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As we wake to the news that the Sydney siege ended in the death of our own, with heavy hearts we reflect on what happened.

I can’t believe that in that cafe were just people – going to meetings, coming from meetings, starting their work day, catching up with friends and colleagues. They are things we do every single day. And so do they, but yesterday when they went about their businesses they became victims.

I have always thought of Australia as a safe place. It has always been my home. When the 9/11 attacks were happening I can remember the same statement being echoed by so many – ‘thank god we live in Australia’.

We’ve always felt safe, we’ve always felt secure.  Removed from the dark acts of terror and violence in other places. We’ve had distance between ourselves and the rest of the world, physically and we have had what, to us, seemed like all of the necessary security measures put in place in our every day life. But it has been the people, that has made it our safe place. It has been the ability to walk down the street, smile, nod and even say “g’day” without judgement, risk or harm that has made Australia our safe place.

But after the incident yesterday, we are faced with a question of trust. Who can we trust? Do we trust no one? Do we trust everyone? No matter what path we choose, that is fraught with risk and to me, that is the saddest part.

For many reasons our streets are no longer safe like they once were. There have always been “bad people” in Australia but acts like this we have almost never seen before, at least not on our own soil.

I can’t begin to fathom what it would be like for the families of those Australians who died in the final hours of the siege and what is more, I can’t begin to fathom what it would be like for the other hostages who had to watch.

It breaks my heart that things like this are starting to happen in our home, our safe place.

The truth to me is that I want to regain my faith in our beautiful country and the beautiful people here, but right now that is difficult and although Australia will forever be my home, I don’t know if it will remain my safe place.

Will Australia remain your safe place? 

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  1. This is an unspeakable tragedy. We need to be vigilant. We also need to avoid melodramatic overkill which achieves nothing worth achieving. A gentle reminder: Port Arthur and Strathfield.

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  2. Can any moslem be trusted now? The terrorist was waving an Aussie flag recently while all the time planning this caper.

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    • So we’re the people who approved his bail Muslim.

      He did what he did. But our judicial system gave him the freedom to do it, despite his history.

      Sending those hate letters to the widows of Australian soldiers should have seen him locked up for psychiatric assessment. But he has rights, civil libertarians say so, and they are not a Muslim organization

      Very foolish comment. Designed to insight hate. How does that make you any better than these other Middle Eastern haters. Hate is hate, it’s not good hate because it’s white hate.

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      • I so agree with you Margaret. If anything the judicial system should be looked at as that man got away with too much without adequate justice.

    • When Martin Bryant killed all those people in Tasmania, did you say;
      How can any Aussie be trusted now?????
      You are an idiot making such a ridiculous comment.

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      • I was going to say the same thing Ruth.

    • I have Muslim friends and Muslim work colleagues and let me tell you they are devastated by what has happened, but now they also have to try and explain it to their children who are bullied at school every time something happens in the world and they have to try and explain it to people like you who make such damaging remarks. The sad thing is there are ignorant people in Australia who are racist. Unfortunately we as a race also have violent people who hurt others, and people who do bad things, no country is perfect, so lets not have a go or make assumptions at anyone unless our back yard is pristine. Just a heads up, this evil man was working alone, he was self styled, no group is linked with him,he was using the Islamic flag for his purpose, probably to get media coverage to sensationalize himself and to stir up hate, lets not let him win.

    • Colin, there are many good, peaceful Muslims, we can’t tar them all with the same brush. Muslim leaders came out in public and deplored the action of this man. We have to find a way of living together peacefully, not fighting with each other. We do need to get serious with those who go overseas to fight with ISIS etc. Their passports and Australian citizenship should be revoked, whether born in Australia or not, and they should never be allowed back into Australia. This man was a criminal who should have been locked up, he’d been charged with murder and 50 indecent sexual assaults. Our legal system that allowed him bail failed us!

    • You cannot lump every individual who happens to be Muslim in your statement Colin – that is called Bigottry – if the cap fits, wear it!

    • We cannot blame the Muslim people for one very disturbed individual. In Tassie we had a much worse case at Port Arthur years ago, no one to blame that time, just the perpetrator. Yes, I will still feel safe in Australia. When you look at the rest of the world wea are still one of the safest, best places to live.

    • Bigot… a person who is intolerant to those holding different opinions … Seems a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.

    • All Moslems follow the same book. They do not tolerate any others. How do you tolerate the intolerant?

  3. Feel this has brought true Australians closer, we will not treatened by these people who want to change the world. This is our country no matter what nationality you were born you live here now so let all stick together

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    • I totally agree Vicki….one thing these people do not comprehend is the amazing mateship bond the Australian people have….it will not be broken down by these fanatics…only strengthened…..

    • No way are they going to rule here while us Aussies stick together. We need Christmas Day and definitely AUSTRALIA DAY not citizens day. Such bullshit!

  4. This man acted on his own. Bit like Martin Bryant at port Arthur. Starts at 60 I suspect you are being inflammatory with this post

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    • Wake up Sue and Carol! He was deemed not to have a mental illness even by his own lawyer. Time to accept there are evil terrorists living here and the rest of the world whose aim in life is to take over the world with their religion .

    • mental illness? bullshit…he’s just a nasty piece of scum that SHOULD have been locked away well before this

    • Yes this man did act on his own. We must not spread hate. Posts like this (original post) could do just that. This was an extremist who should have been locked up or deported years ago. I sincerely hope ordinary muslims especially women who wear a scarfs or hijab are not going to be subjected to abuse from bigots!

    • I was about to say the same thing about our worst massacre in history. This is ONE man who has done this, and every bogan and bigot will crawl out of the woodwork and condemn every woman wearing a hijab and every man called Mohammed. And yes, I feel this page jumps on every little thing that can cause controversy, too.

    • Cannot believe that politically correct people are claiming that this had nothing to do with Islam. He committed his crime in the name of Islam. There are plenty of peaceful Muslims but there are plenty to be wary of.

    • Politically correct? Rubbish. We are able to look at things objectively, not through the eyes and ears of unfounded fear and ignorance.

    • I get it. Anyone whose view differs from yours is an ignorant bigot. Humbug. Have you missed the claim by Islamic leaders that they have reported 10 more dangerous extremists to police? All acting in the name of Islam.

    • Where are the Aussies bigoted you friggin idiot, we are not the ones with our heads burried in the sand, agree with our way of life or get the friggin hell out, and back to your religous crap

    • I’d be wary of a few so called Christians too! There are extremists everywhere. This man, and anyone who is an extremist, whatever umbrella they do it under, should be locked up or better still deported. Plenty of genuine peace loving asylum seekers would love to take his place.

    • Islam teaches intolerance of non-believers and that’s why the extremists are acting. It’s in the Q!u’ran. You cannot excuse it by saying that there are bad Christians. Jesus preached that you should love your neighbour. Love the sinner but hate the sin.

  5. Yes Frank I was involved in Port Arthur tragedy -afterwards – and we all felt we would never be safe again. Australia has demons too.

  6. Recently a lady I know said that it offended her to see armed guards patrolling Parliament House in Canberra because security measures had been stepped up because of terrorist attacks overseas. I can’t help wondering how offended she is feeling this morning.

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