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The over-60 community voted for their favourite candidate.

Donald Trump has won the US elections and will be moving into the Oval Office at the White House. He will become the 45th President of the United States. Many were shocked with the results today as not many people saw Trump actually winning. Up to the presidential debate, Trump was clearly the underdog. While the world was abuzz with US elections, Starts at 60 today ran an opinion poll to see just who the over-60 community would prefer to lead as President of the United States. The question was “Who do you think would make a better president: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Michelle Obama? The Poll results show that although Michelle Obama wasn’t even a candidate in this election, 82.9 per cent readers think that the First Lady would be the best person to take the role as president. When it comes to Donald Trump and Hillary, the reader poll revealed similar results to the US election results – Trump beat Clinton.

In the poll, 13.6% respondents think Trump would make a better president and Hillary Clinton only managed to attract a small 3.5% vote.

Starts at 60 opinion poll reveals over-60s think Michelle Obama makes a better president.
Starts at 60 opinion poll reveals over-60s think Michelle Obama makes a better president.


69 per cent of respondents were female, 30 per cent were male and one per cent did not disclose that information.

69 per cent of respondents in the Starts at 60 opinion poll were female.
69 per cent of respondents in the Starts at 60 opinion poll were female.

While a majority of respondents chose Michelle, the lack of support for Hillary begs the question: Does the over-60 not have confidence in Hillary to lead the country? Is it because she is a woman? According to one respondent, Lynne McGrail,”Hilary is downright corrupt in fact most people just don’t realise how much.” Hillary’s e-mail scandal left a big impression on a lot of people.

Facebook use Valerie June Bush said, “When she became Secretary of State in 2009, Clinton set up a private server for her emails instead of using the official government system.

“When an investigation was carried out, Clinton claimed no email she sent or received through the server had been classified.

“The FBI investigation later concluded this was not true, accusing Clinton and her aides of being “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information”.

“Now their are six other Americans who are in jail for doing less then she did, such as navy machinist who took some photos of a nuclear submarine and was given 12 months jail?”

Did you vote in this poll? What do you think of Trump winning the elections?

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  1. Well the people have spoken ,they want a change & are sick & tired the way there country was going.
    What Pauline Hanson said give him a go, the country is going down hill so he carn`t do much worse.

  2. The fact that voting is not compulsory means that the president that people want may not have been a candidate. It is too easy for political candidates to say what people want to hear and then go about the job doing what they want. If they have the congress members and advisors who have the same aims and mindset that they do, then this is possible. If I was an American voter and it was a three horse race with Michele Obama, my choice would have been Michelle Obama (already understands the role, caring, understands the threat of climate change, wants to help Americans have better lives). In the actual election, Hilary Clinton would have been the choice (experience in government, more moderate views than Trump) over Donald Trump (huge capitalist who can afford to bring whoever he likes into power with him, climate change denier, xenophobe, bully, lack of respect for women).

  3. I think Michelle Obama as she is a real people’s person. If voting was compulsory in America the outcome may have been so much different.

  4. Michelle/Michael Obama is just as corrupt as her husband and the Clinton pair!

    Michelle thinks Beyonce [that tarty sleaze] is a ‘wonderful role model for her daughters’!

    Yeah, right! 😛

  5. The Obama’s the Clinton’s are all hand in glove as frauds. It is the establishment that they belong to that Donald Trump has to get in there to the White House and smash the establishment. The Clinton Foundation when it first started did some good but it is now a smoke screen for their fraud. This woman has the brass neck to run for President with her filthy record? God save us from people like them.

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