William Tyrell’s grandmother reveals heartbreak over her missing grandchild 66



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In a heartbreaking interview, William Tyrell’s grandmother Natalie Collins has spoken about her missing grandson and shared her grief over his disappearance.

Natalie, from Western Sydney, told the Daily Telegraph she has lost hope that William will be returned to his family alive and that her life had been sent into a downward spiral from the day he went missing.

William vanished from his grandmother’s (on the other side of his family) backyard on the NSW mid-north coast in September 2014. He was wearing his favourite Spiderman costume.

Natalie said she was grief-stricken after his disappearance and was unable to continue at her job due to her distress. Her 30-year relationship also suffered and she was unable to sleep for days on end.

She has fortunately been able to secure a new job, but says it is still hard to get through the day sometimes.

“I wish he was alive, but I don’t think he is,” she said.

“There are times when I just haven’t wanted to live.”

The public has rallied around William’s family, with many volunteering to help in the search and thousands of people calling police with potential tips and leads.

They were recently dealt another blow when someone left a mysterious message saying “Jesus saves William Tyrell” spray painted on a tree near where he went missing.

Police later discovered it was all part of a game, leaving the little boy’s family to lose hope all over again.

Do you have a message of support for William’s grandmother and family? Can you imagine the heartache they must be going through?

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  1. I hold you in my arms. My heart. My thoughts. Don’t give up hope. People are looking and praying. Never give up. Xxxoooxxxoo

  2. You poor family ,how can you cope with terrible tragedy in your lives .i can not even begin to imagine what you as a family are going through ,I don’t know how I would cope if one of my children or grandchildren were missing ,I hope and pray that he will be returned to you safe and well ,,,,,,

  3. Is this the genetic grandmother or the foster grandmother?

    4 REPLY
  4. Sorry can’t read this
    cos I know how I would
    be feeling. The worst
    ever feeling. Hugs for grandmother.

  5. I feel very sorry fr the family but as each day and month slides by the chances of finding young William alive are diminished, I hope the people responsible for this child’s disapearance are caught

  6. I can’t even begin to imagine how this poor family is coping. For what it is worth they have my sympathy and support.

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