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Public transport costs just keep going up, rather than becoming more affordable for the people who need it and use it the most. This is something the Greens have identified, and now they’ve made a big promise: they want to give free public transport to all seniors.

In the race for the Lord Mayor position in Brisbane, Greens candidate Ben Pennings said he would give seniors and pensioners free off-peak travel on Brisbane buses.

The free pass would apply 8.30am to 3.30pm, and 7pm to 3am, on weekdays, along with weekends and public holidays.

“A lot of seniors and pensioners are isolated sometimes because of cost issues,” he told Brisbane Times.

“We’ve got the most expensive public transport system in the country and they provide value to Brisbane.

“Pensioners and seniors are very big volunteers, they go around with grandchildren and they provide a lot to the community.

“If they’re stopped doing that, because of the cost issues, that’s a real shame.”

The Greens have modelled the policy on Perth’s Seniors SmartRider scheme, which had been in place for about a decade.

So how would they be able to offset the losses from that? Mr Pennings said the $15 million loss was being considered.

“It’s not a huge amount of money and we think it will make a big difference in the lives of people”, he said.
“Before the election, like the parties, we’ll be releasing our full costings, with regards to where we’ll be saving money and spending money”.

However it might be a bit of a difficult battle for the Greens, as the current Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is a popular candidate.

The proposal to give seniors free travel is not a new one, and we wonder if all cities in Australia should be making the change without using it as an election promise.

Tell us your thoughts and if you think it will happen. Will free public transport make you use it more?

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  1. SenSeniors should get similar to NSW rates of flat $2.50 maximum per day however the distance travelled. It encourages the Senior to get about with an active life rather than stay at home. Is this not what the Government of the day should encourage amongst Seniors.

  2. In New Zealand the NZ First Party negotiated this system with the government several years ago. It has been a godsend to so many seniors who no longer drive. My soon who lives in Melbourne wants me to move over there but transports costs are one of the things preventing me from doing so.

  3. Would I support this party???????……….NO………..As all their trying to do is gain valuable votes quickly so they can form a new party………Many Retired Pensioners are not all that dumb…………As none of us trust our Politicians because their so full of crap to say the least.

  4. We seniors in SA have fee public transport during off peak hours, It is a godsend to those who have to travel frequently, regardless of which party is in office it is a good thing.

  5. That one policy is good, but most Greens policies are NOT!

    So, NO I would NOT vote for them.

  6. “The proposal to give seniors free travel is not a new one, and we wonder if all cities in Australia should be making the change without using it as an election promise.”

    YES to this. The UK has been doing it for years and some states do here but not all. In Tasmania public transport is both poor and expensive.

  7. It won’t make any difference to people in rural and regional areas where there is no public transport, except for the daily school bus. It is already only $2.50 in NSW for travel within the city, great for the occasional visit to Sydney.

  8. yes i would get out much more often it would be great

  9. We’ve had free off-peak daytime travel in Perth for years. Last year it was extended to after 7pm as well. I think it was a Labor government that originally introduced it. We also have free buses and trains within the CBD (and just outside) for everyone.

  10. It would be a great help but The Green s are not going to win my vote any time soon.

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