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He may be communications minister but he’s gone awfully quiet on whether he will be appearing on Q&A next Monday.

Malcolm Turnbull refuses to answer speculation that he might defy the Prime Minister’s edict that no frontbenchers appear on Q&A while it is under investigation.

Mr Turnbull has previously voiced his opinion that boycotting the ABC talk show will do more harm than good.

The Q&A audit, which will be conducted by television veteran Ray Martin and former SBS managing director Shaun Brown, could take up to 12 weeks. That would leave the program with no government ministers for three months.

Apparently there is great confusion around the boycott and to whom it applies, or how long it will last.

Opposition agriculture spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon told News Limited he would be “very shocked” if Mr Turnbull did not “show the strength” to keep his commitment.

“I would be amazed if Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t do what Barnaby Joyce should do today and give the Prime Minister the single finger and get on with it,” he said yesterday, referring to Mr Barnaby pulling out of the show, as instructed.

In his defence, Mr Jocye told Fairfax, “It is by deference to the Prime Minister that when an instruction comes through it is obeyed, otherwise the whole process of cabinet becomes chaotic.

“You don’t say, ‘Oh look, I’ll come back to you on that’. An instruction is an instruction and that’s what happens, and that’s it. He’s made an instruction that until the processes of the review at the ABC is properly concluded that he doesn’t want people from cabinet on Q&A. That’s the instruction”.

The last anyone has heard from Mr Turnbull on the topic is that he believes government members “need to take advantage of every platform that’s available. So I’ll continue to appear on ABC programs, including Q&A, if I’m invited to be there”.

If Mr Turnbull does decide to go ahead with next week’s show, it won’t be a good look for Tony Abbott. And with his popularity at record low, the last thing he needs is for his old rival to outshine him.


Do you think Malcolm Turnbull will defy orders or do as he’s told? What would you do? 


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  1. Probably not and that is a disgrace, he is the Communications Minister, I watched Q&A last night and thought it was a better show without The Liberals being there

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    • That’s because there was no one to try and express an opposing opinion. It’s always easy to have a conversation when everyone agrees with each other.

    • Denis Hamstead if you had watched the show, you would have seen Richard Marles trying to answer for the Government, he did a good job and would gained the respect of many but he is in opposition..the Government needs to answer for itself, it was Abbotts decision to boycott

    • that is the Liberal Government fault Denise Hamstead, they had the option to go on the show, they refused..tough tits, it was good without them, they are the losers in this , all people are hearing is the ALP and the Greens

    • Yes it was a more balanced without the monotonous liberal party rant, stopped the boats, the labour sent us broke etc.

  2. Be interesting to see if he jumps through a hoop and supports Abbott, but the show is great with out them so I don’t think many will care

    1 REPLY
    • Yes and for any who say Tony Jones never gets stuck into politicians from the left, it showed he does if they try to be equally evasive with answers.

  3. Maybe Captain Australia should appear on the show and sort them out?

    4 REPLY
    • Yes Please let Our Glorious Leader finally go on Q & A and have a long interview with an audience of his peers. With HIS education he should make minced meat out of the questions and we may have some more insight into the in-house operations of the party room of the government other than the apparent deus ex machina efforts since the last election.

  4. Turnbull isn’t afraid of Abbott. But if he wants a leadership spill then he needs to keep on side of some of Abbotts pals. So he may not defy this order as he is looking at the bigger picture.

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  5. He will do whatever serves himself best.

  6. We as taxpayers pay the salaries, generous entitlements and retirement benefits of the Liberal front bench if we voted for their party or not. We have a right to hear them explain their policies and answer questions on those policies. This whole issue has been ridiculous in the extreme. I expect Malcolm Turnbull will not appear to give support to the idiotic ravings of the party leader.

    4 REPLY
    • We also pay the salaries and entitlements and the cost of the ABC so we should expect that they will perform according to their charter – which they are not.

    • We also pay the opposition’s, plus the millionare politicians, come on people lets not be so emotive and think.

    • they have a duty to their constituents to be accountable. The current PM seems to have lost sight of this.

    • Q and A is not the only show in Australia where the public can hear politicians views and policies. Plenty of other shows on television and radio where they can be interviewed.

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