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In what was one of his most important – and nerve-wracking – public appearances, Prince William has spoken from the heart about one of the fears he has for his daughter, baby Charlotte, born earlier this year.

The Prince was speaking to tens of millions of Chinese people in a direct appeal against the illegal wildlife trade, in a segment recorded for a Chinese TV show at King’s College University in London.

After greeting viewers in Mandarin, William said, “It is time to talk about the growing human demand for illegal wildlife products that drives the trade and makes it profitable.

“In the 33 years since I was born we have lost around 70 percent of Africa’s elephant population. Of those that are left, 20,000 are being killed every year – that is 54 elephants killed every single day.

“At this rate, children born this year – like my daughter Charlotte – will see the last wild elephants and rhinos die before their 25th birthdays.”

The Prince went on to praise Chinese medical practitioners that had taken a stance against the use of wildlife parts in traditional medicine and said no one was blaming ancestors, including his own, who traded animal products in the past.

“For example, until 100 years ago my ancestors were among those who had little concern about acquiring ivory, without the knowledge of the threats of extinction, corruption, and violence that the ivory trade would lead to,” he said, as reported by People.

“My rejection of ivory today is not a judgment of past generations. It is an acceptance of the world as I find it today and the world I want my children, George and Charlotte, to inherit.”

Prince William appeared alongside adventurer Bear Grylls, Sir David Attenborough and former Chinese basketball playerYao Ming, who is an ambassador for the Prince’s charity United for Wildlife.

William and the Duchess of Cambridge will attend their first state banquet later this week, at which the Chinese president Xi Jinping will be present.

In a statement, Kensington Palace said William was “grateful to have this opportunity to explain how people around the world must work together to save some of the planet’s most critically endangered species before they are lost forever.

“He considers this issue an important test for his generation’s ability to solve the much more complex global challenges it will face in the decades to come.”

What do you think of William’s efforts to save endangered animals? Did having your children motivate you to stand up for something you believe in?

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  1. your headlines are starting to sound like Women’s Weekly, a little more truth please.

  2. He is a sensible young man with a high public profile, popular and respected. So, I’m sure people will listen. Not sure if the endangered species will have time for the tide of killing to be reversed, but we can only hope. Great work, and good luck to him and his supporters.

  3. He is a young man who knows what he is talking about – and good on him for using his public profile for doing good!

  4. An excellent spokesman. Actually ,he made me think…amazing to imagine no elephant left in the wild within twenty five years. Let’s hope the message goes to those who need to hear it, although they probably couldn,t care less!

    1 REPLY
    • Yes Lee Hauser , the bit about no elephants left in 25 years really brought it home to me too.He is using his profile in the right way.

  5. A worthy cause to preserve our wildlife, more so human lives of the unborn & needy but I know he also would be involved in humanitarian work as well which is admirable.

  6. I wonder if he is sorry for the rare birds he & his brother ” accidently” shot down on their estate last year…..or the amount of wildlife they slaughter each year on safari ‘s…and of course they must have real bear fur for their silly hats …
    please stop putting this family on a pedestal…..

    3 REPLY
    • Why is it some people always have to reply with a negative wouldn’t it be great if we could all say something positive the power of the spoken word is great.

    • I agree but at least when they shoot the birds they get eaten. People who hunt for pure sport like big game hunters and just want a trophy and a picture of them with a dead animal or who use parts of them for aphrodisiac in medicine…. They are the ones who should be ashamed….

  7. Great comments from William….as a public figure he could have a lot of grunt

  8. The young prince is doing a wonderful job of getting the message,to act now,to save the elephant from extinction before only 25 yrs time. He was very well received in China and by praising the practitioners who have joined together not to use elephant product in their healing,he has reached the right target. So yes,I’m extremely proud of him and wish him well in this vital and urgent crusade.

  9. Why on earth should Prince William make ME proud???? He is the product of an upbringing in which I had nought to do!! I applaud his manner and his contributions as I applaud many who are sensible and compassionate! Good on him for being a good role model……but there is no reason why I should feel proud of him!!

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