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A chocolate brand stocked in every supermarket, servo, convenience store, vending machine and fundraising chocolate drive has just announced they have a new flavour of chocolate on the menu, coming to Australians this June. But the combination is so ridiculously unusual, we don’t know whether we’re excited to horrified!

Today, Cadbury gave us the announcement that Vegemite flavoured chocolate will be available in June this year… Let that sink in for a moment – Vegemite Cadbury chocolate!

So tell us today, will this flavour be a hit or a miss for you? Do you think it’s great or just plain bizarre? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 



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  1. Cadbury are trying so hard to overcome their halal certification. Pity it won’t work.

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    • my thoughts as well trying to get us to buy their chocolate sorry but it won’t work !! just get rid of the halal certification !!! problem solved !!

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