Young Labor volunteers caught bragging about wasting taxpayer money

Opposition leader Bill Shorten is reportedly outraged after Labor volunteers were caught deliberately partaking in illegal activities while on a

Opposition leader Bill Shorten is reportedly outraged after Labor volunteers were caught deliberately partaking in illegal activities while on a taxpayer-funded trip in America.

A video posted online has revealed Australian National University Labor Club president and student union board member Ben Kremer sneaking around American suburban homes in the dark and stealing political campaign signs from people’s front yards.

Mr Kremer, who is in America to help promote Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, is heard in the video saying he steals signs and posters supporting Donald Trump and replaces them with documents and flyers about Bernie Sanders instead, reports SMH.

Removing political material from private property is a crime in America – something Mr Kremer is well aware of.

Other Australians, including Western Australia Young Labor president Rebecca Doyle, can be heard in the video bragging about receiving taxpayer money to fund her trip to America and cover her flight, accommodation and daily expenses.

Mr Kremer and Ms Doyle are both in America has part of an Australian program called the Australian Political Parties for Democracy. The program is funded by the federal government and taxpayers, with the sole aim of “strengthening democracy internationally” – a cause which has baffled many people.

The video, posted online by Project Veritas Action, also shows Mr Kremer talking about how volunteers are not allowed to post anything about their trip on social media as it could prompt the Coalition government to cancel the program.

Mr Shorten said the behaviour is “unacceptable” and proof that it is essentially a waste of taxpayer money.

“The behaviour which has been reported is completely unacceptable,” he said.

“Stupidity never paints anyone in a good light.

“I’m not convinced of the value of this program of sending people overseas, full stop.”

In light of these revelations, many people are questioning why such a program exists, pointing out that democracy is alive and well in America and hardly needs young Australians to travel there to promote it.

Other volunteers in the program have been sent to the UK, Europe and New Zealand for the same cause. Volunteers are only required to spend half of their funding money on their work while they are overseas, while the other half can be spent on whatever they want.

As it stands, the program has cost taxpayers $3 million for Liberal and Labor volunteers and $600,000 for Greens volunteers over the past three years.

With the federal budget just around the corner and many people looking to face financial setbacks due to funding cuts, there are some who are questioning why they are having to pay for the program and the entertainment activities of these volunteers while they are oversees.

Take a look at the video below and tell us your thoughts.

Do you think the Australian Political Parties for Democracy program should be cancelled? Or, are people overreacting?

  1. Debbie Bryant

    This is disgraceful. This is just another waste of our money. This programme should be stopped immediately and this particular group should have to refund the money paid for their trip. Our democracy is alive and well in Australia and these trips are just a ripoff by politicians in the making. Training in milking the system obviously starts early.

  2. Lyn Mottrom

    I’m with you Debbie Bryant, this is disgraceful, when are they going to do something about it

  3. Rob Weaver

    It is outrageous. Can you imagine the howls if a group of card carrying US Republican supporters ran around ripping up ALP signs in the run-up to an election. They are lucky not to be in gaol. To his credit, Bill Shorten made it known he was none to happy about it when interviewed on TV last night.

    • Debbie Bryant

      I am pleased to see that he is providing leadership. Hopefully these people will get a rap over the knuckles when they come home. I don’t see the benefit in this programme at all.

    • Pablo Cruse

      Silly billy only said he was unhappy about this because he and the ALP got caught! He is too weak to provide leadership, and a rapover the knuckles is just nowhere near enough!

    • Caryn Spriggs

      Pablo Cruse are you really stupid enough to think a group of young LNP supporters wouldn’t get up to this sort of mischief too? In spite of the biased reporting by SAS it is not a partisan activity.

    • Pablo Cruse

      Caryn Spriggs, how stupid of you not to read the article! Can’t see anywhere in the article that any LNP supporters did this!

  4. Andy Balter

    Labour what do you expect they can only waste money ,no idea how to run anything, they ran the country into massive det

    • Victoria Alexandra D

      If you’re talking about DEBT, the current government has more than doubled the deficit in just over 2 years. Actually Australia is no where near the debt other western countries are in !!!

    • Leanna Stephenson

      The Liberal have more than double the debt and aren’t you forgetting Bronwyn Bishop and her famous helicopter ride and that is just the tip of the iceberg

    • Victoria Alexandra D

      Did you actually read the article, the taxpayers have funded $3,000,000 for Liberal and Labor and $600,000 for the Greens. It’s not just Labor. This needs to be stopped immediately.

    • Fred Davies

      Andy Balter, what an absolutely stupid comment, 2 young people have behaved irresponsibly and need to answer for it, there are plenty of politicians doing much worse and are doing their best to cover up their stupidity and we don’t need to highlight which party has the most strikes against it do we?

    • Tim Hodgetts

      Silly comment Andy. These over educated twerps are in the USA funded by the Government. The LNP Government.

    • John Green

      Bravo. So it’s the LNP Government fault for funding the programme. Seriously Sheeple. The LNP government also funds infrastructure like roads and people die on them. I suppose it’s also their fault too.

    • John Green

      The Current debt is on the back of reckless ALP spending programmes. Meanwhile ALP obstructs any initiatives to reduce debt. If the ALP was still in power the debt would be worse.

    • Fred Davies

      John Green, here you go again, engage the mouth before starting the brain, it’s the fault of all governments that this program exists and there’s no reason for it, let’s agree on that. As for your other comments, they have nothing to do with this thread, stay focused.

    • Caryn Spriggs

      John Green you really have no idea do you? Go have another sip of the LNP Kool-Aid … you certainly seem to be a fan of it.

    • Pablo Cruse

      Well said John Green, we can but thank our lucky stars that Labor is not in power and not likely to be either after the next election.

    • John Green

      Fred Davies The programme isn’t the problem champ it the people that go on it. What part of that don’t you get? Try to keep up.

    • John Green

      Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo I Love it when the socialists drag that out. ALP threw money out onto the street like confetti on a problem that didn’t exist. The GFC had little affect in Asia (that includes us). The worst that happened was a credit crunch and Turnbull fixed that recommending bank deposit be guaranteed.

    • Annie Lent

      Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo LMAO you have no idea do you? There was no way Australia was even close to going into recession during the GFC … but a year or more later the Labor govt headed us down that path.

  5. Libbi Elliot

    Everyone seems to waste taxpayers money except for Pensioners..we don’t get enough of is becoming a fashion trend

    • Rosalind Battles

      The Essential poll shows Labor’s primary vote on 38%, up three percentage points from the previous week – leaving Labor and the Coalition 50:50 after preferences.

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