Young Prince wears same outfit as Prince William in ’84 98



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It’s being talked about all over the Internet today… the young Prince George has not only made the cutest faces in media, he has also done so in an almost matching outfit to his father, Prince William at the same age, who was also photographed in the arms of his father back in 1984.

Makes you wonder whether royal stylists are also historians and media people, knowing their every selection is going to get the world talking loudly and lovingly about the pair.

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. Why has Australia gone ‘gaga’ about the British Royals? Yet not one can name the children of our Governor-General, Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader !!

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    • The GG, PM and OL change every 3 years or so. The Monarchy are there for their entire life. Countries with a constitutional monarchy eg Australia, Canada, NZ, all the Scandinavian countries and others: have the benefit of government elections and the constancy of a non political head of state. The minute Australia goes to a republic – our head of state is therefore political. Not something I want.

    • Christa Caldecott, they are not my Royals as you put it. My ancestors came out as convicts. They got thrown out of England and came over here. Thank goodness, I say as England is a nice place to visit but give me Australia any day. I reckon if they were to do it all again, they would leave the convicts in England and the rest of them would move over here.

    • Wendy, the Queen is also the Queen of Australia as well as Britain, so they are our Royals (as in our Country). Your ancestors have nothing to do with it. You cannot change history…..she is our Queen whether we live in Australia or UK. You obviously don’t like it, and no-one is asking you to, but this is a fact.

    • Having a republic will be detrimental to this country, which is already going backwards from the great place it used to be.

    • would hate a republic when you run the risk of having IDIOTS such a HOCKEY AND ABBOTT running the place…..GOD FORBID!!! thankfully we have the decency of a good royal family.

    • look at Percys pic..he does not look British to me 🙂 not all Australians are of British descent

    • Christa you & your Pommie ways. If you like your home country that much, you know what to do. A lot of us are also from Irish descent & you know what you lot did to the Irish for a lot more than just a day!!!! There is a lot of us that don’t want a bar of Betty & her bludgers. Fact

    • Umm Victoria ..Exactly what did “they” do to the Scots. Scots had a vote for independence earlier this year and decided they were financially better off staying exactly where they are and voted accordingly.

    • England is done just like the rest of the WEST everyone knows that, it’s only matter of time “gaga “is LADY GAGA that is all “what go around , come around ” we all heard it

  2. Poor little bludger has to wear hand me downs. Gee the royals doing it hard, must be through a decrease of commonwealth funding, possibly

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    • no chance of that Murray ..we keep these idle royals in the style that they expect …and sites like this one constantly fawn over them ..bit bizarre in this day and age to worship undemocratic descendents of thieves & murderers ..but the herd mentality is strong and is perpetuated by those lacking in self esteem ..

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    • What do you mean “We keep the royals in style” Rosanna. Australian taxes don’t pay for the British Royals except on the rare visit here. Our Constitutional Head of State costs us Bugger All.

    • Are you also ignorant to the fact that we are a commonwealth country that provides our share of funding to the monarchy Leone? It’s something governments don’t like to talk about, but if you care to check with the Treasury, then they could possibly provide you with that knowledge

    • Christa with that sort of comment it just goes to show that there is so much truth in the saying, ignorance is a bliss

    • oh for ****s sake Leone …go look up just how much they cost us ..ignorance is no excuse …but just a heads up …your local MP will not let you know .i have written to mine several times ( as has other Republicans I am aware of ) and he cannot make those costs public …but acknowledges there are costs …

    • Yeh Rosanna we’ve got to look at we are both trying to communicate with royalists, which is very much like banging our heads against the wall. My way of thinking if you love these Pom’s so much, go & live with them. As it is that particular nation have caused more atrocities to mankind than any other nation, going back to before the Romans

    • hehe ..yes the same old rubbish .. and never ever a valid reason to continue worshiping a family that are not even English …and whose ex king tried to have London bombed by his German rellies .. astounding ..

    • It costs each person in England about 52 cents per year for their contribution to the Royal purse and they (the Royals) bring in millions via tourism. Anyway, you non-Royalists, don’t worry about it. Australia will become a Republic one day…..then only the rich will be able to campaign for government and we will go like America. God help us is all I can say.

    • Gee Christa are you really that backward in your way of thinking. If anything a person would have to have rocks in their heads to have a Yank style of Republic. You do know that there are so many types of Republic & I’m positive we can elect the right type.

    • Murray Hastie do you know the meaning of POMS? Obviously not, otherwise you would not have used it in the context that you have. As for me being backward in MY way of thinking, I think this is more suited to you; and how the dickens can you be positive about electing the right type. Only time can tell this. Men!!

    • Oh now we are being discrimitive, then I suppose that is your royalist right? Yes I do know the original meaning, but in this day an age it has been reversed so to say. And electing the right type, it’s for the people to decide, not me & as you say time will tell

    • Rosanna I do not “worship” the Royal Family or the Queen since she is not a religious deity. As Murray says “ignorance is bliss.” Oh I do love this site!

    • No Murray, I am not being discriminative, it is you trying to be derogatory; you cannot call me a POM even though, so to say, you think it’s been reversed. I am not a “prisoner of the motherland” as I came to live in Australia voluntarily, so I am a free settler. You can, however, call me (or others who live in England) “pommies”. Over and out as I am now going to explore this beautiful country (continent)

    • The citizens of the United Kingdom are the only people whose taxes give money to the Queen for a civil list. The Governor-General (representing the Queen in Australia) [stand in for her). Receives money from tax payers with his/her salary. So that would be the only person leaching if you want to look at it in that aspect. Check out Canada- they are the same. The simple reason why you can’t find out how much it costs – is because it doesn’t exist. If there were figures – wiser republicans than you pair would be advertising it all over the place.

    • Christa well why did you mention “Men”? And please don’t give me the Pommie attitude where you think you are better than we “colonial’s. It don’t work out here, as you possibly soon find out. And if anything you make yourself sound as you have had your head where it shouldn’t be, thus the rusty vision. Also do some research as commonwealth countries do fund the royals. Fact. So don’t keep showing your ignorance.

    • And Leone O’Sullivan check out the Treasury Dept.before assuming what you really don’t know. Geeez these Royalists

    • Murray / Rosanna – you remember Paul Keating? Acid tongued republican pusher. I’ve just been reading through his speech on behalf of having a republic. Quite long and involved but there is one noticeable omission. For all his pushing for a republic there is no mention of saving money. As the treasurer of Australia for years, I’m sure if there was any truth to the Queen being an expense to the Australian tax payer,, he, the treasurer would have used that while trying to get us to vole republican.

    • my suggestion is that those who wish to support Betty & Willy and the other royals ..should do so from their taxes ..sort of put your money were your mouth is ..Australia paid heaps for Harry to jaunt around the country …and even more when Willy & mrs Willy came for their freeby hols ..

    • Leone for decades consecutive governments have failed the people of Australia. Just have a look at the billions moved to off shore accounts annually from corporate scum. We should be one of the riches countries on the planet. Re the Betty & her bludgers, as I said previously check on the Treasury Dept & it’s something that politicians don’t like to talk about.

    • Christa, not only England supports there people, you forgot to mention Scotland, Wales and Ireland. A bulk of these people don’t want to be supporting this out of date institution.

    • If you read what I said Murray/Rosanna you would see. If there was any chance of using the cost of royalty to pursue his republican views – he, the treasurer, would have used it. Therefore – that expense doesn’t exist. As for Harry – Australian taxpayers pay for exchange soldiers, policemen, teachers, firemen etc.every year from various countries. The cost for Harry was very little different. Did you read the list of constitutional monarchy’s like ours? Quite an impressive list of highly successful countries.

    • Gees Victoria .. Scotland had the choice of leaving earlier this year and the result was ……. money wins again. They were better off staying exactly how they are … and voted accordingly.

    • Leone O’Sullivan honestly are you the full quid? What has an ex treasurer of the Labor Party got to do with the Treasury Dept & if anything the Republican movement. He is attached to the Labor Party and only referred to it. FFS he is not a Republican, he was only making suggestions& he definitely would not be a leader if & when that happens. Numbnut

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