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Today Bill Shorten introduces his same-sex marriage bill to parliament. Only there was something very different about today’s session. Half of the chamber was empty. Only four or so Coalition MPs were present.

Now, there is no obligation on the Coalition to watch a private member’s bill be introduced, other than the required number of duty MPs. However something this significant deserves respect and it would seem that the Liberal party didn’t feel the need to give it this respect. While Coalition MP Warren Entsch has agreed to work with Mr Shorten on a bi-partisan process, he said he would only do so after the budget sittings.

According to the Brisbane Times, Tony Abbott was visiting a Harvey Norman store promoting the budget at the time the bill was introduced.

On Monday, while visiting a Harvey Norman shop to promote the budget, Mr Abbott said his “priority is getting the budget measures through the Parliament”.

“I accept that same-sex marriage is a significant issue,” he said.

“But frankly, this government’s absolute fundamental priority in the budget session of Parliament is to get the most urgent budget measures through.

“And by far the most urgent budget measure is the small business budget boost”.

Mr Abbott then stressed that not just him, but “every single one of us on the Coalition side” was focused on the budget for the next few weeks.

“We don’t have to do everything immediately”.

When asked if he thought most Australians supported same-sex marriage, Mr Abbott replied, “Let’s see where the community debate goes”.

Both the Coalition and The Greens have expressed feelings that Mr Shorten is politicising the issue of gay marriage and taking away from the meaning and merit of the entire topic. However, if this is how the Liberal party intend to handle it, it’s far from acceptable, respectable or fair.

So tell us today, do you think the Liberal party are handling this the wrong way? Do you think they’re not giving the issue the respect it deserves? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


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  1. good , got more important things to do today

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  2. The LNP insulted us all by not turning up for work. If I had that sort of cavalier attitude to my work. I’d be unemployed quite quickly.

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    • My Great Grand Son has two mums, he is one of the best adjusted children I have ever seen, surely he is entitled to have his parents married like all the other parents, or should we tell his that his Mum’s are second class citizens, and not entitled to the same rights as other children’s parents.

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      • Don’t blame the kid for having two Mums.
        Their behaviour is questionable

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        • Nobody was “blaming the kid” in fact the child was being praised and recognised for his good behaviour due to his upbringing by his loving parents. Something I think that could not be attributed to you Terence. How would you know anything of their behaviour?

  3. I have grandchildren who are affected by this and it is not an unimportant issue to them and as we all love them it extends the importance to all the family. I find it an insult that they could not be present and the cowards way out Shame once again on this government! I also have friends who have family this affects and I find once more we are made to look a country behind the times!

  4. Regardless, this is just plain childish. If we acted like that at our place of work we would be in trouble and Bill Shorten had planned to introduce this quite some time ago with Tanya Plibersek I believe. This also shows the blatant disrespect our Prime Minister has for many Australians. I am ashamed to be Australian if this is how its done!

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    • Fran most people can’t be bothered with the obsession of the labour partyand just to gain votes. Everybody knows thats what he up to!

    • hear to Politicians they say for every 10 messages 80% say no, SO THEY ARE LISTENING TO THE PUBLIC, YOU’RE NOT

    • At it again Ben. I can’t believe you people. It doesn’t matter the whys or hows, but to show disrespect for the Australians in this country who want the same rights as everyone else, by being a petty prime minister and not showing up at work, is disgraceful. We all have the same rights in this country, that’s what I thought and you all should be ashamed of yourselves for your narrow mindedness if you don’t believe that this country should have equal rights for all Australians.

    • Lester Gaunt, when your mother gave you that name she must have had a sense of humor.. Fran is telling it as it is..don’t like it? to bad..bugga off

    • Everyone allowed their opinion but what messages? 80% of bigots in this country. I listen to my conscience. Too bad some of you don’t have one.

    • Fran I do not see it as being disrespectful to all Australians who support gay marriage. I just see it as LNP not giving the ALP’s politicking any credence. I think that gay marriage will be made legal regardless.

    • Pieter, surely if you wish all Australians to have equal rights, you wouldn’t be so petty. As a Prime Minister, you should be above that. I think we need to stand up and be counted instead of letting the Prime Minister dictate because he is a bigot. Delaying tactics at so low a level is showing no respect at all. My opinion, seeing as so many of you say you have the right to yours.

    • the majority here agree with you Fran and if you think the comments are bad here, they should go to twitter. I would not be to concerned about anything that anyone has to say to you that is negative. Your entitled your opinion..Now I have to go xoxo

    • I don’t care what they say. They don’t have the guts to say it till I post something first. At least I can truly say I am not a bigot. I don’t however fight for gay marriage, but the right for all to marry regardless of who they are. Stop putting labels on people and put it on love and commitment. What are you all so afraid of?

    • Good for you Fran Spears and I completely agree with you. Stick with it and keep on sticking up for your opinions and your right to hold them!

    • There comes a time to say life is too short to argue with idiots – and I think that time is NOW Fran!

    • Ben Watts
      This is a false profile. Your last profile was also false. Sometimes your male and sonetimes you are female.
      Are you a hermaphrodite????
      So people, just ignore it as it is a troll.

    • Fran Spears , I believe we are doing this because Ireland got 70% vote. But what thy didn’t tell you, voting isn’t compulsory in Ireland ,only 700K voted out of 140K, which tells me only this that wanted it voted I heard they want the legalities of super & Next of kin sorted out , and now someone tells me they have that. THE marriage vows SAY man & woman , Most want that to stay, they can have what they like & call it what they like, but we shouldn’t change marriage VOWS. Maybe instead of Billy Boy trying to outdo Tanya, AND keep his job, by stitching up more votes, had listened to others, it would have been better, Greens were against big announcement , Many gay ministers ,AND PM s sister say it has to be a bi partisan of all parties, and Bill was told that. PM did not say NO. he said lets discuss it,

    • And we dont need you either lester i am ashamed of you what they did is not australian they could have had the decency to be there no wonder we are the laughing stock of the world

    • Regardless Dawn, everyone is entitled to the same rights in this country, at least I thought. Who made up marriage vows? Someone heterosexual? Man and woman don’t get it right a lot of the time anyway. Shouldn’t marriage vows be between two people who love each other? Marriage vows used to say “obey” too. Not too many people have that in their vows these days. Does that make it wrong of them? Because someone is not like your idea of what you should be doesn’t mean they are wrong. Just let them have what everyone else thinks is their right. As for the politicians, it doesn’t excuse the Prime Minister for his behaviour, no matter what reason Bill Shorten had for bringing it in to parliament, it just shows he is a spoilt, bigoted brat. My opinion.

    • Exactly Suzanne. Lester, I don’t need you to like me or agree with me, but if you have something to say on the matter, say it on your own. Don’t use my comments to have the gumptuion to say anything. I am sorry SAS, but it seems to me, the people who are trying to bully me wait till I say something about any subject. They don’t have an opinion of their own, they work from mine. To me, that is bullying and gutless. I will have an opinion. I won’t be rude or hateful, but I will stand up for what I believe in and if you don’t agree with me, at least don’t be so rude and obnoxious, just disagree.

    • More important things to worry about ,like running the country, Why should PM jump because Bill says to, WHY wasn’t this done under Labor Greens Govt, , because supposedly too many against, I am not convinced it has Changed. I know no one who wants THIS version .It needs discussion with the Public, not rushed through, PM gets pilloried for that but OK for Bill . Bill wants it rushed as Tanya will bring it up at ALP conference

  5. We pay parliamentarians to be in parliament, just as any employer pays workers to do the work. Outragious, behaviour from our paliamentarians.

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    • I watch Parliament every day, I see people speaking with just 2 sitting at table, WHY was this so important, just another thought bubble from Bill . You all make this like Bill was announcing something important for Australia , God help Australia if you lot think this was that important . It will pass, but not because Shortass says so. You 2 don’t know much about parliament . just your version,

  6. Its not a decision that should be made by any politician…these clowns..all of them should have a referendum at the next election..and it ain’t far away..

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    • I agree with you Wazza. Decision should be made by 20million not 200 odd idiots.

  7. How disgraceful, Mr Abbott needs to be reminded that he is Governing for ALL Australians ..not just the heterosexual ones..good on Bill Shorten for introducing the bill

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    • This issue should not be up to Polititions, it should be up to the people to vote. I for one believes a child needs a mother and a father who is going to procreate. Where are the children coming from? It needs a mother and a father to create a child. Why can’t they just live together like a lot of hetrosexual people. god made man and woman to create children and be committed. There was a piece in Sunday’s paper that there is violence in the homes of gay people. So don’t anyone make that a reason for gays to marry.

  8. Why didn’t the Labor Party resolve this when they were governing? They had plenty of time.

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    • they were doing other things like saving this country from the GFC Abott is taking us into recession

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      • Oh Oh Libbi please just look at the debt Labor left the country in. They are trying to get the Country back into having a surplus which is what they inherited. Most of the money they spent was on stupid mistakes i.e. Pink bats which took the lives of young men, severely over priced school halls. cash for clankers. On and on. If they had just stopped at encouraging people to spend but they just open their mouths with great promises but had no money to pay for it all. So now it’s up to try and right the wrong. If only the libs had the money left to them that Labor had inherited. A huge surplus.

    • And how is that stupid question going to change the now!

    • This article is not about past policies but the LNP behaviour today. Their lack of respect and duty that we give them as our representatives.

    • Don’t believe all the LNP tell you. They prevented labor from bringing this in when they were in gov by not allowing the LNP to have a conscience vote

  9. They must have had a good reason…

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