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Currently there are up to a dozen people being held hostage at the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Martin Place, Sydney.

At this stage, it is being reported that there is a Jihadist flag in the window of the cafe and the customers are being held at gunpoint. They have been there since 9.45am local time, leading to an evacuation of the area and causing disruptions throughout the city.

It has been alleged that the gunman has requested to speak to Tony Abbott.

We want to accept the Islamic population and we want to have more of an understanding of Muslims, however this latest extremist stunt is not helping our confidence in the controversial religion.

It’s not been a good year for the Islam faith, with several incidents by extremists causing public distress.

Share your thoughts on what is happening in Sydney now and tell us, will this change your mind about Islam? What should we do? 

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  1. Take the bastards out. NEVER let their names be known. Such mongrel vermin they are, taking on kids working in a chocolate shop. Real heroes – not!

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    • Retribution as Lindt will not bow down to paying ‘Halal’ extortion. We must support these companies. I wish for a speedy resolution and the hostages are not hurt.

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      • I believe the shop was targeted because of it’s position in the city’s CBD: opposite a television station; close to the banks and state parliament. Let’s just pray for the hostages and their families and let the experts do their job. Let’s not incite more division into our wonderful multicultural country. Let’s make our Muslim neighbours feel safe and wanted too. Remember, it is the season of goodwill to ALL men (and women!). Merry Christmas

    • sorry, don’t beleieve you….if so it is a regular charge as all cert are, same as organic certified….do you know any thing about halal meat??? do you really think these companies are paying terrorist groups? if so… are not worth the time to answer…

    • Shelley, get yourself educated; your ignorance is showing. Halal simply means that a food is permissible to Muslims. Muslims can simply make a food halal by saying “grace” over a food the same as a Christian does. But halal certification has now become an extortion racket that promises access to export markets. These fees paid by companies are passed on to consumers in increased costs, a lot of non-Muslims can’t eat food dedicated to a pagan god (Allah), and it has been proven in the USA, Canada and France that halal certification fees have been channelled to terrorists groups such as The Muslim Brotherhood. If none of that concerns you then put your burqa back on because “you are not worth the time”.

    • sorry guys…lots of research….halal cert is the way they are killed….you guys get some education….stay on your band wagon and put shit on everybody who is not the same as you

    • Good one June. I never put that together with the halal story. It could not just be coincidence that they chose this little chocolate cafe in the whole state. I think you have hit the nail on the head.

    • Shelley, you are a moron with your head still stuck in the sand.You are one of these stupid, uneducated do-gooders who is in denial. You won’t accept what they are on about until there is a bomb up your backside. Wake up!!!!

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      • Halal Slaughter and Halal Certification are two entirely separate things. hter
        Halal Slaughter is the cruel cruel way we now have our animals slaughtered and we have no choice but to eat it. Most meat is now halal without us being aware of it.
        Certification is a trillion dollar industry worldwide, it is a scam, we pay with higher prices, and who knows where all this money goes. Big companies pay $30,000 PER MONTH to these scumbags. This is fact, wake up.

      • Sorry Christine, I meant to post my above comment on that other womans stupid comments.

    • Now I am going to have my say. Shelley if you do not believe we are paying for Halal do some research. I did and was not surprised. I WAS OUTRAGED. In Australia alone they get $10B Aus and it is estimated that world wide the takings are between 1.2 – 3 TRILLION US DOLLARS. I went on a Islamic site and all they could do to excuse this crap is tell us to suck it up, it will continue to happen and there is nothing we can do about it. Why the hell do you think these people come to this country for? MONEY. I am not going to SUCK it up. I refuse to buy anything with certification on it but sadly the big companies are already involved and we have no choice in the matter. June is right because of all the chocolate factories, Lindt is the exception. This is only another example of Muslims doing and taking what they want by force and the leaders are behind them all the way. If they wanted us to accept them they should have been like the rest of the immigrants who came to this country. Embrace it and enjoy it. Not terrorise it. Hope the people at Lindts come out of this ok but we have to be aware of what is happening overseas and these extremists will do anything to get their own way.

    • Nobody has to buy halal products same way you don’t have to buy organic or kosher. We have choices in the country

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      • We may have choices as to whether we buy halal certified products or not. However, I find it near on impossible to buy some products as they are mainly halal certified. Cheese for one, pasta and noodles, the symbol is everywhere, hidden at times, and is most certainly paid for.

    • Shelley wake up you pay halal tax and don’t even know it, check out the company’s who pay Cadburys for one. How about a Christian tax why should Australians pay more for food.

    • Patricia Hewitt. We all buy halal products simply because the big companies paying for it do not put it on their labelling because they unwilling to face the fall-out. There is no escape from this insidious money grab. Why is it that as soon as halal is mentioned it is equated with organic or kosher. Firstly, organic is a product that is produced without chemicals and therefore a health issue. The heart tick, gluten free, salt reduced, sugar free are all marketing techniques which focus on our health. Research how much these ticks are generating and then research how much we are paying for halal certification and the Islamic communities reaction to our protest.

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      • One small point does bother me a little – I have very carefully examined all the Cadbury stuff on the shelves and I cannot find a single one that has a Halal badge on it! Can it be this is some sort of scam to get at Cadbury’s for some reason? Has anyone else actually examined the Cadbury’s stocks, where you shop? I’m not in disagreement with anyone about Halal – I don’t want it around, but it would be wrong if Cadbury’s lost sales just because no one actually checked!

  2. Don’t think we should join social media to discuss it until the hostages are safe

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  3. Get the hostages out safely first, then deal with others. Hopefully they are isolated radicals and then they can be prosecuted and jailed or deported. But we need to make sure we don’t bring ouselves down to their level.

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    • Now Steve that is coming down to their level. However, I think many people would agree with you even if they won’t admit it.

    • If you kill them they have achieved martyrdom which they want. To be caught by infidels and put through our court system and incarcerate them forever will humiliate them more than death. As long as the weak-kneed justice system give them life, never to be released. Then again they might not want to offend anyone. Blind Freddy could have seen that it was going to come to this.

  4. We must all remain calm and hope for safety for the people caught up in this dreadful situation while the professionals deal with it.

  5. Safety for the hostages first and foremost. Then get the radicals, DONT give them any legally fair trial, stick them on a plane and deport them back to their shithole motherland. Anyone who has flown to Syria or the likes CANCEL their passports….

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    • Mike here-prepare yourself for the Aus gov to repatriate the fighters who went to fight in Syria & who are now disillusioned because now with our help the fuckers are fighting back. It wasn’t what they thought it was going to be.

    • Well said Christine…instant deportation for them and their family. Their allegence is obviously stronger to the motherland…well send them back there and not sponge off our accommodating, normally inclusive and accepting communities.

    • I understand how you feel Maggie…. But many of them are Australian citizens…. Often born here!
      We are a country that allows religious freedom.
      These are brutal people who are using the Muslim faith …as an excuse for their desire to behave violently . Like you I wish we could “send them home”…. Unfortunately this is their home.
      The Muslim community are devastated too.

    • Who cares if they/he was born here.Helen Brocker,they do not deserve to live in this country,no matter where they were born!

  6. My prayers are with the hostages. Don’t give in to these cowards hopefully all will be resolved soon !

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