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Same sex marriage is expected to have had a stonking success overnight with Ireland being the first country in the world to potentially achieve legalised gay marriage through referendum.  And the result will shock many in the older generations who have opposed such moves for decades.  In a country which 22 years ago called homosexuality “illegal” will have gay rights to marry transformed saying proudly how much the world has changed.  There has been much discussion in recent weeks about the fight for gay marriage in such a public forum.  It is worth pointing out that Australia would not need to make such an expensive public episode as Ireland to achieve the same outcome as a referendum would not be needed to make a similar change to law here.  But it begs the question… how do you feel about same sex marriage?  And how did you used to feel as long as twenty years ago?

Over the last 12 hours, more than 3 million voters in Ireland could have cast votes on the issue across 43 legal constituencies and it is expected to achieve up to a 2/3 majority –  an historic win if it happens! The ballot opened at 7am Ireland time, and will  close at 10pm, and has been broadly opposed by the Catholic Church.

While 20 other countries in the world have passed laws allowing same sex marriage, Ireland is the first to hold a referendum allowing people power to deliver the outcome. And if it clears the hurdles, it will be a significant milestone considering this country disallowed homosexual acts, naming them as illegal until 1993.

Now, gay couples should, with a majority yes vote, be allowed a constitutional right to be married.

And it is a fight championed by some of the most significant people in Ireland. The Prime Minister has pleaded for citizens to turn up and vote.

“My message to people is that if you believe in equality, do not be complacent, do not leave it to others,” said Ireland’s Prime Minister, Enda Kenny.  “Say yes, yes to inclusion, yes to rights, yes to love, yes to equality. Take away those burdens for people and let them be who they are.”

Former equality minister and yes vote campaigner, Pat Carey, who recently came out as gay said, “I think it’s a very important step in our development as a mature republic.”

The reform is backed by all political parties, supported by large companies and has the backing of many celebrities.

In Australia, experts say we wouldn’t need a referendum.  There is nothing in the Australian constitution that prevents same-sex marriage, so a vote in Parliament is all that would be needed to pass legislation that would empower the change in our own country.

Do you think it is a desirable move?


Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. Dignity and respect should be given to everyone. Old laws will eventually become new laws, changes are inevitable

  2. We are in Dublin at the moment and these badges are everywhere. It’s a historic moment no matter the outcome as ‘conservative’ Ireland is the first country to put this question to the people. We were also here one Good Friday a few years ago and were astonished to find offices, pubs, shops and restaurants open. The only concession was no alcohol and fish only on the menu. Business as usual otherwise – not a public holiday. It’s a surprising country. We hope this referendum is carried – the newspapers are full of well reasoned arguments of support from very committed Catholic people. There is a great deal of tolerance here,

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    • Do they have any badges in Ireland yet that say ‘ if you are giving birth to a baby who is dying, we will not save the Mother as it would be considered an abortion! Medical and Nursing staff will abandon you’ but it is purely a women’s only issue, so I guess not!!! Just concentrate on the important issues don’t let trivial life and death situations flummox anyone. Meanwhile Irish girls and women go over to England on the Ferry, have their termination and go back to good old catholic Ireland. Carry on!

  3. Same sex marriage and homosexuality is an abomination which disgusts me. What people do in the bedroom is their business, but out in the REAL world it (homosexuality and same sex marriage) is an abnormality and needs to be addressed as such. The human body is an intricate apparatus designed for many things, amongst which is continuance of the species. Not only is homosexuality/same sex marriage a disgusting abomination of the religious beliefs of the majority (judiasm, christianity and Islam all denounce the practise) it is contrary to the natural order. In no way is gay OK

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    • In no way is gay a choice. I hope for their sake no young person in your life ever has to face your judgement.

    • your a Homophob, how sad for you, life is to short to be worried about what others do in the privacy of their bedrooms

    • Pedophilia is an abomination yet leaders of these religions commit this crime daily. So do you believe that because leaders of Judaism, Christianity and Islam commit these crimes then it is okay.
      Or do you just use the church when it suits your purpose to push your archaic and bias view .

    • And that folks is why the world is so screwed up. RELIGION is the problem. RELIGION having to much influence on politics, how hypocritical when most christian religions with Jesus Christ as the head are filled with pedophiles. The human body is not owned by religion nor is the “soul” if we have one.

    • It is an interesting fact that intercourse between a man and woman usually produces offspring and between people of the same sex ??? Just thinking about sex and consummating their same sex marriage is a bit wierd. They may love each other BUT. Nothing against homosexuals and lesbians but leave marriage alone and have your unions by another name ! and definitely no kids.

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    • Brian I take what you said as rubbish! For a start what Graham said is disgusting. And I agree with comments about him . However Religion is not the root of all evil in the world, couldn’t be further from the truth. If people lived a truly Christian life we would not have the world we have today. There would be no Hate, no murders, people able to live their lives in harmony. Our religion is not full of pedophiles, as you so broadly said. There were and are evil men using religion as a shield to hide behind, as they perpetrated such hideous crimes against children and mankind, as it stands today, with persecution of Christians, which are happening every day, but does not reach the newspapers. Kidnapping of young girls, taken from their families, beheadings, the list goes on! Leave your bigotry at home please!

    • I’d like to add, that it amazes me on this site, when a topic comes up for comment,people have to go off on another tangent altogether to push their agenda, however warped they sometimes are! What same sex marriage has to do with pedophilia beats me!

  4. But, can they get divorced? Seems only ten minutes ago people had to go to England to get a divorce. Things move quickly, or maybe it’s old age.

  5. I hope the yes vote gets it and Good on Ireland for have a referendum, we need one here, I have no doubt the yes vote would win

  6. I have gay friends who have wonderful happy relationships, they love and care about each other. That’s all that’s important. As long as they are happy it’s not our business.

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