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It has been over a year now since Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and the search hasn’t slowed. Using the most groundbreaking technologies, they’ve been able to map and scour the ocean floor for remnants of the plane believed to have crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean. While they haven’t found the plane, they have recently made an incredible historic discovery – a shipwreck believed to be from the 1800’s!

According to the ABC, the Joint Agency Coordination Centre announced they had found a shipwreck four kilometres below the surface and more than 1,000 kilometres off the Western Australian coastline.

There is little known about the shipwreck at this stage however it has been confirmed that the debris is man made and from the looks of things, WA Maritime Museum curator Michael McCarthy believes it is a cargo ship.

“There are hundreds of ships lost in our world’s oceans over time, through old age, cyclones, typhoons and one would expect this to occur,” he said.




“You have these vessels say from a place like Fremantle which takes a notice of its lost ships, but you will find other countries that probably haven’t kept the same records, [so] we are in a bit of trouble trying to do that.”

“The best we can do at the moment is a mid-to late 19th century wooden hull, iron sailing ship and of unknown origin but of European-style build,” he said.

It’s an interesting find, likely to be one of many as they use this technology to search the ocean floor. And at this point, the search is showing no signs of slowing down. Australian officials have said previously that the search of the current priority zone where they believe Flight 370 went down is expected to be completed this month. If no trace is found in that 60,000-square-kilometre area, the search will be expanded to include a new zone of the same size, the governments of Malaysia, Australia and China announced last month.


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  1. And while Abbott spends money on this useless search, pensioners are going without heating or decent food and more people are being tortured and beaten and killed through domestic violence.
    But of course, his priority is kissing the rear ends of the governments of other countries rather than helping Australia’s needy.

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    • and whoever was in charge as PM would be doing the same… so stop whinging, the new budget will be a fair one and pensioners will be getting a raise. I am not saying he can perform miracles but if one of those that were lost was one of your family, would you be relieved to hear that they are still looking?

    • No if you are going to say it say it right he kisses the arse of other governments of other countries oh and by the way heard he put 60 million into the first run of the search and then another 60 million for the second part of the search which found nothing that’s a total of 120illion doll

    • Sorry that was meant to read a total of 120 million dollars wasted to make himself look good which will never happen and to say he certainly knows where his priorities lie and it’s certainly not looking after homeless hungry and battling families this govt is living off the fat of the land while others go hungry and cold they don’t care

    • I guess you have no sympathy at all for those who were lost in the plane crash? Wonder how you’d feel if one of yours was lost and he said doesn’;t matter, too bad for those left behind to grieve. Pretty cold hearted. Interesting that the searchers found the wreck of an old ship recently.

  2. Every time you start with ‘You won’t believe …’ I immediately think ‘What fibs are they telling me this time?’ I do not read on, most especially when I have already learnt about the topic on other sites that treat me as at least half way intelligent. Please find another opening phrase or simple state the fact/s.

  3. You wouldn’t think it useless if one of your loved ones was on the plane.

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    • Not so, Elizabeth. A memorial ship should be sent out onto the ocean with all loved ones on board, a service performed, and laid to rest. This is costing literally billions of dollars of money we apparently don’t have, and for what, a plane full of dead people, and they may possibly be looking in the wrong place entirely, how long is long enough?

      1 REPLY
      • Costing literally billions of dollars? Get a clue before you spurt out such rubbish. Approaching 100 million dollars is only 1/10 th of 1 billion, billions as you state. A plane full of dead people? This is supposed to be a respectful website but you show no respect for these passengers and their families who have no disclosure. To keep it respectful you are just one insensitive cow, that´s all.

    • We can say that but we aren’t the ones who need closure. If course it’ s costly but there is so many other ways governments (and the world) waste millions.

    • You need to understand the search and rescue equipment today is state of the art equipment we are only going by what we have been fed they may not have even went into the sea and I certainly don’t mean any disrespect to you or anyone who had a loved one on that flight so why have they not found it

    • I would not like to think the government was wasting Billions looking for my loved ones. Its not going to bring them back. With some of the billions its costing build a hospital in their memory. THIS IS STUPIDITY

    • My sister and her husband were on MH17. Their bodies were brought back and we were able to bury them after 3 mths. We knew they were dead because of what we saw and what we were told but it wasn’t till they were formally identified and brought home that I could truly find closure and begin to heal although it still seems sereal. I think unless one is actually in the situation you really don’t know what you would feel you can only assume what you might feel but the reality could be completely different…I hope that the families will able to heal, it will be so much harder and longer before they can without true closure

      1 REPLY
      • My sincere sympathy Wilma, I’m glad you are able to have some form of closure.

  4. Saw this on the ABC News feed … Why wouldn’t you believe they might find a shipwreck under the sea? It’s the ocean, isn’t it? Ships sail on it, don’t they? Please stop using headlines that make us out to be dumb children … Or dumb adults, in this case. I don’t think the search is useless … Just the stupid headlines from Starts at Sixty. I agree with Meg Hyde on this one … Less demeaning to your audience if you just state the facts. I actually read very little from you these days, I have to open too many pages to get to the story.

  5. There must be multitudes of these old sailing vessels laying/ or partially buried on the ocean bed- too late to save those poor souls who perished along with the ship but I’m sure they will be looking for any buried treasure there.
    Meanwhile ,all the families & friends of the passengers on MH370 still have no closure to what happened to that aircraft & their loved ones. We’re in such a high tech. age where everything can be traced, reported, scanned – but they can’t find an aircraft carrying hundreds of people !!? There’s more to this than we are being told.

  6. Unfortunately, maybe because I use a phone, I always have that damned drop down to like SOS but I already do like you! Please make it stop!

  7. Yes you are right it is costing millions and found nothing but an 1800 ship wreck. The ocean is so deep even if they do find the plane nothing will be retrieved for the families of the dead why can’t they just we found the plane. Even if they have not nobody could prove otherwise at least the families will be able to put them to rest and move on. Then we could stop the total waste of money trying to find the plane and everybody would be happy and move on.

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