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We all know it’s Easter next week, but did you realise your payment could be delayed? While usually it’d be blamed on the logistics of the Friday and Monday holidays, there’s another reason your welfare payment could take a few more days to get into your account.

The Community and Public Sector Union is planning a full day work stoppage at the Department of Human Services on Monday, which will hurt Centrelink, Medicare and child support customers in the lead up to Easter, reports The Age.

DHS spokesman Hank Jongen said even the arrangements put in place to handle early payments for welfare recipients wouldn’t be enough to avoid disruptions.

“The lead up to Easter is always an extra busy time because our staff are already working hard in a short week to ensure people are paid before the public holidays,” Mr Jongen said.

“This action further stretches our resources and punishes people who need government support.

“We are concerned the union is encouraging its members to take counterproductive industrial action, which will inconvenience people across Australia, including some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

“We are confident customers’ payments will occur as usual and we will do our best to minimise disruptions to services.

“However, we may have reduced numbers of staff in service centres and on the phone and increased wait times on Monday”.

This means on top of the average hold time of 17 minutes for Centrelink, you may have to wait even longer to speak to a real person. Instead, customers are being told to use self-service options.

There will also be all-day strikes at the Australian Tax Office, Defence Department, the Bureau of Meteorology, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, leaving thousands of Australians in the lurch.

To find out when you will be next paid your pension, click here.

Tell us, how will this affect you?

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  1. Average hold time with Centrelink 17 minutes? I had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t April Fools Day. I don’t think I’ve ever been on hold for less than an hour. Don’t even bother to phone any more.

    3 REPLY
    • Ive found 70 minutes wait time

      1 REPLY
      • How about two and a half hours only to be told you’re doing it wrong.

    • I must’ve been very lucky indeed. I needed 48 minutes on Thursday to sort a problem out and only 42 minutes on Friday when I had to ring back to sort out the same problem!

    • I must’ve been very lucky indeed. I needed 48 minutes on Thursday to sort a problem out and only 42 minutes on Friday when I had to ring back to sort out the same problem!

  2. When are they going to employ more staff to provide this essential service. Even for Medicare no everyone can do it online. Even online I cannot contact anyone and ask a real question, find out the progress of my claim. What is happening with this country?
    And why are they taking industrial action when at least they have a job that they are being paid for!

    1 REPLY
    • Because their pay and conditions are being reduced in real terms and they are being treated appallingly by their management.

  3. if I have a question about the age pension I get there at 8.15 am with a book , no problems except with kids running riot

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    • I do that as well Cherry, 20 min drive, 20 min wait reading, iñ and out in 10 mins, 20 min drive home.
      This works for me but I’m healthy and drive, don’t know what I’d do if incapacitated as I’ve given up trying to phone.

  4. 17 minutes? that’s a laugh. and yes, why are they complaining when they have a job already. there will be a freeze on all government jobs here in WA in 2 months time, which means no more jobs in the government will be available until the end of the year, if then. so I think these people are lucky to have and keep their job.

  5. I have waited 45 mins by going to a centrelink office as opposed to waiting on the phone. Even an email hardly ever gets answered if accepted But this problem appears to happen at a lot of other companies as well

  6. the wait time increase drastically after the LNP savaged there numbers with dismissals

  7. I know this is all terrible but i was without a job 16 years ago boy oh boy centerlink gave me a payment for two weeks and it helped me out but after i regained employment they treated me like a criminal wanting the cash back even after i told them I’d found a job it went on for months i wished in the end i hadn’t found employment it was a big distraction in my new found job thats why i call them centrestink

  8. I have a 200k round trip to my local Centrelink office and so have to rely on online that is not reliable and of course there is the ridiculous wait time on the phone. So it’s no popping down to the local office for me – I can’t afford the fuel.

  9. Typical to blame the unions for this when the government is the real culprit failing to provide sufficient funding to run government and government subsidised Providers.

  10. I’m going to be screwed then. Only have $5 left. I have to pick my older two up from the airport on Saturday. I have Very little petrol plus $20 for parking. 5 children to feed; no family support. Happy easter for me.

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