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It has been revealed by the big boss of Wesfarmers, conglomerate owner that includes Coles, that competition will continue to push their prices down. The supermarket giant has plans to take over from Woolworths as the number one chain in Australia and this seems to be the only way to do that.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Coles Managing Director Richard Goyder said, “We think it’s incredibly important in Coles to position this business for the long term … and we’ll continue to invest in pricing to do that. And if that moderates our profit increases that’s fine as far as I’m concerned because we’ll build a strong business.”

Hooray for our pockets… But what about the suppliers?

If they’re cutting their profit margin then that is great. In fact, it’s about time. But the sad thing is that often when these giants do cut prices it comes at a cost to the farmers who supply them with the products. They don’t shift the profit margin so it’s the suppliers who end up worse off – not the organisation.

Last year Coles had a serious court case after being found guilty on 15 instances of unconscionable conduct against eight of it’s suppliers. This according to the Sydney Morning Herald did seriously harm the reputation of the company, but they’re looking to get back on track.

So when it comes to the supermarket, are you guilty of thinking about your own finances and forgetting that out there somewhere the grain used to buy that $1.50 loaf of bread or those cheaper pumpkins are actually likely to be costing an Aussie farmer a lot more than we think? I know I am.

Tell us, where do you shop? Do you use the big supermarkets? 

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  1. Not if they hurt our farmers and force us to buy imported garbage brands because they don’t stock the Australian ones
    Eg : pineapple from Indonesia ( dole brand )
    Asparagus from Argentina

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  2. Will black ban any store that undersells our farmers. Sick of the argument. So sick of the “monopoly” that Coles and Woolworths are trying to get, I mean insurances now and credit cards. It’s beyond belief. Money grabbing and completely unethical.

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    • Both COLES and WOOLWORTHS have done a lot of harm to our Australian producers. They import cheaper produce and most of their own brands are either manufactured/produced/packed overseas that we do not have much choice. They have run our iconic brands into the ground.

  3. I hate the practice of ripping off the poor farmers etc. They work so hard on spec sometimes. We the public MUST support them.

  4. I can get fruit, veges, dairy, grains, bread,herbs & spices from Newcastle Farmers Market. These types of markets support local growers and no risk of HepA!

  5. Not at the expense of our own farmers”! If Coles and Woolies source cheaper stuff from overseas then it defeats the purpose because I generally buy our brands eg Ardmona, golden circle etc over the imported brands!

  6. We hear a lot of hype about how dreadful Coles is to its suppliers. However, we went on a tour of a milk factory once where we were told that Coles brand milk was bottled for them and supplied at a cost of $2.60 per 2L bottle. So Coles was cutting their own profit and not destroying the dairy farmers. I can’t say I know what goes on with local farmers, but I feel it is in the interest of farmers if their whole crop can be bought and passed on to the consumers, instead of the stores just buying a small portion, and the farmers having to dump the rest. I will not buy food processed overseas if the food is also processed in Australia. I read the labels as I go.

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  7. If any food chain support overseas businesses with unhygienic practices it is a disgrace and show they’re only concern is for their pockets. Maybe if those who contract Hep A sued them for putting lives at risk they’d be more concerned for their customers, our country’s economy along with our farmer’s surviving over their own profit line. I know every company needs to succeed but not at the price of their suppliers or patrons.

  8. I will always do my best to buy food from local growers and from “Made in Auatralia.” We must look after our own country to the best of our ability.

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  9. We will have to c what happens. Already hate the idea of imports especially pineapple!

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    • I bought a pine from coles and the flesh was dry like cardboard. I took it back, even though I had cut it, something I have never done in the past. Now I will only buy ‘Mareeba Gold’ from Qld.

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