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It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world – it has ski fields, mountain ranges, beach views to die for, incredible world-class cities and lots of money. No, we’re not talking about Australia – we’re talking about New Zealand…

Long the underdog in the Oz vs NZ debate, our closest frenemy has been coming up trumps in almost every area of everyday life, and it’s been winning us over. Australians are making the trip to New Zealand and staying there. They have a stable economy and a likeable PM, to boot.

But that’s not all, and our treasurer knows it. This week Joe Hockey addressed the sheep in the room and said that “high net worth” Australians are moving to New Zealand at an alarming rate.

Hockey has outlined a proposal to cut taxes to make Australia more competitive, reports The Australian.

He told ABC Radio that New Zealand’s lower income tax rate was “unquestionably” part of the reason increasing numbers of Australian residents were moving to New Zealand.

“New Zealand has a top personal tax rate of 33 cents in the dollar. We have a top personal tax rate of 45 cents in the dollar, plus two per cent for the Medicare levy, plus two per cent for the temporary budget repair levy – so 49 cents in the dollar.

“Sooner or later people start to move to New Zealand and that’s what’s happening. In fact, in the last 12 months, for the first time in years, there were more people moving to New Zealand than there were New Zealanders moving to Australia”.

Hockey’s end game is to make us happier by getting rid of bracket creep and higher income taxes, but increasing the GST.

“The evidence we’ve seen is some high net worth individuals moving to New Zealand. Yes, we’ve seen that. But it’s not just New Zealand. There are other countries around our region that have lower taxes”, he said.

In the last 12 months, the number of Kiwis immigrating to Australia has been at its lowest since 1991, and a significant number are making the dash home after recognising Australia’s ongoing stability issues.

And can we really blame them? New Zealand is looking more and more appealing to us Aussies as our government desperately tries to hold on.


We want to know today: what will be the straw that breaks the camels back for you? Have you had enough of Australia? Are politics to blame or just the state of the economy? Or is Australia still better than NZ overall?

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  1. I love Australia, but I don’t like this government

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    • Why don’t you like the government?

      Would you prefer a government run & union dominated.

    • i can see very few watched abc four corners last monday ..if they had ANY thought of bill shorten labour would be out the window

    • I watched 4 corners Graeme Condely and I am voting ALP, Shorten has gone in the polls he is rating higher than Abott, I trust Shorten, I don’t trust This Liberal Government at all

    • I, for one, am waiting….and waiting for some inspirational leader to stand up and be counted. The rabble at the moment don’t instill much confidence. So will go with the philosophy of the party I like – oh but wait – my husband’s philosophy is the other side…and we get to benefit if I vote for that side…sorta. Oh, what a dilemma. Where are you inspirational intelligent leader….Cooooooeeeeeeee

  2. I love Australia & would never want to live elsewhere. Just wish someone had turned back Abbott’s boat!!

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    • Not only Abbott!
      The whole bloody lot of them!
      They have NO idea what it is to please the people who employ them!
      Only to make sure their pockets are well lined! And that they are set for retirement!

      Bugger the rest of Australia!

    • Why is it that its ABBOTTS fault ,he never put us in the debt we are in ,it ALP problem they are the ones who have ruined this COUNTRY ,Abbott is trying to fix it.What a load of crap that you blame ABBOTT ,you may not like the man BUT don’t take it out on him. RUDD ,GIILARD RUDD ,has to be the blame and now we have SHITTEN to come next. F?.

      1 REPLY
      • Narelle, I most certainly do blame Abbott and his clowns for the sad state of our country at the moment. It’s been all downhill since they got in, and they have the hide to bag out the ALP! Everything’s worse now! Get real!

    • The leftys who whinge about their lot here in oz, have obviously never been or seen how other countries are! Go over and have a look for yourselves leftards! Oh sorry, welfare don’t pay enough to travel

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      • Bruce I totally agree with your comment. If a lot more people worked hard and did not expect hard working people to support them this would be a wonderful world.

    • Oh here we go again … if you don’t like Abbott or his policies …. you are a lefty. What utter garbage.

    • No leaving for me. I’m grateful and blessed don’t need to go overseas to know this. But I am v wary of our current government and what the the long term outcome will be if they stay in power.

    • Wow, some of you Aussies get a bit nasty when you talk about politicians. I think Abbot is inhumane to the underprivileged in or coming to Australia, but you lot elected his lot. The way Australia as a country discriminates against all New Zealanders leaves me wondering why there are any NZers left over there. Australian people are great, but their attitude to other nations & races leaves me gasping.

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      • You’re absolutely correct, Ian. On all points. I already know people who’ve moved to NZ. The pay in IT jobs is better too not to mention there are more jobs than here. It’s going to take more than giving high income earners a tax break (purportedly “to stop bracket creep” in a time of extremely slow wages growth!) Eleventy will have to do much more than that. Some innovative thinking perhaps, instead of this “household budget thinking of the LNP.)

    • Narelle!
      It’s not just Abbotts fault!
      It’s all politicians in power!
      It seems to go to their head!

      Once upon a time, many, many years ago, the job was voluntary!
      When they started to pay themselves, which is understandable, a body should have been contacted, to legislate how much should be allocated!
      Not a free for all pollies!

    • Look back over all the comments and you have to agree, this is a great country, because you can all express you opinions, but not one threat, no bombs, no bullets, just an open expression of differences. Now tell me, is this not a wonderful country. And Ian Salmon, Australia is full of kiwis. We love them. I’d be more inclined to wonder if there are many left in NZ. I also love NZ and its people having travelled there extensively. And John Langborne, I’m from Nth. Ireland. Been here for 63 years. I like to think I have contributed to this country, but I hope you are talking about people who come here by dishonest means. In which case, I agree.

  3. Are you kidding? What a strange notion! We are no basket case! The political landscape currently makes me shudder but I am hopeful it will change. NZ is lovely to visit – but here is where I want to stay. Besides when it comes to voting for the best cities in the world to live – our cities are ongoingly in the top 10. You are kidding with the question – right?

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  4. Australia is a great country it’s our politicians who are wrecking it their lack of expertise and a bunch of inexperienced politicians, who are making wrong decisions.

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    • I don’t think there are too many Politicians in our current Government who are inexperienced, in fact, I think they are “career” Politicians who have been there for many years

  5. I love Australia and have lived in NZ for a couple of years, so these statics are interesting. We have a lot of New Zealand folk living in our country, may be they are going back home because their country has become more profitable. There is always no place like home no matter where you are from.,

  6. Because Australia is broke!

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    • Australia is not broke, it never was all lies told by this current Government so they could cut pensions, bet your a Liberal voter talking the economy and the country down

    • I really liked NZ beautiful place, the indigenous people in NZ seem to be doing much better than they are here, doesn’t have the big cities as we do here to some that would have an appeal. they also seem to be more environmentally concious. Not sure I’d want to live there!!

    • I lived in OZ for 30 years and loved it, better climate, wages and conditions. Came home 3 years ago but miss so much from across the ditch…guess home is where your heart is but why would an Aussie want to live here when there is so much there regardless of their shambolic government. NZ ‘s government isn’t much better.

    • There is no room left here,it’s full of Kiwis can’t be too much right with it. Aussie through and through

  7. I am another one who loves Australia but agree the present government is taking our lucky country to not so lucky any more…but I also love NZ but will always live in OZ

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