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Sports Bet Australia has a current betting station on what the name of Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s next baby will be! There’s the usual names, but also some very weird and wacky ones as you get further down the list. Names like Charlotte Diana (the Starts at 60 office bet!), Elizabeth, Arthur and Charles are among the top ones but further down the list we have Joffrey and Khalessi (Game of Thrones references) and names like Ringo and Dave.

It’s quite an unusual collection but take a look for yourself here and tell us, what do you think the newest member of the royal family will be named?


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  1. girl…I would say Elizabeth Mary Diana…..a boy….maybe Phillip Henry Charles….that about covers the whole lot…

  2. Whatever the names they choose will have meaning to the parents. Hope the Royal family let these two name their own child,and not be influenced by the Queen etc

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