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This morning marked Bill Shorten’s poorest ever showing in the opinion polls, and the worst result ever for a Labor leader. Under other circumstances it would often mean the end for a leader of his ilk but this time, in the Labor Party it is different. Mr Shorten can not only hold onto his job through the worst political feedback ever, he likely has to for failure of a feasible way for the party to overthrow him.

The Newspoll, released this morning showed Mr Shorten at 17 percent as preferred Prime Minister, against Mr Turnbull’s 63 percent and the Turnbull Government in a 52 percent lead on a two party preferred basis to Labor’s 48 percent. It shows a country that has fallen firmly behind their new leader Malcolm Turnbull, leaving Mr Shorten in the dust.

Mr Shorten has brushed it all off, saying he is working on policies rather than reading the polls.

“I know that if Labor keeps working on the right policies then, as I say, the polls will work on themselves,” he said in the ABC.

And the Liberals are glowing in the honeymoon happiness of a nation under new leadership.   Meanwhile Labor are trying to rub off some of the shine, constantly throwing dirt that wont stick.

The challenge for Labor is to ascend from here towards the next election which is likely to be in the next year.   Many think ascension is is not possible, and not just because of Shorten’s lack of popularity but because the party simply has not got the ability to flip out its unpopular leader like the Libs did to move to a happier place.  The Rudd reforms to the Labor leadership means leadership needs to be endorsed by over 60 percent of the caucus, voted for in a publicly written manner, so its a safe bet that Shorten will still be there is 12 months time, lagging poorly behind Turnbull’s popularity.

Mr Turnbull is having the last laugh today, making the fun comment to the press,  “I attribute improvement in the polls entirely to Minister [Christopher] Pyne’s appointment of Alan Finkel,” he said.

Do you think Mr Shorten should resign or ride out this popularity battle? Do you think he can claw back from here? Are you happy with the current political environment? 

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  1. Shorten’s comment that he is working on policies and not worried about polls does not ring true. He was quite happy to spruik about his rating and Abbott’s earlier. Shorten’s policy appeared to be that as long as Abbott was in charge, all he had to do was turn up. Now, he has to work on policy and counter the Royal Commission, which looks worse every day.

  2. He’s got yo go – but who to replace him? Not much chojce’

  3. Dear Bill,
    we ,your loyal Labor voters need you to go. You are probably a nice man, however not what Labor needs.
    Also Labor needs to watch their immigration policies. We don’t want open borders and this is what your
    team are aspiring to. So find another strong leader, with no ties to previous Labor Governments and then give
    Mr Turnbull a run for his money.

  4. The trouble is, Shorten lacks ‘charisma’ – he doesn’t ‘glow-in-in-the-dark’ as Turnbull does! Some people have this power and are able to use it to their advantage, like Churchill, Thatcher, Keating and Hawke, but unfortunately Shorten doesn’t have it. And there is really no way of altering that, any more than you can make trees grow blue leaves! I expect Labor will want to keep him at the top for as long as possible so as not to have the country sneering at them as the ‘new-leader-every-year’ party, but I reckon he will have to go after the next election, unless Labor wins by a landslide!

  5. Where are all the lefties in support of their fearless leader?
    Too busy running the others down , or talking about a Tony Abbott, instead of looking for a policy or two from their own side. Keep talking about Tony & the next election with the LNP leading will have come and gone & you will be still stuck with your negative minds in the sand.

  6. Don’t toss him out. It will save us from having to endure the spendthrift ways of labour for a few more years and save us from having to endure more belt tightening to pay off the crippling debt they leave Australia with each time they win office, otherwise known as grabbing the keys to the bank.

  7. If Labour really did work to bring out some good plolicies instead of trying to find fault with the Coalition they may have a chance. It’s time to focus on what is best for the country, not what’s wrong with the other party.

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