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Being the Treasurer is no easy feat… just ask Joe Hockey. As his position hangs in the balance after last night’s ballot, we question who will become the next Treasurer?

As the minutes tick by, it’s looking more and more unlikely that Hockey will remain as his allegiance was with Tony Abbott.

9NEWS political editor Laurie Oakes quipped yesterday evening that with a new PM comes a new Treasurer, and effectively a new government.

“Joe Hockey will have to go, there’s no doubt about that,” Oakes said.

“Joe Hockey’s regarded as almost as much as a problem for the government as Tony Abbott”.

But how can the pensioners and baby boomer generation be confident that the next Treasurer will provide a comfortable life?

ABC reports that Social Services Minister Scott Morrison looks likely to be handed the Treasury portfolio, after Hockey’s tenure was panned by his peers.

And not only that, an Essential Research online poll last week showed more than half of Australians disapprove of the job Joe Hockey is doing as treasurer, and less than a third think he is doing a good job.


Many believe a disappointing first Budget is to blame for the bad blood, followed by a unsubstantial Budget this year.



Over 60s are most familiar with Scott Morrison – he is the face of welfare in this country… but is that a good or a bad thing? Tell us your thoughts.

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  1. R Mc Donald could do a better job.

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    • With a better outcome for the sick, elderly, disabled and all their carers who were knifed in the pocket under the Lying Abbott

    • my wife and i have never been as close to poverty as we are now under those two,and i do mean poverty.

    • I’m sorry Doug. A million Syrians are expected to be refugees in the days to come. This Liberal government cares more about spending our taxes bombing Syrian towns and making more refugees than they care about you and me.

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  2. I am hoping that man is gone, I used to like Hockey before the Liberals were elected, it made me realize that what we are seeing before they get into Government is an act, it is all fantasy. If I never see his face again it will be too soon.

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    • I am stumped Victoria I have no idea what will happen but I don’t trust Turnbull will do the right thing by pensioners either but he may hold off until after the next election. Morrison is tipped to be treasurer and I can’t see that being a good thing either. Morrison is hard hearted secretive man

    • I’m with everyone on that, but we have to be mindful that Politicians are not in it to please anyone other than themselves.

    • I agree with you all and remember one thing the body of the snake is still running the country , it just has a new and prettier head but the bite is just as venomous, nothing much will change, still same policies

    • I agree David, I don’t think much will change, just the same old car with the same problems, there’s just a new driver.

    • Libbi I have at times noticed your name on many f/b articles. I think u need to have a good hard look at yourself . You always come across as a total know it all . and someone who is only interested in what’s in it for me . Think of the country for a change and the whole picture .

    • Diana Hunt I am a regular here and like most regulars I comment..oh what a surprise. I really think you think you need to mind your own business, your opinion of me does not matter one iota and seeing as though my comments bother you..I am blocking you to save you the trouble of seeing them again 🙂 have a nice day

    • Diana Hunt , that’s a bit harsh and rude. We all get on here to air our views, just like you. You’ll find that most of our comments have been and will be about the way this current government are running this country, that affects all walks of life. You would have to admit that over the past two years under this current government, things haven’t been good with all the cut backs to education, research, health, pensions, job loses etc. , not to mention the huge debt this mob have got us into. I really haven’t seen anything positive that you have said Diana Hunt and this site is for our opinion on various subjects. Perhaps you could contribute your comments on the current subject, then we can all rubbish you. Don’t be so rude !!!

    • I agree with you ladies Diana Hunt we all have our own opinions and they are just that OUR OPINIONS, so I would suggest as you are just a TROLL then don’t visit a page where people are invited to VOICE THEIR OPINIONS and you won’t have to be OFFENDED.

    • here some irony to give you ladies a laugh, have a guess who got to announce this on the ABC? Q&A bet it gave them a laugh

    • probably Libby why use personal attacks? what do they think that will achieve? and you are right that is funny David.

    • Diana Hunt I have notice Libbi too on this page she always seems well informed and educated. People like you tend to belittle others because you cannot put an argument forward intelligently. I personally don’t care what your politics is if you have a valid argument and can articulate it intelligently then I would listen.

  3. P off Joe and don’t come back

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    • Why do u have to lower your self by your language and viciousness . We all have different opinions .

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      • Very true, Diana. We should treat each other with respect even if we disagree with each others’ opinions.

    • then type yours in Diana Hunt stop telling others what to do, I am sure you had no sympathy for ALP voters when this happened to Gillard and Rudd and we have no sympathy for you now, it is karma coming back to bite you

    • Comrade Leanna is all over the Face Book….most likely one of the card carrying members of the International Socialist Lesbian Green Antifascist Forum…..

  4. you give jack shit about pensioners or BABY BOOMERS getting ready to retire, so dont start your babbling bullshit now

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  5. you give jack shit about pensioners or BABY BOOMERS getting ready to retire, so dont start your babbling bullshit now

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