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David Attenborough has been everywhere and seen just about everything and this week he gave one Australian destination a very big compliment!

Speaking about his role in a three part docu-series to focus on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, he called his first memory of diving over the coral the most exciting experience of his life.

“Being on the reef is a revelatory, thrilling and unbeatable experience and with this project we’re going to be able to share it with millions,” Mr Attenborough said.

“The most exciting natural history experience of my life was the first time I dived on a coral reef [in 1957],” he said.

The New Daily reports that the series is commissioned by Tourism Australia to highlight and showcase the Great Barrier Reef and David Attenborough was the perfect choice to host it.

So thanks for the welcome compliment, Sir David!

Where do you think is the most exciting destination in Australia?

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  1. The reef will always be there – it will die and grow, as all of Nature intended – and is preserved forever on film

  2. Every time I click on to read stories my computer screen freezes. Going to have to hide this site unfortunately.

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    • Google it, it will tell you how to fix it. I have done it but can’t remember how as I have the memory of a goldfish. 🙂

  3. What a sad thing to say Robert Charlton that it is preserved on film we need to fight for its preservation not dumping no dredging both of which only benefit the rich and other countries not us.

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  4. Loved our trip up The Cape. So many beautiful places on the way. Have a new outlook on Queensland as a result. Though couldn’t go there in summer.

  5. Stop ore carriers going through the Great Barrier Reef and keep their corporate bastards away from our pristine area with their needs for ports etc

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