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Malcolm Turnbull has been attacked in Parliament – but the consensus among the media is that he has come up smelling of roses. What did you personally think of our new prime minister’s performance? Did he come off the best, or did Labor score any points?

As detailed on SAS yesterday the PM was attacked by Labor over investments in managed funds that are registered in the Cayman Islands, a tax haven.

Mr Turnbull said in reply that when he became communications minister he put the money offshore to avoid a conflict of interest. All the income he receives is taxed in Australia and he pays his taxes fully.

In the end Mr Turnbull himself named the real charge Labor was trying to make against him, which was that he’s rich.

Earlier today on The Conversation, seasoned political commentator Michelle Gratton said Labor’s attack on Turnbull’s financial affairs was a risky tactic.

“But hunting Turnbull in this way this week looked somewhat desperate, out of sync with the public’s relief at the prospect in the post-Abbott era of more emphasis on policy and less personal nastiness,” she wrote.

She said to get beyond just the “Turnbull is rich” proposition, Labor would need to show some dodginess, and it hadn’t done so.

“Mostly, Labor just drew attention to itself, to its disadvantage.”

Lenore Taylor in The Guardian said Labor had every right to scrutinise Mr Turnbull’s investments, but suggested they probably should hold their attack until such time as they found something untoward.

What do you think? Did Malcolm Turnbull handle himself well? Do you think the attack on his investments and wealth backfired on Labor? 

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  1. Labor be back in .i hope that they start doing what ppl need and know whats best for us. Not them tell us. …its time they bloody listened too the ppl.

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    • If Labor comes back in. God help Australia!!

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      • What income bracket are you in. Mr Turnbulls hineymoonperiod is over, come in labour come out fighting and see if he is any different Abbott. It’s time to work out how to get more money out of rich businesses.

  2. The only points Labor has scored lately are black marks. If only they could get off the witchhunt and mud slinging and do some government business, the better everybody would be. All this stupidity is wasting time – and money.

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    • That’s the trouble, David. Labor doesn’t seem to have any policies lately, they’re too busy looking for the mud patch!

    • Judy Green go look at what the Liberals want to do to the disabled and carers, personally I would prefer that the ALP had no policies rather the vindictive ones the Liberals have, and they want you to sell your house..got it on the market yet?

    • David James bahaha, are you pulling my chain? surely you don’t think “NO CHANGE” is good governance & the solution to a country that is struggling with insolvency.

    • No change? tell that to the Liberal Party who knifed Abbott for the current change we have now , go back to sleep Jean Anderson Campbell , someone will wake you up at the next election

    • Rosalind Battles please enlighten us, what does the govt want to do with the genuine disabled & carers? & if you own a million $ house and taking tax payers money that could be used to help those genuine disadvantaged get back on their feet then shame on you,

    • Jean Anderson Campbell do you have the ability to read? unlike you some of us do read the articles this website provides and then we check it up with the news links.. I am not your mother Jean Anderson Campbell go and read it for yourself

    • Leanna Stephenson is right the only bonus I can see is that if Turnbull is elected in his own right instead of by knifing Abbott, we will get a chance to be rid of the old Queen and have a republic

    • Rosalind Battles Please tell me what they are doing to Disabled & carers , My son goes to respite a few days a week & I am a carer, but nothing has changed, I did hear a few younger ones have had to look for work, and numbers have dropped, so 3 staff have left. Also heard funding had been reduced may have to move to smaller premises. MY concern is when NDIS starts, not a penny for funding & so far the cost will be about half the Welfare bill, Probably another of JG ill thought out policies . Whatever Libs do couldn’t be anyworse than what Labor does, just is a matter of who you always vote for,

    • Dawn Bruce go te SAS website there was an article today about this and it was on Foxtel a few days ago, I saw the interview with Alan Jones and SAS has repeated accuratly what the new health Minister said

    • Some of these remarks are confusing, there are those that are not happy with the way the government are not looking after the disabled and carers but are blaming Labor, Labor have been pushing for the roll out of the new disabled policy. I’m also getting tired of those that believe Labor left a huge debt which the Lnp have now exceeded by 50% with no credit for getting Australia through the GFC relatively unscathed. If your going to be a knocker please have some facts to support your comments.

    • I’d be just as happy with Rudds money that is if he shares with his multimillionaire wife :))

    • Judy Green we don’t have an election coming up yet, Labor doesn’t need to table any policies at the moment ……. we’ll wait until election time and you can bet that they will have better policies than the Liberals !!! They certainly won’t be wanting to cut funds to education, science etc etc etc.

    • Fred Davies Wow! $800K for a couple. Try living on $22,000 for a single without owing your own home!

  3. Thought this mud slinging would come to an end with the recent change over, but no, what a waste of the people’s money, just get on with running our country pls!!!!!!

  4. Mud slinging is not a good look, if they have something concrete, go for it. Stick to exposing job losses, cost of living rises, demeaning pensioners and the unemployed, that this government is good at.

  5. The libs are LOSING. Not going to listen to a government that WONT l LISTERN to the people that ACTUALLY do the hard backbreaking work. For the golden purse THEY PROVIDE

  6. It is all about public perception and mud sticks, especially when you are wanting to cut and penalize poor people. The only way I feel for Turnbull to put this to bed is to come out and openly present his financial dealing for ALL Australian’s to see. If he honest and above board he should have no problems doing that, after all he is the Prime Ministers of this country, elected or not

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    • Labor know he hasn’t done anything wrong , just showing the Labor voters he is wealthy & won’t be good for them, RUDD was millionaire .

    • Well Dawn Bruce time will tell and Rudd’s wife was the millionaire she got all her money because of Howard Government Policy but she sold her business when Rudd got into office to make sure it was all open and transparent and their money is invested in Australia, not in the Caymen Islands to avoid tax

    • Sadly i think now we have a new PM the voters will forfet the damage being done to this country under this government and vill vote them back in
      Sadly our grandchildren will pay tge price i think

    • Libbi I am pretty sure that Rudds wife moved part of her business overseas to avoid conflict of interest . Also pretty sure that Turnbull pays full amount of tax on any money earned in the Cayman Islands . Also he invested in C I when he became communications minister to avoid conflict of interest. Lastly I am not Liberal but it seems that the man is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t !!

  7. come on you bunch of children squaring off as to who has the biggest penis.GET OVER IT AND START TAKING CARE OF OUR COUNTRY…ENOUGH ALREADY.

  8. No I don’t think TURDbull came off smelling like roses. I am still questioning why he put his money off shore. Yes he says that any money he earns from this he pays taxes BUT with all the tax avoidance loopholes and overseas investments that Howard introduced he is still not paying his fair amount of taxes I bet. The only reason why the rich do these sought of investments is to avoid tax. It’s interesting because at the last G20 in Brisbane the very company that he is investing his money in was a point of discussion of large corporations and real tax avoidance . So again he is not being truthful and lies with a smirky smile over his face.

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    • What about Bill Shitten what has he got hidden with all his deals the sooner the labor party gets rid of him and put Chris Bowen or Albanese as leader the better

    • I heard this morning on the news that our super is of shore ,the same place where he has his investments,all of you if you had money you would put it where you would get the better deal

    • Ann Downey IT has been established ALL pay correct Tax , IF all the Super funds are over there ,you can be sure they pay correct tax. They don’t pay Company tax . so make more money Malcolm would have made sure his money was done according to the law, and Labor have not said it is wrong, They are just making out he is wealthy , so people won’t like him, So was Rudd, Bill is pretty well involved in money. too.

    • Bea , Must be OK as B Shorten was on the board of Aust, Super and put it on Cayman , as did State Super along with hundreds more, so I think it is OK,

    • Bea – One of the major advantages of investing in the Caymans is that it allows for access to a far greater range of investments than are available in Australia. If you had listened carefully to Turnbull in parliament, you would have heard him say that he pays full tax in Australia and in some cases, even more than is required by Australian tax law due to some twists in the Caymans. Also, if you have super, you should ask how and where it is invested. You may be surprised to learn that many super funds are invested in overseas companies, the Caymans included – for the reasons I listed. In that way, you get the best value for your buck!!

    • Well Graeme Lacey, that is a really nasty personal comment. You should be ashamed of yourself

    • Graeme Lacey got a problem because I certainly see by your rather immature school yard bully boy tactics that something is deeply disturbing with you.

    • I think Graeme’s comment is appalling, I’d be interested to know if he thinks psychological domestic violence is ok, or whether he tut tut’s men who do it.

    • Personally Sue the man obviously has something not right usually by middle age one matures and I’ll be having a laugh with my mates tonight after they get home from hauling the trucks home. It will give us all some amusement

    • Bea you were rude and nasty about Mr. Turnbull and Graeme just gave you some of your own back and you obviously don’t like it.

    • I suppose you think Peter Spence’s comment is fine Cheryl. None of us were rude to him. We could have a go at Graeme about his surname too, I can think of some fabulous cracks about a man with his name, but I won’t

    • Oh dear.
      If you have any superannuation Bea, ask your fund manager where your investments are.
      Then tell them that you don’t want them to use existing legislation to maximize your returns.

    • You missed the point, or weren’t listening. Anyone in a Super scheme invests offshore and in the process avoids tax, that includes Shiiten.

  9. wanting Booomers to sell their houses, wanting to cut carers and the disabled payments and don’t forget they have already taken under 35 years olds off the disability pension, those things are a hard sell at the best of times but when the PM appears not to be paying his fair share of taxes..it is a NO sell

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    • Have never herd they are thinking of cutting Carers payments or true disabled payments. They are listening, see how much they have achieved in a couple weeks. The Prime Minister is paying his share of taxes even more than he should if you listened to the reports properly you would know that…

    • don’t be so ignorant Judith Forbes there is an article about it on SAS today and it is iin every newspaper

    • Would not know what SAS is and I do not read the newspapers, and I am not ignorant in any way shape or form thank you. I am a carer and my daughter is disabled and until I get a letter to tell me so I do not believe what is written on here….

    • oh dear SAS = Starts at 60’s your talking on it now and the interview came straight from the new health minister. I heard the interview myself. The only time I ever see you comment is nasty garbage on these political posts

    • Excuse me you should talk. Ha that is the pot calling the kettle black. Sorry but I only know it as Starts at 60’s so sorry for that. I would love to know how I am nasty as you say….

    • David James I have looked at all my feeds for Starts at 60 and nothing about cutting payments so maybe you can send me a copy of it….

    • listen to you now, you silly woman your trolling on my post just like you troll on others and I am not your carer find your own posts

  10. It reflects badly on them. If this is their being innovative and time for good ideas, then they are way off base! Fallen short big time.

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