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The inquiry into the Catholic Church and child abuse has been going on for months now, with Cardinal George Pell called back from Rome to give evidence at a heading in the next two weeks. This historic inquiry marks one of the first times Australia has held the Church accountable for its representatives’ crimes. However, a large question remains unanswered: where does the Church go from here?

The majority of cases seem to have happened in the from the 1960s-80s. Other than actually admitting their wrongdoings and saying sorry, what can the Catholic Church actually do? And more to the point, what would the people of Australia like to see from them? How can they rebuild, and where do they go?

Sexual abuse leaves a permanent mark, and closure can be a very difficult thing to find. The Catholic Church can certainly take steps to offer long-term aid and support to the victims. But what more?

Pell’s behaviour, described yesterday by one of Pope Francis’ commissioners as “almost sociopathic”, is under the most intense media scrutiny right now.

He came under fire following claims aired in the first Ballarat hearings last month that he offered bribes or ignored warnings about Australia’s worst paedophile priest, Gerald Ridsdale, in the 1970s.

According to the New Daily, Peter Saunders was hand-picked by the Pope six months ago to be the Catholic Church’s commissioner for the protection of children.

“He is making a mockery of the pope himself, but most of all the victims and the survivors,” Mr Saunders told the Nine Network.

“He has a catalogue of denigrating people, of acting with callousness, cold-heartedness, almost sociopathic I would go as far as to say, this lack of care”.

So if one of the highest members of the Catholic Church in Australia is being described by his own peers with those words, it doesn’t put the Church in a favourable position in any regard.


What do you think needs to happen for the Church to rebuild and regain the support of the Australian people? What would you like to see them do from this point forward?



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  1. Big inquiry into churches but some people think its all right what the moslems are doing

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    • Hypercrits, hiding behind a collar.:(

  2. Truthfully I can’t even see that have any place dealing with children, not until they clean their act up, and for as for Pell, if they have enough evidence that he was complicit in this, even by just saying nothing and allowing it to happen, he should be gaoled

  3. Get a real job.

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    • It is a real job ! you’ve heard of the ‘insurance industry’ (which is a huge rip-off, they give you the fear for free and then make you pay for the hope…) well religion is the ‘re-assurance industry’ which works on the same principle except that they don’t pay tax !

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  4. Yes – sexual abuse is horrific – the media have had a field day with the Catholic Church – what about other Faiths? Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone

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    • Other religions have also been involved in this enquiry. Especially the Salvation Army and the Baptist and Methodist..

    • I have no sin what so ever when it comes to child abuse, I think it is abhorrent, so I don’t mind tossing that first rock

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      • It doesn’t mean just sin regarding child abuse, but any sin whatsoever, so if you have absolutely no sin in any respect whatsoever, then cast the first stone

    • What about the SA Govt Child Protection service ? There is so much emphasis on the Church that Govt agencies are not even mentioned . SA is a state full of pedophiles especially in govt circles.

    • one step at a time..this abuse in the Catholic Church has gone of for centuries and it is world wide, other churches have been investigated and some have been found guilty of the same offences. This is not about you and your beliefs, this about a church who abuses children

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      • Not only has it gone on for ever but there was more scope for paedophiles in the catholic church. The orphanages and the boarding schools gave them access to a proliferation of young boys and girls with no oversight for months even years. Then who could the victims tell. Devote Catholic parents also believed that priests, brothers and nuns were representatives of god. Their response was disbelief and often a flogging for saying such a bad thing about a representative of god.

    • Robyn Parravicini
      And what about the bloody Australians or English or Irish or Germans. Why pick on one particular nationality or religion.
      That’s what is call racism.
      And yes, Muslim is a nationally as well as a religion.

    • Isn’t that passing the buck. We are talking about the Catholic Church, you can’t throw over to others it won’t take the heat off

    • With that attitude,Sin will go on. You have to stop pedophilia. Turning the other cheek does not protect CHILDREN. What a sad attitude you have.

    • The other religions and institutions have been involved.but why do you think that makes a difference to the wrong of the Catholic church? Stop being an apologist their actions them and now are abhorrent.

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      • What do you mean Libby? Your comment does not make sense. Please explain !!

    • Natalie Zuk, denial has no place in such an issue. It is what has led us here in the first place.

  5. There are lots of good priests,lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater >from NZ 🙂

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    • they had meetings where all preists in the area met and decided to move priests …it was known by all preists

    • Karen Musgrave, please don’t blatantly dismiss ALL Catholic Priests as monsters not to be trusted.

      Although I don’t attend Church as often as I feel I should, I’ve known some wonderful Catholic Priests and Nuns over many decades. I can only guess at how heartbroken and disgusted these religious people must feel about those who have betrayed their Faith and destroyed the lives of innocent children, teenagers, etc.

      We all realise, too, that this type of abuse has occurred within many other faiths and organisations. Many, many years ago, there was even a doctor in our area, who was struck off for similar offences. Thank God not with my kiddies. NOT a Catholic, as far as I am aware.

      I sincerely pray that the Catholic Church will come out the other side of this disgustingly dark period and survive to continue the wonderful work for which it was once renowned. It is just so unfair that those decent, dedicated members in religious orders and organisations are left to bear the ugly fallout caused by those who offended.

      Especially praying for all those who have been abused. May they receive FULL JUSTICE – and NO MORE COVER-UPS.

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      • Let priests and nuns marry, or at least not be celibate..

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        • Being married or not has nothing to do with being a pedophiles.

        • Allowing a person to marry will not stop him from being a paedophile.

    • I agree with you Sandra. It’s a pity that all are blamed for the terrible wrongs of others. I was brought up a catholic went to catholic schools and my friends and I never encountered any wrongdoing. We were always treated with respect. I have fond memories of nuns that were my teachers.

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