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It’s a simple luxury but tens of thousands of us throughout Australia aren’t able to have it… leading to complete isolation.

Now a Federal Liberal MP is telling the Government they need to dump media ownership restrictions so that more people can have access to television.

There are blackspots throughout Australia, especially in rural communities. And although previous government have spent almost $1 billion making us switch from analog to digital, many are not reaping the benefits.

“There are tens of thousands and perhaps more Australians across regional areas who are suffering from poor TV coverage, and I think it’s time for the Government to fix it,” Federal member for Hume, Angus Taylor, told ABC Rural.

A new tower will be built in Crookwell in regional NSW, where reception is almost non-existent however more needs to be done.

“If you’re watching something like the Antique Roads Show and the fella’s explaining some technical thing about something, the sound goes and it’s very annoying,” Crookwell resident Bryan Kennedy told the ABC.

“If you weren’t on a full-time pension, then you had to pay for the installation of the VAST system. And that could work up to $650 to $900 for the black box and satellite dish,” local Ron Cummins said.

“And we didn’t think that was quite right given the Government had switched off the service and we had to pay to get free-to-air TV”.

Mr Taylor hopes the new Prime Minister’s government will want to help those people who can’t enjoy the simple luxury of watching TV. The proposal will also lift 1980s media ownership restrictions that prevent TV networks from owning newspapers and radio stations as well.

“And if the PM took it on himself, surely other small towns could get a service a lot quicker than what we’ve gone through”, Mr Cummings said.

It might sound like a big ask but the fact of the matter is that rural life can be dire for some, and a little luxury like sitting down to watch the evening news does mean a lot to these people.


Tell us, what is the reception like where you are? Does everyone have the right to good TV reception or is it a first world problem?

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  1. In Cairns which of course has good coverage unless there is a storm! However EVERY day CONSISTENTLY channel 7 just loses signal at 2 minutes to 4 pm at the thrilling e d

  2. TV is such basic technology today, every Australian should have access to it , and The Government should ensure that they do, because many people living country and outback Australia are reliant on TV for the news . Weather events can impact on the severely, and they should be able to get information

  3. Why can’t they switch the services they switched off back on? Why should the taxpayer fund Murdoch?

  4. We have lousy tv reception here in Mullaway and also other parts of Coffs Harbour sick of it. Seven and Nine are the worst

  5. In our town and the wider region almost every house has a tall TV aerial tower in its backyard a quite expensive item. Come the warm weather though it is not unusual to get the TV signal breakdown with crackling and freezing. You can watch almost a whole show and have the TV freeze and crackle over the who did it. Some nights we don’t even try to watch TV.

  6. I’d be lost without my television. I am a real addict.
    Luckily we have great coverage in our little rural town.
    I fully agree that we should have 100% coverage throughout Australia. After all, we have had television in australia for over 60 years.

  7. Its 2015. Television is both a basic communication and an entertainment medium. Get with the program government !!

  8. I emailed Malcolm Turnbull when he was minister of communication about our service. I was disappointed with my reply. Just a blurb about how we are going to have the latest technology no consolation about the fact that it doesn’t work in many areas. Ours is so bad at times and we have been quoted nearly $700 for a satellite system. Well we had good reception with analogue and we had no choice but to go to digital and I can’t see why we have to pay for what worked before.

    2 REPLY
    • You were lucky I e mailed B Shorten, J Gillard , and a few others as I haven’t a clue as to who our Labor person is, never, ever in 50 years had a card or seen it in media, Needn’t have worried NONE even bothered to answer my question, I live 18Km from Sydney city , Kids have to go outside OR up the hill to answer mobile. WE have had to get Cable, . NO NBN , will be a few years yet

  9. So many replays of shows these days .my country friends. You are not missing much at all.
    But yes the News is important.But probably less depressing if you.listen to the radio than see it.
    Last night they had a replay of the very first Morse serial .lol

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