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In light of recent budget cuts to foreign aid, Roy Morgan has conducted research into how Australians feel about foreign aid and our responsibility for the world’s poorest people.

The study focused on people’s political affiliations and their attitudes, and found some interesting connections between a person’s voting preference and where they stand on these issues.

In keeping with the Abbott government’s frugal approach to foreign aid, Australian electors whose first federal voting preference is LNP show the least support for the idea of increasing foreign aid.

When asked if the government should increase overseas aid to help reduce global poverty, 27 per cent said yes, whereas more than half of of ALP voters and 75 per cent of Greens voters though we should spend more.

LNP voters are also least likely  to agree with the statement, “I have a responsibility to do what I can to help the world’s poorest people”.

Interesting, Liberal-National Party voters are most likely to feel their responsibility is just to other Australians (28 per cent), ahead of ALP voters (17 per cent) and Greens voters (7 per cent); and to agree with the statement, “Can’t do much, there’ll always be poor people”.

The number of people who made charitable donations hovered around the same figure across the three parties targeted, with Greens supporters giving the most, followed by Liberal and then ALP voters.

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Roy Morgan Research CEO, Michele Levine, acknowledges that certain stereotypes are at play, such as “Green-leaning hippy-intellectuals, greedy Liberal capitalists, unionised ALP voters and patriotic National-voting farmers”.

“But while most clichés contain a grain of truth, the contemporary political landscape is much more nuanced than that,” says Ms Levine.  “In fact, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between the policies of the current government and the Opposition.

“Our latest findings reflect both the predictable and the more surprising sides of Australian electors. Given their opposition to increasing overseas aid, LNP voters are unlikely to question the Government’s drastic cuts to the national foreign aid budget. And yet they are more generous than ALP voters when it comes to charitable donations!

“Of the three voter groups, Greens-voters are the most consistent with their popular image, being the most likely by far to care about helping the world’s poorest people, as well as the most likely to put their money where their mouth is and give generously to charity,” says Ms Levine.

Do these results align with your views? Do they surprise you? 


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  1. Not surprised to read that it’s increasingly difficult to differentiate between labor and coalition policies.

  2. A delegation of Greens visited an orphanage in Somalia recently. ” It was humbling to meet a group of people with little or no vision for the future” said Mgombo aged 8

    10 REPLY
  3. No not really was not surprised at all to find Liberal voters are the meanest of them all, they only care about themselves

    1 REPLY
    • What a silly thing to say. There are good decent people with generous hearts and hands who vote LNP. Don’t generalise. As some ALP voters give nothing also.

  4. Think most of us would like to sort out the problems in our own country first. Also so many charities these days want people to set up monthly contributions instead of just giving a one off donation. A lot of people can’t afford to commit to a certain amount per month, then the phone calls asking for a little bit more. Is it any wonder a lot of us are getting fed up with the whole thing!

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  5. Fix Australia first !!! Then look at other countries. But give to the poor not to the corrupt governments /organizations

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    • That’s for sure . Why bring in more refugees?? Can’t afford what Australia has now. Go further into debt

  6. Yes we do need to help but we need to be overseeing how it’s used and to use the old adage feed the man fish he’s ok for the day. Teach him to fish for life.

  7. I wonder how many people despite which party they vote for declined to comment in their so called survey

    2 REPLY
    • good point but its not only that Wendy, today they are having trouble with phone polling because so many people have turned their home phones off and are using mobiles, just a small interesting fact 🙂

    • I hate phone polling. I always decline when they asked and when they ask questions on the internet I find they keep asking the same questions all the time. They just in different ways all the time that I give up and never get to the end.

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