons. Turnbull is up himself. J Bishop should be in charge. Grandkids I’m afraid will be suffering!!!

    • between you and me, I think Abbott was the worst choice of PM they could have made if they wanted to be re-elcted, But I am not a Liberal voter but I do agree with a DD

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      • libby I always enjoy reading your comments. Your always right with what Im thinking and many others I know. Keep posting Libby.

    • Adversarial behaviour and hate is never worse than NOW! Think of the grandchildren rather than try and win a point – which will be forgotten in a week!

    • Labor certainly does NOT want Costello. He was the beginning of all this negativity. A has been if ever there was one.

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