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We’ve all been there: trying to mind our own business while some young person or group of young people flagrantly disregard the rules. We’re well within our rights to speak out and sometimes, we do. But as this sickening incident shows us, sometimes it’s better to stay silent – even if you’re in the right.

A 61-year-old man was allegedly punched at a train station in New South Wales, after he asked a group of teenagers to respect the rules of the “quiet carriage”.

According to witnesses, the man and the teenagers were involved in a scuffle, and when the train stopped, one of the boys allegedly punched the man on the platform of Wollongong station. The incident occurred on Monday morning during peak hour. The victim cracked his head on a post as he fell to the ground and was later admitted to hospital.

A video shot by a witness was shared on the Illawarra Mercury newspaper website and thanks to this, the teen was identified and his details passed on to police.

This is certainly not the first time something like this has happened, but a recent example that springs to mind was the young woman who squirted passengers with her water bottle after several asked her to turn her loud music down.

In the case of the teenager in Wollongong, people were quick to condemn his actions on social media condemning the “disgusting” attack and the “gutless scumbag” who allegedly dealt the blow.

“What an utter chicken-livered coward,” said one, as reported by Fairfax.


What do you think of the alleged actions of these young people? Do you speak out when you see people disturbing the peace, or does your fear of the consequences stop you from doing so? 

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  1. yes i would, and expect the judges to do the same when they are stood before them. but this is the consequence of allowing students to hit & spit on their teachers.

  2. I used to speak up, but now that so many are on dangerous drugs, I’d go a long way to try and stay quiet.

  3. I have been in this situation on one occasion and I felt quite unsafe. I moved to another carriage. There were about 6 young teen boys. No good saying anything they would just abuse me. They were playing loud music and swearing. They seemed under the influence of some substance. My advice play it safe and let security handle it.

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  4. I haven’t had to deal with it but I tend to stand up for someone else so depending on the circumstances, I would probably say something.

  5. While traveling on the train with a group of friends returning home from a weekend away, we had the not so pleasant experience of some loud mouth teens trying to start something with us, try as we might to just ignore them they just wouldn’t stop and no one was willing to stand up to them for fear they may have a knife or some other weapon. I have not been on a train since that weekend and probably won’t, I feel very sorry for the people who have to rely on public transport to get around.

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