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On the eve of the christening of baby Charlotte, it has been announced that a very important royal couple will make the long journey to Australia.

They’ve visited before in 2012 and are said to have loved spending time in both Australia and New Zealand.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will visit Australia and New Zealand in November, with further details of the visit would be announced at a later date, according to a statement from Clarence House.

Charles spent two terms at Geelong Grammar School in Victoria in 1966 and his own children have visited several times themselves, with Harry just leaving in May after a secondment with the Australian defence force, his last active military duty.

His granddaughter Charlotte will be baptised today in London by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and it’s expected many members of the royal family will be in attendance, with the exclusion of Prince Harry, who is completing humanitarian work in Africa.

In a statement, Tony Abbott welcomed the announcement.

“Recent visits by Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have further strengthened the relationship between Australia and the United Kingdom,” he said.


Tell us, will you try to catch a glimpse of the Prince and Duchess when they’re in Australia or New Zealand?

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  1. Yeah old Charlie And his old hag camilla

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    • I am older than both of them and probably a lot hagger. But like camilla I haven’t got a royal bone I my body and I don’t travel the world expecting people to curtsy to me . The only fame she ever had was breaking up someone’s marriage so she could gain fame. I repeat Old Hag

    • For one to break up a marriage there has to be some one else wanting out actually 2 in that case.

    • There goes the name calling again. Totally uncalled for. Yep in your words you are more hagger than the Duchess. She didn’t break up the marriage. It takes more than 1. Get your facts right

    • mike here-maybe Sherilyn you might like to post a photo of yourself so we can see what an older person should look like.

    • How many things did you do in your past, 10 years ago, 20 or 30 years ago, that you want to be held accountable everyday for the rest of your life for???
      You can’t wreck a great marriage. I believe it takes at least 2 people.

  2. A lot of Aussies will be happy to go and see Charles and Camilla when they visit us later this year. I will not be one as I live in an area that they would not tour. Never mind I will watch every where they go on TV and magazines. The money that will be generated by their visit will be paid ten fold so no need to worry about money….these visits to Australia are a part of the job of being the Monarchy of Australia a lot of us love to see them here, it makes us think of them as honorary Aussies.

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    • We will not be making any money from the visit if they fly out and back in the private jet they have used on their last couple of trips overseas, and no I will not be going to see them.

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