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The Age Pension, Disability Support Pension and Carer Payment benefits will all rise in accordance with indexation this month. These pension increase came into effect just 48 hours ago, on March 20th.

The maximum pension payment rates now apply, although the Energy Supplement is no longer subject to indexation. It will remain at its current rate of $14.10 for singles and $10.60 for couples.

However, not all pensioners are happy about this. “So we get a $10.20 increase, I’m not sure if that will cover my immediate problems”, one commented online.


Source: Your Life Choices 

Whilst another pensioner added, “My groceries bill have increased more than 20% in the last couple of months. Let those politicians go and do a bit of shopping and then… How are they going to feel?”

Have you received a little extra in your pension fund? Does more need to be done to support Aussie pensioners?

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  1. I can’t understand why singles get so much less when their outgoing so are fixed and the same as doubles usually eg mortgage/rent rates etc.

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    • the Government has ALWAYS attacked and “singled out” the singles. Pun there! They class me as single yet I am raising two grandchildren. You’re right. one house, one electricity bill, etc, etc and yet they get so much more than singles.

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      • Bernie, hope you have researched CentreLink re the relative family & additional payments for your grandchildren.

    • Add the couples pension X 2 and they get more than one single person, who has the same mortgage, rent etc to pay. It’s tough being a single!

    • The premise is and always has been the view that two can always live cheaper than one, hence the per person different rates paid. Not that I agree though.

    • Its like we are being penalised for being single , it should be 1/2 of a couples pension or even more

  2. I am a Pensioner Carer for my wife who is on a disability pension. After our last rise i took the time to evaluate this mega rise. Wow. Land values rose by over $36.000. Fuel went up average here $1. 60.per litre and so on Food increased her by 28.5% Electricity by over 60% Gas by over 20% Council Rates and Water rates increased . So all in all It worked out that between my wife and i we had $178.00 per fortnight less disposable income than before the mega rise.
    Politicians have no understanding of the day to day existence of Pensioners.

  3. Hopefully, the Government will reject the energy companies price increases…… Ha! Ha! Who am I kidding????

  4. Wow $10.20. Less $2.56 which goes to Dept housing so I get $7.64. I have a separate acc for all my direct debits. The 1st pension every month I had $90 to play around with. If I needed it. Now 12 months later I have $41. This rise is not enough to pay for my petrol to the main town for the hospital. Wow will pay for one script and 2 for $2 bread at local IGA. Keep us down, it will cost the government more for us when we end up in hospital because we can’t afford decent food.

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    • Hullo Jan I pay all my utilities through Centrelink and have’nt much over except the relief of knowing I won’t have the dread of looking in the letter box. However as a homeowner ..and a widow.. there’s lots more to pay than if I was renting and had rent assistance. Rates, house insurance, and maintenance are all added expenses
      Just saying

  5. Shame on the Government, I am a pensioner and paying $600 p/f rent, I don’t have enough to live on. Let the Politians go out and buy groceries for a fortnight and see how they fair. Everything has gone up and all we get is $6 a fortnight. Wait until the election is over and the politians will give themselves a huge rise. Very unfair, we should all complain about their increases and pensions, if they did not get their huge pensions, pensioners could get more.

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    • Politicians do not give themselves a rise . This is done by a particular department that decides if, when and how much extra pay rise the politicians get. Most people know this.

  6. Couldn’t agree more! Of course the Liberal government will NEVER give us a reasonable amount to live on, they only give to the rich and powerful! None of them seem to understand how impossible it is to live on a pension. It makes me laugh to hear them telling us how generous they are being, while they live on $10,000-$20,000 a month! They certainly have their pensions set up well, and for life with no checks or worries about how much they own or have invested ect. On top of their huge salaries they have their expense accounts which they use to the full plus all the other perks that the milk as much as possible, all this no matter how wealthy they are! I am so sick of trying to eek out a living. And it will only ever get harder till I die!

  7. I am sooooooo over awed at my 20 cent extra discount on my electricity account which last reading was $135 per quarter MORE than usual. When I rang the company to question the astronomical increase to my account, I was told they could send someone out to reread the meter but I would have to pay for the extra call out. WTH? And don’t forget the magnanimous increase of $7 is actually per FOR NIGHT which is $3.50 PER WEEK! Take into account my rent alone is about to go up $5 pw I am $1.50 behind before I even get out if bed each day…… punishment for pensioners is this government’s motto!!

  8. its not that politicians dont understand , they dont care , because they dont have to . they sit in that ivory tower ( parliament ) playing God with peoples lives. I am a carer for daughter and mum, I dont have proper shoes for heavens sake I need them that fit , I need orthotics , i need dental splints, 3 incomes might sound great but that means three that need things medications, visits to specialists, equipment, etc etc etc

  9. ONLY ONE THING POLITICIANS UNDERSTAND :::THE VOTE .. VOTING them OUT sends a far quicker message then we ever could do complaining and pleading …wish the opposite was true but it is’nt.

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    • That’s all well and good. Vote them out, but who do you vote in??

    • But we still have to vote someone in and is one any better than the other – I think not!!

    • Agree totally with all these comments. The only way for us to be heard is to VOTE THEM OUT and to encourage everyone else we can to VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!

    • Agree with all these comments. The only way we can be heard is to VOTE THEM OUT and to encourage everyone we can to also VOTE THEM OUT!!

    • Doesn’t matter which political party gets into power they do not live in the same world as us. Saying that I have children that earn huge salaries and also do not understand what it is to budget.

  10. I’m coming back as a Polly next time for sure?????? Totally agree Jennifer McDonald

  11. Why is it that singles get so much less. Our costs are just the same as a couple in most cases. My rent currently takes 43% of my pension. I live in a town where we have one of the most expensive supermarkets and no other choice. I shop in the next town for most of the products I need because I can save money even though it is $2.50 for the fare. Power and water cost the same amount as a couple. Phone is on a plan for pensioners, but still costs extra for 1800 and 1300 numbers which it seems anyone you need to contact these days has.

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