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While some Australian states have had tough smoking laws for years now, there are others who are quite far behind when it comes to making public entertainment areas healthy and safe environments. However an amendment to the New South Wales Smoke-Free Environment Act 2000 will change this from July onwards.

The last time I was in Sydney I spent the day in meetings at cafes and restaurants second-hand smoking. It was awful. As an ex-smoker I not only found it difficult but also largely inconsiderate – was I that bad back in my day? I sure hope I wasn’t blowing smoke into the fresh air in front of others’ faces that people have a right to breathe.

While it might be a difficult pill to swallow for those in New South Wales, in Queensland there has been massive bans on smoking for a long time and to be honest, I believe it’s for the better.

The Northern New South Wales LHD Health Promotion Manager Jillian Adams said today, “There is strong public support for making outdoor dining areas smoke-free and a number of businesses have already voluntarily banned smoking in their outdoor dining areas, with positive results.”

“Under the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000, smoking will be banned in seated outdoor dining areas while food is being served, with NSW Health Authorised Inspectors able to issue on the spot fines of $300 for individuals and penalties of up to $5500 for occupiers who ignore the ban.”
Whether you like it or not and whether it affects you directly or not, you can’t argue that it is a step forward to a healthier Australia.
But the question remains, is this enough to combat the problem?
The problem trying to be solved isn’t just whether or not people smoke in public places. It’s trying to reduce the amount of people smoking in Australia. So far, stricter smoking laws, a higher tax rate (70% of each pack of cigarettes goes towards tax) and higher health fund premiums as well as a hoard of highly volatile and confronting advertising and promotion about the dangers of smoking, have been effective, but not enough.
There are an estimated 3,00,000 regular smokers in Australia right now. An alarming figure when you consider the health impacts of the habit. But then again, the amount of regular drinkers would not be far off that either.
So tonight tell us, do you think this measure (apart from giving you healthier public environments) will help to deter smokers? Or will they continue to jump over the hurdle and stay on their path to fast tracking numerous health problems? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. the government doesn’t mind taking the tax from cigarettes and really don’t want to deter smokers, as they will lose all this tax that they are making, but they keep making it hard for smokers everywhere

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    • Yes I don’t understand this either the government get so much from tax and yet they hike up the prices every year to make it too expensive for smokers which really has no impact on the diehards!! I myself being a smoker have made 3 attempts to quit this disgusting habit I will succeed the next time Champix is the only thing that is effective if your strong! Nicobate products are so expensive! The government doesn’t do an awful lot to help one quit!!!!

    • Your spot on they should make the patches a quarter of the price I’m sure that would make people at least try

    • I think the government is raising the price of cigarettes in direct proportion to the people who are giving it up. If they really worried about the health of the smokers they would make nicotine therapy affordable. I would really like to know how much they gain in tax from it.

    • The health cost is more than the Gov. gets. 3 members of my family have died from the awful effects of smoking. One aged 45, one at 56. and another at 60. . As we speak another is in hospital on life support. He is 57 .

    • To use anything to help you give up costs more than smoking.However it is worth it in the long run. I saved the money not spent on cigarettes and had a wonderful holiday . Great reward! Now it goes into my consolidated revenue!

  2. As long as the ruling is consistently and fairly enforced I do not see any problems. Why should non smokers have to put up with other people’s second hand smoke whilst they are eating?

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  3. I do not want to bother people with my smoking but I feel so angry I started smoking many many many years ago and now I am told I have to pay a higher and higher tax well so be it but I do not steal to feed my habit I do not cause carnage on the roads like the drinkers and drug user but I would be treated more fairly if I was a herrion addict. I do not hurt people after I have a smoke and I try to be considerate of others for over 13 years I have not smoked inside my house. I think it is all making money for the government or they would just make it illegal and be done with it.then they could send me to jail it will soon be cheaper to go onto a hard drug that causes a lot more damage a lot more quickly!!!!! So who is bieng helped!!!

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    • Ii I am with you, if Governments were so serious about the health effects on its population why do they not ban tobacco completely….why..because they would lose a lot of their revenue which we smokers indirectly pay for so they would have to find another source of income.

  4. I just wish the would bring in the NO SMOKING in or out when people are eating.. I don’t like my food SMOKED.

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    • Dianne Evans I totally agree they are hitting the smokers , with big taxes, the drug problem is a bigger worry than cigarettes, as the drug dealers DON,T PAY TAXES ON WHAT THEY SELL, TO DESTROY FAMILY,S SMOKE CIGARETTES @ DRIVE DOESN,T KILL, PEOPLE BUY ALCOHOL, DRINK IT @DRIVE,

    • There has been no smoking in food places and close to outside of shopping centres Also clubs RSl special on smoking deck only in QLD for some time now

  5. I agree with Karen.BUT make them Illegal-FULL STOP!.Yes, I am an ex smoker, but fed up with this argument.Just keep putting more tax in cigs-then bring in more regulations!.What a “Croc”!.

  6. Gave smoking away twice for 18 months then smoked heavily until 20 odd years ago. Either ban smoking all together or stop the stupid changing legislation. Very hard to give up the habit once on them, but young people should be deterred from starting.

  7. Thank God I gave it up 8 years ago ,because of a big operation & was told to ,I couldn’t afford it now .

  8. Also stop drinking alcohol

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    • oh no bashing smokers is the best people used to go to clubs and restaurants with smokers and say not a word now it is these people who seem to have discovered how rude they can be to people who smoke and think they can get away with it I agree also ban aicohol

  9. I live in Queensland and I am amazed that people are allowed to smoke anywhere near people eating! We are so used to being told we are backward…not in this area!! Some people will try and keep it up, but they will find it will get harder for them. The sooner it is completely forbidden everywhere can,t come soon enough for me!

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    • Not sure where you live Lee but in Wide Bay it’s illegal to smoke. In eating places clubs restaurants ect.

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