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It’s a question that many of us have wondered about but not bothered to ask – what is in McDonald’s fries? They look like thinly sliced potato pieces but is that really all they are?

In an effort to reassure the public that their food is above board, McDonald’s released a video on YouTube that sorts the fact from fiction.

McDonald’s fries are one of the draw cards of the huge fast food chain yet many still throw doubts on whether they are real potatoes or in fact just made of preservatives.

Maccas has spent years dispelling myths about its food with varying degrees of success both in Australia and abroad as annual sales plummet thanks to the advent of the fitness craze and mandatory dietary intake labelling.

Watch the video on how the famous fries are made and tell us, would you eat them more often after knowing this information?


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  1. If i’m travelling i call into macca’s for a coffee, and maybe once or twice a year will get some fries,

  2. Its not just maccas that should be under the microscope. What about KFC , Hungry Jacks and the rest of the fast food places.

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    • You don’t like it , here’s a tip DONT EAT IT !! But please , stop trying to make other people feel bad for enjoying a treat from time to time .
      Government regulations on take away food are pretty tough so , exaggerating facts to suit those who want to destroy these places is childish . Go live in the Forrest if you dislike so much of civilization, eat your grass and bird seed , I promise you won’t live any longer for it .

    • I dont eat it simply because I dont like it but if others want to eat it I dont care. You really need to be better informed before you imagine what people think

  3. My question would be, do they use Palm oil anywhere in their cooking process and if they do where is it sourced. Too many wild life loosing their homes as pristine rainforest is felled for Palm oil plantations, even in National parks

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    • You can’t have it all your own way . You want healthy , or you want wild life to be healthy ,it does not matter what any one does it will always be wrong for some .

    • Why is it wrong to want healthy and have our wild life healthy, we can have both, it is just a matter of educating yourself.

    • I agree with you Lynette. I can’t see why there’s any objection. I spend ages in the supermarkets these days just looking at the ingredients to see what the producers are using. Any Palm Oil and the product is off the list. And it’s easy to find alternatives that don’t use it. But it’s all too difficult for some people!!!

    • I think if you want healthy, McDonalds is not the place to head. As for their fries being a treat, just starch and fat. Nice fresh fruit is a treat.

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