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What would you do if someone started ranting at another person on the bus you were travelling on? Most of us like to think we’d try and help, but would we in reality?

Sadly, no one did when a Chinese-Australian woman was subjected to a racial tirade, and that included the bus driver, who one would have thought had some sort of duty to do so.

Chinese-Australian woman Lindsay Li was travelling on a bus in the Sydney suburb of Willoughby at around lunchtime when an older white women with greying blonde hair approached her and started hurling abuse at her.

Ms Li was shocked, but had the presence of mind to start filming the woman’s insults, later uploading the video to her Facebook page.

In the video you can hear the woman screaming abuse.

“I’m Jewish from Israel, are you f****ing nothing,” she yells.

“We all know what you are, China…take your f****ing language and piss off.”

She also makes a derogatory comment about  Asians.

Ms Li put as her comment on the video: “it’s unbelievable the amount of hate one person can spew out”,

The woman was so abusive Ms Li even feared for her physical safety.

She appealed to the bus driver for help, but she claims he declined to stop the bus or do anything.

“He completely ignored me and kept driving, and I’m screaming at him saying you need to stop the bus now.”

No one else on the bus attempted to intervene either.

Ms Li has reported the matter to State Transit and police. The woman is understood to be possibly believed to be suffering from a mental health issue.

The video has gone viral, but most media outlets are blurring the woman’s face because of her possible mental issues.

Would you have intervened? Or was doing nothing the best course of action if the woman might have been mentally unstable? Would your reaction be different if the abuse had been physical as well as verbal?


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  1. Damn right I’d intervene. Not only is she a nasty racist, she’s subjecting everyone else on the bus to her foul language. A bus is a public place, she needs to shut up

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  2. Agree she should be charged! She was deliberate with her words. doesn’t sound like someone with mental Issues. No excuse for her racism comments. And yes if I had been there, I probably would have said something to her!

  3. I hope I would do something. Australians get blamed for racism even if the perpetrator is not from here. We have to stop blaming every bit of bad behaviour on mental health, that excuse for a woman is just pure nasty and should be sent back to Israel.

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    • Should she be punished? definitely. Do we actually know she really is Jewish? so far definitely not . Even if she is Jewish we cannot assume she is from Israel. Jewish people are from every country on earth. Israel is their ancestral home but certainly not the home of all jewish people.

  4. The driver is at fault he should have put the bitch off the bus , there is no excuse for anyone to be abused by someone else. I hope she gets charged, she deserves to be jailed

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    • Surely the driver is responsible for the people on the bus. These passengers were subjected to foul language as well as the woman being racially abused – why didn’t he stop the bus and eject the perpetrator??

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      • My thoughts exactly Janene. The driver should have stopped the bus & called the police if she refused to get off. I know he couldn’t physically remove the woman as that could be called assault by her. The public should not have to put up with this sort of behaviour on public transport. I’m not real impressed with the other passengers either for not saying something.

  5. Of course I’d intervene and be right in her face …

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    • Would pay to be careful as she may have a mental illness. I would probably go and sit with the Chinese lady and give her support that way or say to the bus driver ‘what are going to do about this’.

  6. Think I would have gone and sat next to the person being abused. This creature sounds as though she would get violent .

  7. I’m not sure if I would have intervened, maybe give support to the lady being abused, I think the bus driver should have made the woman leave the bus.

  8. I just hope we are not judge by the likes of her. She is very lucky I was not there, l would have said a few things, she would not like. Raciest bitch !!

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