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Well, after the #NoLibSpill event yesterday morning after the Liberal party went to a secret ballot, Tony Abbott is still our Prime Minister. We reported that piece of news and asked the community if you thought the party made the best decision for Australia. Most of you, point blank, said no.

But regardless of whether you support him or think we should be Abbott-free, we have to face the blatant fact that he is our Prime Minister.

We’ve sledged him, dragged him through the ringer, he’s had his entire person criticised and been living under a very big magnifying glass for the entire world to see as shared (correctly or incorrectly) by the media. So we’ve decided that it’s about time we all tried to get behind Tony Abbott whether you like him or not.

To help us all, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide of how to get behind Tony Abbot and give him some support in his newly re-confirmed role of Prime Minister of Australia.

1. Leave the sledging behind and accept him as the word bumbling, DT wearing, winking man he is.

It’s one thing to criticise people on their actions and intentions, but it’s another to criticise people on what they wear, the way they speak and their “personality quirks”. Our mothers all taught us that growing up. So why do we look at politicians like they’re fair game and let all of our social etiquette go out the window? Let’s all stop the petty insults – which at the end of the day are bullying – and start looking past all of that to the real things that we should judge a person on.

 2. Having an interest in macro-economic policy and stop thinking about the “what is best for me?” attitude and instead adopt the “will this make my great-grandkids better off?” attitude.

The Liberal party have always been built on broad economic principals. They focus on restabilising and rebalancing the country financially and economically. At the time, it often hurts. Welfare is cut, taxes increase and different benefits are lost, if we keep thinking about it like with the “what is best for me?” attitude we’ll all be walking around like grumpy gramps. Instead adopt the “will this make my great-grandkids better off?” attitude and we’ll be able to rationalise some of the hard-hitting policies.

 3. Learn more about Australian politics – why is Australia in debt, because the budget measures aren’t being passed in the senate.

We like to believe we’re informed but the truth is a lot of us aren’t educated well about Australian politics. We like to walk around saying that this government has left us in more debt than the last – well that’s because their big budget savings measures were blocked in the senate, continuing the spiral of debt-generating policies the last government left us.

4. Stop the blame game and instead give *valuable* feedback.

On any average weeknight my Facebook newsfeed is filled with interesting articles, funny cat videos, great recipes and people blatantly saying quite disgusting things about good old Tony Abbott. So many sit there, have a rant and tell the world how much they hate him and how he is a “massive d***head” but I don’t see any of them proposing better ideas of how to run the country? Let’s stop criticising and instead starting sharing our own answers… If you don’t have one perhaps stop posting.

5. Let’s consider the achievements and give credit where credit is due.

Tony Abbott has done some good things for this country – despite what we all like to focus on. When he announced the cut of his paid parental leave policy you were all very happy – you didn’t have that support so why should they younger generations? Abbott also established an Indigenous Advisory Council, established a seniors employment incentive, abolished the carbon tax, increased availability of loans to apprentices and he allocated $1.55bn to establish an Emissions Reduction Fund. Credit should go where credit is due.

6. Accept the fact that this is one of the country’s most difficult jobs and at the end of the day, he’s doing what he thinks is the best job he can do. That’s all we can ask of anyone, competent or not.

At the end of the day, we’re all human and whether you like it or not, he is doing his best at his job. That’s all we can ask of people. If you don’t think he is competent then that is another story and one that needs to be addressed in our entire political system. But he’s giving it his best go. Yesterday he said, “I love this country and I will do my best to make it successful.”


Do you think we should give Abbott a second chance and try to get behind him or continue to make his life difficult without our support? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Editor’s note: Starts at 60 is not affiliated to any Australian political party. We are a discussion media site that invites our readers to talk about the articles that matter to them. This article in particular is satirical in nature.


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  1. Macro economics are all well and good if we have a healthy planet on which to live. However, when the climate becomes untenable, or even incompatible with life, how are our descendants going to view us? Furthermore it is simplistic to say that debt is increasing because of the budget measures not passing the senate. The writer has conveniently overlooked the massive spending undertaken by the government. I do not dislike the prime minister because of the ridiculous things he says, or the stupid things he does, or the ghastly bathers he wears. I dislike him for hurting the most vulnerable in society while leaving the big end of town to do as they wish. So sorry, I will not be getting behind this man. I can make up my own mind thank you. I think your article is patronising and offensive to all rational thinking people. End of rant.

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    • This article is exceptionally biased. It is the job of the senate to block bad policy. There is very little of this governments policy that will build a better nation for the future. Tony Abbott showed no dignity in his personal attacks of the previous government. He set the precedent. He has now lost the support of Alan Jones, Andrew Bolte and Rupert Murdock, all of whom proudly fly the right wing flag. That alone spells disaster for him and should indicate how bad his government really is performing.

    • I,m on your side also,,,,, , nobody bothered to speak up and say leave Julia Gillard alone, she is our prime minister, let’s all get behind her
      I,m afraid Abbott started this ball rolling and I will continue to help push it,,,,,no way will I ever stand behind Abbott

    • it sure is and am thinking why am I even coming here I am not senile enough to be told what to do by a website!!

    • I agree, he needs to leave low income workers alone and start woth the top end including themselves

    • I’m with you too, Patricia. I can make my own mind up thank you very much, and I am going to need a lot of convincing that Tony Abbott and his government need my support. I’m tired of being called a leaner when I have worked hard all my life, and never taken a cent of government money in hand outs. Meanwhile, the mega rich and the big companies – the supposed lifters – are getting all kind of tax breaks and other government incentives to keep getting richer. Seems to me like they are the leaners – not us. If tough measures are needed, I will do my bit – we all will, if the load is shared fairly amongst all instead of placed squarely on the shoulders of those who can least afford it. I am tired of watching Government on every level sitting back and allowing the ongoing destruction of our precious environment, and vital habitat – putting some of our wildlife at risk of extinction – and not being able to see past the dollar signs. I am tired of seeing Mr Abbott winking in a most disdainful way when he is talking to ordinary Australians with genuine concerns. Don’t tell me who to support thank you very much. The newspapers and media try to do that already, but I can make up my own mind thank you.

      1 REPLY
      • I agree rose. The way they treated Julia Gillard was disgraceful. Now Tony Abbott is crying into his bib. Now he knows what it’s like to be treated badly. At least Julia got her policies passed in the senate.

    • Lots of negative comments ,but no one has actually said what they would do .Unless someone has a better idea,and from what I can see ,Bill Shorten ,has no idea.Lets give this government a chance,acknowledge the good,and hope he is able to turn this country around.

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      • This is the most insulting post you have put up, the only way I could or would support this man and his government is if he called an election…….they have tried to implement the most horrendous attack on the most disadvantaged in our society in order to appease their friends in high places. Their agenda is to wipe out those who do not fit in with their idea of status, to generate a slave class. It has nothing to do with the PM’s dress or his lack of style, it is that he has only his ego to feed and his believe that he and his “ruling” class deserve respect and obedience.

  2. I’m with Patricia Massey 100%. Abbott is dangerous in his refusal to acknowledge what is blatantly obvious to any sane and rational human being. Anthropogenic climate change is real, and the effects of it are being felt right now. But because it doesn’t sit well with his plans Abbott chooses to ignore it. His policies of self interest will set us all on a course from which we cannot retreat. I will not support this man and anyone who does so can explain to my grandchildren in ten or twenty years time why this planet is uninhabitable I stand for climate action now!

    5 REPLY
    • Not everybody believes as you do Gail. There is a large body of scientists who think differently. Let’s give the same amount in grants to prove the climate change alternative and see how that goes. The amount given in grants to prove climate change is obscene . Yours is not the only view.

      1 REPLY
      • How can that be Marie when 97% of climate change scientists report that climate change is real and the most recent International report that came out only a few months ago acknowledged that it’s happening faster and more severely than previously reported. This is because these scientists have placed such stringent guidelines on their reporting that if there is only a 5% question mark on an outcome they don’t report it as a given.

    • Also 110% agree. Appointing blatant climate deniers to chairman of board in key aspects of government and public service while the planet burns. Out Nero!

    • The whole thing is a propaganda exercise Marie to try and convince us about the climate change as they are calling it now. Even the television weather reports on the news call it a scorcher and a heat wave when it is only 34 degrees and after all it is summer.Surely people can remember in our younger years ,days on end of above 40 degree days and cold winters when our hoses had frozen water in them and every morning having to wash ice off windscreens. If you keep telling the people this, the gullible will believe it. As you say– “where is the equal funding to disprove this so called climate change ” ?that they used to once call global warming.

      2 REPLY
      • Oh dear, dear Christine. They used to call is global warming because that term in fact is a misnomer. Climate change is more accurate because what is happening are extremes of climate events – not simply warming. More floods, more severe fires, more storms – including snow storms. Since you are clearly proficient on the internet I would encourage you to do some research about climate change from reputable sources i.e. IPCC for starters. Have you had any conversations with farmers recently?

    • Oh Christine so you are a climate change denier… Pity help any of your offspring and the future you are condemning them to…. Of course tHose things happened back then since we have been slowly destroying the environment since the industrial revolution… Think woman think!

  3. Never can I support a government that does not support its people. Future generations will have a bleak future of climate change is not addressed or health care and education are only available to the wealthy. The senate has a duty to all Australians ensure unfair policy is not passed. At least they seem to be doing their job.

    16 REPLY
    • your right how many young people could go to uni for 90 million ,the money wasted looking for a plane which was at the bottom of the sea ,if——– madness (meant flaming) not what you may have thought .

    • Just imagine what we could do with that 11 Billion that we pay each year in interest on the debt that we have in this country?

    • Anne Johnston, I am not an economist bit, Wayne Swan was considered at the time and through the world, as the best treasurer. We also avoided the GFC. Australia also had a AAA credit rating. Our assets cannot be sold as then there is no income. The so called budget emergency constantly blamed on the previous government has been increased over the last 18 months. Destroying health, education and social reforms is not the answer. Try looking at the top end of town for budget reforms.

    • Christine Virgo Frith
      Wayne Swan was given that title by world leaders. Not by you or I. But then I guess you know more than they do!!!!!

      1 REPLY
      • Agree. Wayne Swan was not a good treasurer. I believe that John Howard was a good treasurer and as a result an extremly good Prime Minister

    • You have to be dreaming Sandra Claxton, Wayne Swan was a fraud. This was set up for him by previous Prime Minister, John Howard. All he did was ride on his coat tails. Where is the incompetent fool now!? We also avoided the GFC and AAA rating because of the good condition in which John Howard left the budget account.

    • Wayne Swann was the worst treasurer Australia has ever had as was the Labor Rudd/Gillard govt, get real Sandra.

    • John Howard had a surplus but did NOT get back into power because the infrastructure was falling apart which Labor then had to fix; on top of a global economic crisis. Wayne Swann did a good job under all those circumstances and we got a triple A rating, plus he was awarded best treasurer. The worst treasurer is Joe Hockey. Did any of you do economics? Pointless having a surplus when the country needs its infrastructure sorting out. Good infrastructure means a good economy and, in time, a surplus.

    • Sally Shirkie, I didn’t give Wayne Swan the accolades. Leaders throughout the word bestowed that honour on him. Far be it from me to refute their findings.

    • If the Howard give had saved into a future find instead of giving tax cuts when we didn’t need them just to buy votes, we wouldn’t have had to fix every thing that was breaking down , obsolete etc.

    • How is a government that gets rid of income streams, like the Mining Tax, carbon Tax and income from changes to superannuation a good economic manager. Get your expenditure under control then address changes to income streams. They are bit like a dairy farmer who sells all his cows then can’t pay his farm loans. We are spiralling into further debt.

    • The political naïveté of some of the comments is mind boggling. Imagine what would happen in the corporate world if every time the employees didn’t get a pay rise they had management thrown out.

    • Totally agree with you Sandra Claxton. A voice of reason with too many replies from people still reading Murdoch newspapers and believing the propaganda that is thrown at us daily. John Howard sold off the farm that’s how he managed by selling off the family jewels. We would not have survived the GFC as well as we did if the LNP had been in Power. Well done to Wayne Swan.

  4. you do as you want but don’t tell me what to do !! This is becoming more and more obviously a Liberal website. Respect is earned and my respect for anyone is not something I hand out like lollies. I find that article offensive..we are adults not 3 year olds

    25 REPLY
    • As an adult Where were you all when Rudd and Gillard were spending and borrowing their way through everyone’s future?

    • Hi Bindy Jones, we are not affiliated to any Australian political party at all. We are a discussion media site that invites our readers to talk about the articles that matter to them. This article in particular is satirical in nature and we believe it presents fair statements about the Prime Minister, no matter which side of the fence you are on.

    • it dont matter which party it is its our country our money our future either party are managing, not very well i might add

    • Satirical in nature, SaS? I think the writer needs a lesson in satirical writing. It comes across as patronising and insulting.

    • yes Patricia Massey …agree. Perhaps Starts at 60 you should not comment on politics at all….if we want to read about politics we will read the applicable sites. Your site/page is great except for political comments.

    • Just like the respect he showed Julia and there is that “other woman on previous post..I never noticed her outfit there but I did notice her nasty mouth

    • No matter how it comes across, or which side of the fence you sit on, I applaud Sa60 for “educating” some here about the positive results of this government ! Way to go! Hoping TA goes from strength to strength!

    • Well said Bindy… I like that you are not a sheep! Just because a media outlet says Tony is okay now… We are not bound to believe it. We have a brain. Let’s use it!

    • Bindy, you’re a nutter, I would have said this was more a Labor site. It has way more socialist commentators than conservative.
      The fact is this country was heading to hell in a hand-basket, the government tried to do something in their own way – which had failed, for the most part – now they have to change tact, that’s what mature governments do.
      In relation to parodies on government or politicians – lighten up.

    • Noel Hawes I never asked for or wanted your opinion, if I am nuts them over half the country is nuts with me

    • Obviously those applauding Tony Abbott never met the man… I did once and found him to be a sleazy creep…. But hey let him stay PM and that will ensure the LNP get booted out next election and then maybe the country can get back on its feet and the people will benefit not just big business and people like Gina and Rupert….

    • Well Noel Hawes. If Abbot stays as Prime Minister for much longer we won’t have a Country to call our own. It already belongs to everyone else with him selling every thing to other Countries

    • Must admit my bias, I did meet him and he gave me a silver award, I found him to be a frank humanist kinda bloke, I still have a relationship and must be the only person in Australia to have voted for him, not some minted ‘spillers’ down the back of the boat, he is ‘The Captain’ let him steer the boat

    • I can’t speak for anyone else but I am sick of seeing his face, whilst I can appreciate you got an award, it does not affect my life or my vote in any way nor does it impress me

    • The country will never come good if the parties themselves cant stay behind thier chosen leader.

    • Noel Hawkes name calling is a trait you should’ve left behind in childhood. An adult who has to resort to calling people names to present an argument makes themselves look bad, not the person they are calling names.

      This site is supposed to be for over sixties, not kids. Over sixties should have better language skills, and be able to present their point of view to fellow members of this forum without name calling.

    • I agree with Noël that this is more Labour than Liberal, however have to agree with Bindy on one point. The name calling and offensive language shows a lot of ignorant and immature people, on this supposed 60+ site. The more foul language the less interest I take on what they are saying.

  5. I would like to know what his real goal is with medicare? I just don’t trust this party they could have done things differently but have made so many blunders

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