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How many chances do we give someone before we say ‘enough is enough’? Surely Mark Latham has had more than one too many chances? And after last night’s apparent confession that he is the person behind a vicious Twitter account, we seriously need to question why we’re giving a voice to someone like this.

On the hideous new shout-fest program called The Verdict last night, host Karl Stefanovic asked Mark Latham whether he was in fact the person using the @RealMarkLatham handle and whether he had to resign from writing his column at Australian Financial Review because of it.

In response to Stefanovic’s questions, Latham said:

“In November last year and again in January this year, The Australian reported that I was tweeting, and from that point on it became a case study of a bunch of silly journalists and some other people beating themselves up on Twitter with ‘is @therealmarklatham the real Mark Latham?’

“100 per cent I’m here. I’m the real Mark Latham,” he said.

Is that a confession? Most media sites today are calling it one however it seems there’s just the right amount of ambiguity in there to keep “Latho” out of trouble.

In the rude and vitriolic tweets, @RealMarkLatham takes aim at respected female journalist Annabel Crabbe, Australians of the Year Rosie Batty and Adam Goodes, and anyone else who falls foul of his ideology.

Tell us, do you think Mark Latham’s confession should see him taken off air for good or is a man entitled to his opinions?

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  1. Did they hire him deliberately with the theory people can’t help looking at a train wreck happening in front if them

  2. I think he is a disgrace, for a grow man to be behaving like that is deplorable, I would never lower myself to watch any tv show featuring Latham

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  3. This man is an aggressive prig – like our former Prime Minister, I cringe any time I am not fast enough to turn off whatever part of the media he is on. When is the media going to stop tormenting us with his boorish opinions?

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    • The former p.m was nothing like him he might have got on some people’s nerves but he wasn’t a pig to anyone, I hate you to be on jury service.

    • the only good thing about Latham, he hated Abbott as much as the rest of the country did and he could not stand Hockey but I would never watch him him either Liz he has bats in the bellfrie

    • Same, same, boring, boring with nothing to say that I am/was interested in listening to – that was my point.

    • Very disappointed Liz Deakin that you compare this ill mannered creep with Mr Abbott. A gentleman compared to Mark Latham.

    • Rosalind please do not presume that all Australians disliked Tony Abbott, I for one didn’t mind him. Where as Mark Latham is really a rude and arrogant man.

    • He said he never liked Paul Keating John Howard Abbott hockey and Julia Gillard so a list of people.

    • James Rolfe … you must also be a revolting man, unless of course you personally know Rosalind Battles and can verify your description of her ….. or of course unless the opposite of a “lefty slag” as you so delicatly put it is a “right wing prick” ….. ??

    • Felicity Sadly Tony Abbott was a joke he had nothing going for him except his budgie smugglers not a good look for aPM

    • There have been a lot who you would call a joke and not a good look for a PM another one was Gillard every time she spoke I cringed, that voice.

  4. When he was opposition leader I had high hopes for him but it was not long before the cracks started to show, I think he has some form of mental illness or perhaps his personality is flawed, what ever the reason I would not watch him on tv

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    • Darrell Warrington I am going on memory here and I think he had a nervous break down after he was ousted, I still don’t think he is very stable, so yes I think you are right 🙂

    • I watched 10 minutes of the first episode and gave up on it. I guess it is the controversy Mark Latham is likely to create that they brought him on to The Verdict, but I watch these shows for intelligent discussion not as it was described on Media Watch, a cross between Q&A and a wrestling match. The loathsome Mark Latham contributes nothing to the show and he should be off the TV altogether

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      • You thought there would be intelligent discussion on channel 9?

    • Considering they were talking about mental health issues n the first Verdict and his obvious issues, don’t think he is the right person to have on this show. Always thought he was a bit weird

    • When he became Opposition leader my mother asked my opinion. I told that I thought, and pardon the language, that he was no more than a shit kicker. I was right and he still is.

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