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Thousands gathered on the steps of the Sydney Opera House today to catch their last glimpse of Prince Harry, whose month-long tour of duty with the Australian Defence Force has come to an end. Ever since 2003 when Harry spent a gap year working as a jackeroo on Tooloombilla Station in central Queensland, we have adopted him as our own, the troubled young man who came good, and we’ve simply loved having him home.

Here are just some of the reasons we all love Our Prince Harry:

1. He’s so real


During his time here, Harry gushed over his new baby niece, high-fived a kid who greeted him with a sign reading “Redheads rule!”, and popped into a bakery for lunch. After his public appearance today, he’ll check on the progress of his mate’s new legs. Harry has also made mistakes. He’s mucked up, been indiscreet and acted, well, normal during his 30 years, and we love him for it.


2. He’s single and gorgeous


A bachelor prince inspires hope in everyone; we’re only human after all! Although royal babies and weddings are great fun, they rule out any chance of a Cinderella moment (hint hint, Harry).


3. He is honourable


Prince Harry has served two tours in Afghanistan and proved himself to be a worthy soldier. He is also deeply respectful of Australia’s war legacy and attended Anzac Cove in Gallipoli for the centenary commemoration.

4. He reminds us of his mum



It’s not just the physical resemblance that makes Harry so like his mum, it’s his singularity, charity work and his obvious ease with people in all kinds of situations; at the beginning of his trip to Australia, Harry joined wounded Australian soldiers in a game of wheelchair AFL, for example. We all miss Princess Di, but through her youngest son we remember her.

5. He’s the larrikin underdog

Harry has that blend of being a bit down-on-his-luck and extremely good-natured that we Aussies love. He will never be king — with the birth of Princess Charlotte, Harry is pushed down the ranks again to fifth in line — but he laughs easily and will happily ham it up for his fans. We also love him for being a bit of a rascal in his youth yet coming good: the kid who barely made it through school now flies fighter helicopters, take that!  

Is Prince Harry your favourite royal (go on, admit it)? Why do you think we love him so?

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  1. He certainly is. He’s fun loving, caring and compassionate. He’s a “what you see is what you get” kind of bloke. He may have “mucked up” a few times, but he’s only human like the rest of us.

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  2. Give it a rest please!
    There’s more to life than banging on about this.
    For Christ sake, they only exist by an accident of birth, so what makes them so special ?

    14 REPLY
    • David,you are a nasty piece of human detritus.Get a life.

    • As modern royals they were raised to understand the normal way of life by both Charles and Diana not just a life of privilege inside a castle. It is great to see that both princes work as well as carry out their royal duties.

    • Great to see someone acknowledge that Charles might have played a part in his sons’upbringing. Not all Diana then?

    • Prince Harry has been with the military for ten years and has done two tours of duty in Afghanistan , he is also involved in charity work, one which looks after orphaned children , another which helps injured returned service personnel . I think he is a really good bloke

    • There are plenty of wonderful nobody’s doing exactly the work Harry does!
      The only reason why you drool over him is that he’s a royal, whatever that means, most likely an accident of birth.

    • Don’t be so miserable and disrespectful. He is a fine young man. He’s done two tours of Afghanistan and is doing great work for injured and maimed defence personnel. He uses his high profile for the good of others.

    • The main attribute you see in this man Harry is that he’s a royal, let’s be absolutely honest about this.
      Yes, he’s apparently a decent ” young man ” and yes he’s done tours of Afghanistan , but so have THOUSANDS of other fine young men !
      And yet he is in this privileged position solely by an accident of birth, and receives with it an hereditary title of prince.

    • They are figure heads to rally around. For the nobody’s you speek of to look to for inspiration. A man who forcefully removed the silver spoon to be like other men, to serve anonymously and to be a soldier, regardless of the privilege to which he was born.

  3. Those thousands would have been more useful demonstrating against stealing Aboriginal land in WA

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    • Are you serious? ??? What ???? Stealing land from the Aborigines ? You mean stealing land from a nomadic race. Because that’s what they were then. I do no have any disrespect for our Aborigines …. BUT move on.

  4. Very natural and an absolute credit to his family, especially his mum.
    Handsome and brave, what more could a girl want in a prince. He has it all.

  5. Why do people bother to write negative rubbish, if you don’t like the article, go away and scroll past it. You sound like jealous fools.

  6. Marion Harper you should do more. Then. All the doom and gloom that. Is happening. In the world. A bit. Of. Lite heartiness. Hurt nobody. Even if. It is Harry and what. Has he done but help people

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