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Getting around by public transport can be a headache, particularly if you have to go somewhere that is not an easy walk from a train station or bus stop. But the alternative of a taxi can be expensive – if you can find one in the first place, that is. But is there any other good option?

The answer is yes, well sort of. The jury is still out on the Uber ‘taxi’ type network using private vehicles you can book via a phone app, although Australians have already started embracing it.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Uber has already chalked up 2.5 million rides in 18 months in Brisbane. The Uber “invasion” has not been taken lightly by taxi drivers, who are understandably worried about losing their jobs. In fact, Uber has shelved plans to expand into regional markets until after August next year because of the opposition.

The latest development on the Uber front is that Federal Labor has unveiled its solution to the arrival of the Uber phenomenon.

ABC News reports that Opposition assistant treasurer Andrew Leigh says companies like Uber and Airbnb should be welcomed, but regulations need to be put in place to ensure they operate above board.

He said about one in 200 homes are now listed on Airbnb. However,  the Federal Government has been slow to respond with sensible rules that encourage innovation and protect consumers and workers.

Labor’s solution, he said,  is regulation to ensure they operate properly and pay their fair share of tax.

“What Labor wants to do is have an environment where the next Uber is an Australian firm, not an overseas firm,” he said.

Another issue with Uber is safety, although the backers of the service are obviously doing all they can to ensure this aspect. The Daily Telegraph reports a Uber driver has been charged with rape after allegedly sexually assaulting a British tourist he picked up in Sydney.

Have you tried Uber yet? How did you find the experience? Did you have any concerns about entrusting yourself to a private driver and vehicle rather than a licensed taxi service?

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  1. No not for me, for starters I prefer to drive myself and secondly I would not be paying for an American company to put Aussies out of work, the Government should have worked with the cab companies here to get a better deal for everyone instead of allowing this to happen.

  2. the taxi drivers have paid alot of money for plates etc and uber are dont pay, not me me i support the aussie taxi

  3. A taxi plate in Orange costs about $210000 the state takes 2.5%
    Goodwill tax Plus 2.5% transfer fee then the owner has to pay GST on fares set each year by the state. Plus the taxi must have a Camera (water proof to 6 mtrs I salt water) and a radio and uniform and Meter and many other things that cost. Accreditation fee twice yearly rego checks. Uber does my do ANY of these things. You want safety it costs. All taxi owner drivers want is for Uber to pay the same costs then compete fairly. The government must compensate us it make Uber pay the same

  4. Taxi Fares are quite exorbitant, but I would not use an UBER service, Taxi plates are expensive, but these UBER drivers don’t pay this, Taxi’s should then be refunded, fairs fair.. One thing that crosses my mind, is serious injury in a car accident, are the passengers covered under 3rd Party, private use vs commercial use, a can of worms, just waiting to be opened.. On the rare occasion I need other transport, I’ll stick with Taxi’s

  5. We use Uber all the time. You can rely on them to turn up, they are clean and courteous, they don’t have a mobile phone attached to their ear the whole journey – wonderful service. Started using them after giving up on taxis because they failed to show up so many times, refused to take you because the fare was too small or was not in the direction they wanted to go. Also drivers smelly and cabs dirty.

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    • You are at fault for not reporting the drivers that disappointed you when taking taxis. There is a large fine for taxi drivers and may be some of them need that shake up. URBER are illegal and as such not insured if you are in an accident . The insurance company can refuse to cover any car used for illegal use. Justvthink of that next time you use Urber you are aiding in a crime!

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      • Please! this argument has been done to death! It BS! There’s a thing called registration and that covers any person whether in the car or not, (tAC) and you are covered the same way if an Uber driver hits someone on the road accidentlaly. It’s a traffic accident and you are definitely covered! Since when does RACV cover injury anyway?? Furthermore, most cabs I get into and I get into a lot for my work, as I travel, are pathetic, unless it’s a silver service, and even then the common courtesy cleanliness is lost! I’m sick of the current taxis and the cab companies that treat their cars like crap, leave them dangerous and expect us to use pot luck in getting in a clean car! Also how do you complain anyway, Erie an email? With Uber I rate the driver and if he’s crap, he won’t get another ride, simple as that! Über all the way! Finally a ride that is clean and comfortable! About bloody time!

    • I actually gave up reporting the drivers after the fifth time they refused to stopped (it was outside a hospital) and if you watched the news or read a newspaper this is common with taxis. You are entitled to your view as I am to mine and I respect that.

  6. Don’t buy into this illegal business. Untrained drivers, unlicensed cars, unchecked drivers for customers safty. The decimation of an established industry. Not good for the average working taxi driver who has paid enormous fees to have all the checks done and to pay the government fees. Plus taxi drivers have to be registered to pay tax where as the Urber driver’s avoid tax by stealth.

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    • Really? Trained drivers, police checks? Since when do the drivers get trained, they can’t even tick thier shirt in for crying out loud! If the taxi industry was the way you explain it then Uber wouldn’t of got a look in! The industry you are describing is non existent, because greedy taxi companies and owners pay pittance to drivers, and charge an arm and a leg for rent, so it forces terrible outcomes for consumers! Simple! If taxis become as clean as efficient as uber and the drivers take care of thier hygiene and cab companies take care of thier cars, fix a ball joint every now and then, then maybe just maybe they can come back alive! Until then this is where the monopoly of mr Taxis is done! When police checks are provisioned by law for Uber say bye bye to Taxis and welcome Classy cars and people who want to do right for your dollar, not expect it!

  7. I live in a country town and Uber has not arrived here yet. I will not be using it. I will stick with the Taxi company.

  8. I know this sounds unbelievable but I got a taxi from the airport 2 years ago and the driver started having a conversation with his Father in Law who was driving another taxi past us (thru the window while we were still moving) a bit later I pointed out a sky writing plane writing a message and then to my amazement he stopped the car in the middle of the inner lane on the ring road and waited to see what the last part of the message would read. I was terrified someone was going to run up the back of us and haven’t been in a taxi since, he then got a bit shitty because I didn’t give him a tip.

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